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I never liked my legs. I felt my legs were not...

I never liked my legs. I felt my legs were not firm. Plenty of muscles underneath all the wobbly fat! Never felt comfortable wearing shorts or swimming costume. I am getting married next year and i want to walk on the beach with my hubby and not feel self conscious. My partner loves every part of me, but whatever makes me happy he is happy for me to do what i want.

My arms? I have good muscle tone, but tuckshop arms won't go away (a term used in oz...canteen mums...wave bye bye and all the wobbles go with it. lol). And I work on them all the time. Been considering this operation for about 10 years. But haven't had the confidence to go ahead with it, especially my arms and the scar factor. But I have now definitely decided i want firm arms... it out weighs the scars, as i don't go sleevless in public.

I have just over 2 weeks to go before i go into surgery. Very nervous, I hope it is very safe, i want to be with my partner into old age, finally i have found a man who truly treats me like a princess. I am so happy. So watch this space as i will put before and after photos up. I think it is important for other women to see the outcome of such operations. I do find it hard to get to talk to many people out here who have been thru this. I have asked for many before and afters, but not always available.

Any tips, warnings or info before my op would be very appreciated. Be it good or bad.

Well, 4 days before my surgery i was bumped!!!! I...

Well, 4 days before my surgery i was bumped!!!!
I was last on the list for the day and my surgeon didn't want me to be waiting all day and then some.
plus 6 1/2 hours of surgery...neither did I to be honest.
This was my 3rd attempt to get this done, have been planning it since 2008/2009.
So I guess I just am not suppose to have it done, i believe I am guided, have always been.
Still, if I cannot improve my legs,arms with more workouts and changed of diet - I will try again next year.
I hope all you ladies out there and going well and are happy with your results.
Good luck

On the 1 Feb 2013 - I have done it finally! I had...

On the 1 Feb 2013 - I have done it finally!
I had my thigh lift and lipo done and I am so very happy. 10 days in hospital which was in Australia we can stay as long as we need to.
I had 94 staples from just under my hip following the crease to my groin and to the back of my leg and just at the start of under my buttock.
I didn't experience pain, just very uncomfortable to move and sit on the toilet due to the swelling and bruising. Had to shuffle for the the 1st week, cannot spread my legs for 3 weeks as i have sutures attached to my pelvic bone this is for the lift, if i pull these, my doctors good work will be undone.
It is now 13 days post op. Getting around well. Just stiff after sitting and just takes a bit to warm up to walking normal again.
I am just so happy with the results now and they are swollen, so it is going to be a good result once it has all settled down.
Didn't do my arms, glad I didn't as it was good to use my arms for strength to lift my legs of the bed and of course using the toilet etc.
Will post pre and post photos in the next few days

Day 30, I am so happy with results. No problems,...

Day 30, I am so happy with results.
No problems, bar one foot/lower leg swelling a week ago, i think due to sitting all day at work and not getting up enough to move around.
A bit stiff when i first get up to walk if sitting for a while, but once up and moving around can walk really well.
My scars are healing really well. Dr has got me to put silicone strips on scars all the time and a silicone gel in the groin area as the tape would not be able to stay on there. Fine scars.
Cant believe how skinny i look in jeans now, amazing. I don't have to worry about what sort of jeans or pants i buy now as i know I will always look good in them and not have to worry anymore about my thighs and how they look. My bottom is a bottom of its own, it blended into my thighs, so i thought my bum looked big, but it was my thighs making it look that way. Cannot believe the change of that now. I am still in my garment for another 2 weeks.

Revision photos of thighs

Revision done 4 months ago, i need another revision as scars are uneven under my butt and the back of my legs are soft and still dimpled, I had asked for the backs to be lifted twice now, still wasn't done, so not keen on the way they look. I am very happy the way I look in clothes, but I want to wear shorts in public, still not 100% confident.

3rd Revision March 28, 2014

I am over it now, I am finished getting it right, I am happy with the results. My doctor has given me great legs and butt! He does amazing work, the scars are so neat and fine and positioned well. It has taken a year to get the final result, but like i said it is my third revision. Apparently thigh lifts are the hardest to get right as they mark us up, but once on the table they can't stand us up to check if it is all even, my doctor did his best and has finished great. I wasn't charged anything more for the revision as he said i had paid a large amount to have it done orginally, so he is not going to charge anymore for fixing bits up that need it. He really is a good doctor, I have been very lucky to have him do the surgery. I have posted my 3rd revision photos up and as you can see it is all looking good.

Plus lipo on hips

I also had some lipo done on my hips and my bottom has been lifted and a wedge taken out of the back of my legs under my bottom to lift and tighten back of legs.
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Very highly recommended. My cousin is a word of mouth.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Why can't I see any photos? So frustrating. I think you're the woman I pm'd last year! I'm glad you're happy with your surgeries!
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Oh, I am sorry, just took them off this week, I got freaked out as they came up on Google. Of you want me to send you some let me know. Am happy to. Have you had it done yet?
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Oh please do! I had it done in Feb, along with the rear portion of a lower body lift. The entire surgery needs to be redone. Horrible results and worse scarring. I'd be thrilled to see what actual results should be. Thank you!
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Yours is the only one on here out of all the thigh lifts I believe that has your incision like this. I haven't seen another doctor do that here in the states. But I think your surgeon did a GREAT job. I know…slippery slope isn't it though….we could all keep going in for revision and revision but it'll never be quite perfect. I think you look great my dear!
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Thank you Sheeney. I have just posted my recent revision on march 28, back of thighs and butt lifted. Very happy, and the scar placement is really good. I am finally happy, I was before, but just wanted some extra bits fixed. Wow! You look amazing. Well done! You have lost so much weight and look incredible. Congrats on the hard work. In a brief, how long and how did you lose your weight. I will get to read your blog soon, but I am so run of my feet at the moment with work, overtime and study that I can only briefly look at my computer, emails etc and try to catch up reading your wonderful blog. You must be so proud and so much hard work has gone into to your fab body. Your tummy tuck in amazing! Thanks again for your comment :-)
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Glad you are happy :) Love your new pics. Thank you…it took me about 9 months to lose 90 pounds. The first couple of weeks I lost 20lbs. All said and done it was about a year to lose 115. Mostly lost through diet, mixed in with a little bit of exercise. But it's all on my blog :) Whenever you're in bed and bored it makes for a good read haha. Wait did I give you my blog? I don't recall. But I posted a lot of updates on our recent trips this past year…so lots of travel photos in addition to weight loss stuff of course. Maybe this is a dumb question…but do you love living in Australia?? I bet :) I've always wanted to go though…and hopefully will one day but that plane ride….man that's long haha. xxoo
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Thanks Sheeney Yes, love living in Australia, I am lucky to have been born here. It seems to be more expensive to live here than the States....I have lived in California for 2 and half years, way back... loved it there, it was cheaper then, apparently you guys are way more cheaper to live still, alot of people I have come across, south african, french they say we are very expensive. But, we have a beautiful country and mostly great people. Hey! your flight over is only about 15 hours. I have travelled to France, England and boy thats a long way for us, i think the Paris trip ended up being 24-27 hours, now that is one big haul! Yes, I do intend to read your blog, you have just done so well and you are so tiny now, I wish when I could get slender arms like you have now....I have solid the genes, was going to have the tuck shop arms as we call it here....i think you call it bat wings, done, but i think i have pushed having 3 longish surgeries in one year enough for my body. Plus, those scars are a worry, people can't help but look at it...thats what I read, and I don't think my arms are so bad they need fixing like a person who has lost hundreds of pounds, i work out a lot, will just have to work harder on them i think, when i get older and they hanging probably will Do you have to work at your weight all the time? Or are you normally a small build?
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I have had lipo 3 times! I've been told it does not get rid of cellulite, I gets rid of fat. That there's a difference and it can make cellulite worse. I'm also considering a butt lift but am def on the fence. My dr will not do lipo more than 3 times, but I need some fix! I'm not being at all negative here but from personal experience and other surgery- sometimes we can only work with and improve on what we got. Sometimes what we want we aren't actually physically able to have to the extent we want regardless of the surgery or surgeon. But I'd be happy with improvement. I must say ur improvement is incredible. Unsure about the uneven scars, did u ask him about that yet? You are incredibly brave tho! I'm scared just thinking about it! I think the wedge removal underneath would work great for me! My lipo or and cellulite is also bad on one side, drives me nuts! I have a good side in shorts and a bad side! Thanku so much for sharing ur pics and story. I'm heading to Sydney this week, I'm contemplating a consult.
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Aussie21, look into Cellulaze for your cellulite. I think you will be happy with that procedure:)
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May I ask who you are going to see? Yes, I am much happier with my legs, couldn't believe I could get thinner legs. I have asked about the scars and I am going back in to see him on the 30th Jan, where he could fix it in his surgery office, but since then I have mentioned that I want the backs of my thighs lifted (which can't be done under local) and also asked about an arm lift, so I might wait til I can get it all done at once in say June. I am working out now more with squats, just started really getting back into working out, I am hoping I can improve as there is much less fat around my legs. I am also considering seeing 2 other doctors about my arms, those I really don't want to make the mistake of having them done and then regretting it, at least I can hide my legs, arms are a bit tricky to hide. Please let me know how you go and who you get to see.
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Do you know anyone who has had this done?
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Well I'm unsure of who to see yet. That's what I have been trying to find on realself but it's proving to be difficult. I was considering dr norris going off your 1st pics. But if your contemplating not going back its a left me hesitant. I'm not sure if it will improve the appearance or still look bad and be pointless. I asked the question on realself and posted pics, got one answer, didn't help me much at all. Finishing it hard to find out who is the best surgeon in aust for or America. If I could find out who the absolute best in these lifts are...well that's who I'd be going to. No matter the price. I'd def work on gym can make a big difference! When I work out and have lots of muscle it does help lift a lot however my skin still wrinkles :( still hang some degree of overhang! I don't know anyone that's had this done, doesn't seem too common.
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Hey Aussie, let me know how you go please
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Wow u look fantastic! Good on you. With your scars do they extend to top/across buttocks?
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Thank you so much for your comments. If you see the comment below to redwinelover you will hear the rest of the outcome. As for my scars, my first surgery I only had scars on my groin and along the crease of my legs to nearly in line with my hip, but on the leg. So what you see in those photos is the 1st surgery, I am going to put up my revision scars, this time I had my butt lifted and I now have scars across and top of my butt, but only to each side the bottom crease and it is a low scar so very happy about that. So when are you thinking of having your surgery?
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ok, putting up more photos. I must say, the first couple of months when the swelling is going down the legs and butt look great, nice and smooth. I wish the swelling would stay, as they look the best then. I am now obsessed with getting these legs tighter. In saying that, I do love the way i look in clothes, couldn't be happier, but i want to wear shorts any my board shorts and not feel uncomfortable in front of people. So just beware, you could be up for revisions until you get it right. If you have a good doctor like mine, he will correct and not charge the gap fee. Good luck.
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Hi! I wondered if you'd had your revision and if so, how it went for you. Renata has had what seems to be a million problems, poor thing :( I had my pre-op appt yesterday and didn't get clearance ;( I see a cardiologist Monday for tests and hope everything is OK. I REALLY want this surgery. Did you take any recent photos of those great looking legs?
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Hi redwinelover, I am so sorry, I didn't get notification that you had written to me, another post came up for me and then I realised there was some more comments. Oh no, I will have to read Renata's posts. How come you didn't get clearance for surgery? As for my revision, it went well, my doctor actually lifted my butt, I love my bottom now, though one side has a longer back I go at the end of the month for him to revise it in his surgery office, unless I wait to go and have the back of my thighs lifted. I had asked for this from the beginning and he still hasn't. I thought that is what he would have done in the revision, though I can't complain as I didn't expect for him to lift my butt so well, which now I have scars on the top of my bottom, like a body lift, they are low scars though. I will try to put some up tonight. I am very happy with my legs, love how I look in tight jeans etc, but I still have dents in the back of my legs and the front near my knees are not as tight as the top of my legs, it is hard to tighten there, especially when we are older. I don't understand why my scars on my butt are so different, one side of my butt is not as high as the other. You know, once the swelling goes down, the skin softens and doesn't look as tight, The photos I originally put up I was extremely happy, but over time, swelling subsides and the cellulite look comes back some, so thats why I want the back of my legs tightened. How did you go with your tests, I hope you are able to go ahead with your surgery, please keep me posted as I would love to know how it all goes for you. Cheers
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Wow fab!! I would love thighs doing next year!!
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Thank you. All the best with your surgery, I hope you get the results you want.
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Just saw your tummy...looks fantastic
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Hi, First let me say you look GREAT!!! My surgery is 12 12... I can hardly wait. But I wanted to ask.. You had to have your legs tied together.... which I think would make sense.. but how did it fare when you needed to go to the bathroom? were u allowed to untie them for that purpose and then re tie them? Sorry for asking such a gross question...
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Hi and thank you. And no not a gross I am just trying to remember. I was in hospital for 10 days and while in there I kept my legs tied together. The first few days while the catheda was in they were tied up all the time, then they put me on the komode and wheeled me to the toilet I kept it on then, but once I took myself I undid them once legs were over the side of bed. Yes, you can realease them, my doctor did not want me to spread my legs past hip width. I was so paranoid about spreading my legs that I kept them tied at night in bed in case i did spread them unintentionally. lol All the best for the 12th,I hope everything goes well for you. In Australia we are not sent home straight away, will you be?
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Yes I will go home the next day... However it is considered an outpatient surgery... and normally i would have been sent home the same day
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All the best for a safe and great outcome surgery. I hope you have some good care at home with you. I really liked being in hospital knowing I was in good hands. Will you be putting before and after photos up?
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