Unhappy with Result of Blepharoplasty and Mid Facelift for Eye Bags - Australia

Treatment was a mid face lift/blepharoplasty...

Treatment was a mid face lift/blepharoplasty performed via transcutaneous incisions. Obicularis sewn to periostium. This was unsuccessful as my lower eyelid became retracted almost immediately. I developed considerable lower scleral show and accompanying foreign body sensation and tearing.

My eye shape was totally altered. Outer lower half was sloping downwards. I had a canthopexy and tarsal strip procedure 2 months ago to attempt to correct this. My left lower lid just now comes up to the iris and my right lower lid is still sloping downwards. This was observable 2 wks after surgery.

My surgeon (cosmetic/craniofacial surgeon) says that this is because the muscle on the outer side of this eye is not working yet. I am dubious about this because I had this problem with my right eye before since my original surgery. I could never get it to lift as high as the left, even when I smiled. My eyes look quite asymmetrical now.

I was aware that the canthopexy may not work because we are dealing with soft tissue and gravity first surgery and the lower lid sat about 2mm over the iris. I always had some bags under my eyes even as a child they were puffy. However I would never do it again. Or at least never with the original surgeon.

He ruined the shape of my eyes and caused huge amounts of discomfort. None of which I was warned about. I think tampering with the obicularis has altered the support structure of my eyes and just using one stitch to hold it up was not a good procedure for me.There was not too much skin taken but my cheeks just weren't held in place by the one stitch.

. What do you think would be the best way to go now? Should I have the canthopexy redone? Or will that just be more of the same? Is there a more permanant fixture? Would a hard palate graft be the way to getting more height in my lower eyelids? What about from behind the ear? Is there a problem with either of these grafts?


For your sake I hope it will too. However mine did not get better, but instead got worse. If by the 3 month mark your eye is still pulling down I would go back to your doctor. Both mine continued to pull down. By the end of 3 years my eyes were totally round with scleral show beneath both.
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i had a eyelid remowed and midfacelift and i do missing my old smile and my eyes they are different but everyday getting better its been 1 and half month i hope my right eye will stop pulling down..
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Since the above I have had subsequent surgery, a...

Since the above I have had subsequent surgery, a canthopexy and a tarsal strip created. This has only been partially sucessful  At first it looked great and now two months+ later it is not so good.  My left lower eyelid just barely touches my iris. It looks passable though but my lateral canthus does not have the acute angle it had before any surgery.  My right eye is still a mess.  The outer half of the lower lid slopes downwards, continueing to give my eye a round look.  There must be some muscle ptosis as even when I smile the right lower eyelid does not come up as high as the left.  This was damage from the previous surgery.  Also despite my surgeons promise that my eyes would not be smaller than before the canthopexy.  They are.  I have measured the fissure and it is definetely smaller. 2mm to be exact.  So I am left with assymetrical eyes.  I have given up wanting them to look as they did before any surgery, I just want them to look normal.  What does anyone out there suggest?

I am thinking a hard palate graft maybe in the lateral lower lid to bring the corners up a bit more?  My surgeon did tell me at the conclusion of this surgery that I would not need a graft and that if he had to redo he would redo canthopexy again. Would this work? Or is this just a dog chasing its tail situation?  I have a feeling he did canthoplasty not pexy, As he told me he plicated canthus and moved it 4mm.  I do not want to end up with tiny little eyes.  What do you all think?  I am due to return to my surgeon on 17th of this month and would like to have a plan in place. I am a nurse so have access to any literature you could advise me to read in advance.  I only wish this had been the case before my initial botch up 3 years ago.



I totally agree. I went through the same thing. I am not sure where you are from...but take whatever legal action you can...Find your Health Care Complaints Commissio...or Ombudsman...every country has one...and complain.It is free. It is here in Australia. Have all your facts in writing, dates conversations etc. The only way we will get these cowboys stopped is by taking legal action. YOur main point to make is that HE DID NOT WARN YOU OF SIDE EFFECTS.
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Hi there, I had lower eyelid surgery 2 years ago. i did not have any fine lines, i had lil foldes under my eyes when i smiled. i thought i would get them smoothed out.he never explained what could go wrong. i thought i was in good hands. i was wrong! I have pulling down in both eyes. i'm hollowed out, i have fine lines and wrinkles now. I complained, he said it would get better with time. one month in, 2 month in over and over he would say it would get better. a year later i was not better. when i told him i went to 5 different Dr's did he stop telling me it would get better. he just said well you trade one for the other. Trade what for the other? He was so arrongant. He said i'm hear to listen to your concerns but never said anything but i think you have a nice result. i told him i wish i never had this surgery and all he could say is that's water under the bridge, i'm davasted here! All five Doctors said i should have never had this surgery. my eyes are rounded out now and he said that's what happens with this surgery. I told him about my fine lines and wrinkles and my now hollowed out look and all he could say is that your getting older hello 6 months after surgery? why have surgery? It's to look better not worse! I'm considering a hard palate graft. I feel so depressed, i can't sleep. I hope for the best.
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I really feel sorry for you. It seems there are quite a few of us out there with similar stories. I dont know where you live..but find out whatever official channels exist and complain about this doctor. You must have a Health Care Ombudsman or similar. YOu cannot change what he did, but do not let him get away with it. Do this quickly as I believe the time is only 3 years to make a complaint. (here in Australia anyway) I am in the same situation as you and am facing more surgery to get this problem fixed. The reason your surgeon wont admit guilt is because he is frightened of legal action. He knows what he did!!They all have the same pathetic excuses. Publish his name wherever you can, and warn people to avoid this surgeon.You undoubtedly are not the only one in this situation with this same surgeon. If he continues to use whatever method he is using for this surgery, there are other people out there who are also damaged by him. They all have huge egos, and dont like to be told that they have made serious mistakes. They just want us to skulk off and never be seen again, so they can forget about us. See if one of the doctors you have seen can do revision surgery. Research it carefully. Do not give up!!

I have had many procedures such as hard palate...

I have had many procedures such as hard palate spacer graft bilaterly. This has successfully brought up my lower lids, but I have assymetry( one eye wider and longer than the other) and lower eyelid hollowing. I am actively seeking assistance with this. Anyone seeking eyelid surgery in Australia please contact me and I will warn you against my first surgeon.


Hello, just wondering who your initial surgeon was? I am also considering lower eye surgery want looking at surgeons to do this. I am very scared that I will go to the wrong doctor!
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Hi I would love to know who your doctor was since I am in Australia and considering lower bleph.

If you are still posting here you can contact me via this message board. Thanks :)
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The doc that fixed my disaster was Alan McNabb in Melbourne. I am not sure if he does primary blephs, but you could always call and see. If you want any more details of who NOT to go to contact me privately.
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he did not adequately explain either the procedure or the risks involved. He brushed any concerns aside and actively discouraged me from reading on the internet. When faced with my complications he denied anything was wrong, was unprofessional and rude stating "you are only unhappy because your friends are not telling you that you look good"

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