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Aquamid - Melbourne, Australia

I had Aquamid injected into my lips and wrinkles...

I had Aquamid injected into my lips and wrinkles around my mouth. After a couple of months, there was still no difference. It just looked the same as before so I made another follow up appointment and paid full price again. This was done over a week ago and again there is no difference.

I would advise anyone to just get temporary fillers as the results I had from those was amazing. Dont waste your money on permanent fillers cos they just dont work. And the injections are the most painful I have ever had.

Just a follow up to this. I had Esthesil injected around my mouth after having 2 treatments of Aquamid. I had no reaction, bruising and pleased with the outcome. So anyone who is a bit disappointed with Aquamid, have a top up with Esthesil. Its worth it.

Hi South,

Hmm, I wonder why it didn't last as long, I wonder if it was slightly diluted, or they used something else. Unfortunately that is something other community members have mentioned happening. Please keep us updated what your proceed with next.

Thank you and enjoy your week!


Has anyone had another filler injected after having Aquamid? The wrinkles arent as deep but they are all still there. I would be willing to try another temporary filler if there is one that is compatible with Aquamid.

I have had Esthelis injected into the fine...

I have had Esthelis injected into the fine wrinkles above my lip and am very pleased with the result. No bruising or soreness or swelling but I have an excellent doctor. So I feel that this is safe to use on top of Aquamid.

You can' say that it's safe to use Esthelis on top of aquamid. Aquamid is very very bad. and with a another filler it's WORTH. Even if you don't see it, you have it in your body. Even you don't see anything weird... In 4 or 10 maybe more years you'll get problems. Don't inject more, do nothing and pray to have no troubles....
Yes, the painful Aquamid injections - and do your research re- adverse reactions. They can happen spontaneously weeks, months or years later. I will never use Aquamid again.
Article re adverse reactions to Aquamid: written by Dr Christensen, Senior Pathologist Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Denmark (near where Aquamid is manufactured) http://www.slideshare.net/Skinovate/aquamid Please ignore typo in web address in previous post.
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