Combined Pearl Laser and Fractional Treatment for Severe Cystic Acne Scarring

Day 3 and very happy with recovery so far....

Day 3 and very happy with recovery so far. Recovering exactly as advised by my doctor. No more bleeding, skin is beginning to slough off & it looks like I have nasty sunburn!

I am an early 50's male who had been left with visible facial scarring from teen/early 20's cystic acne. I went to a renowned dermatologist specialising in acne conditions and he carried out the procedures himself.

I am very eager to see the full results in a few week's time. I am astounded that anyone would get such treatments done by a non medical professional. This is not a nail polish job - it has the potential to inflict real harm if done incorrectly.

Photo is from the evening of Day 2.

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Highly respected dermatologist specialising in acne conditions.

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Hello its good to hear u are happy with the results. Who is the doctor u went to and where? I want to get treatment too..
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how are your results now?
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Audrey and Sophia, My apologies for the delay in replying. It took around 7 days for my skin to heal sufficiently so that I could return to the office. I am actually quite pleased with the results of the laser, although it did not address my facial scarring. However, it did tighten up my skin a bit so that I look less 'haggard' as one kindly colleagaue put it! I ended up getting a course of Sculptra filler injections (from the same clinic) which have had a better effect. I need to accept that I'm never going to have a face like a baby's bum and that I should be pleased with the subtle positive changes I have experienced. I will put a new photo up soon. Hope it all went well for you both :-) Good luc
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I am considering the Pearl treatment next week. Can you kindly provide me with photos of your current results? Thanks
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I am an RN at a medspa in LA and we have been doing Pearl on our patients for over two years. I myself have performed the procedure on about twenty patients. I'm incredibly surprised at the number of clients here that have had a negative experience. The majority of our patients, I'd say about 90% are very happy. I'm curious about what kind of aftercare is being prescribed. We recommend our patients wash their faces at least four times a day with a gentle face wash such as cetaphil and the apply the vinegar/distilled water soaks to the face before putting on more aquaphor. Also, whichever nurse treats the patient does daily follow up calls and gives the patient their personal cell phone number for any issues that arise. It's so disappointing to hear that people are being treated so poorly. The only adverse side effects I've encountered is one patient in her 60's who had delayed healing, about three weeks and a few patients of asian decent that had some rebound hyper-pigmentation we treated with a depigmenting mask. The skin is very raw and red after. The aquaphor, washing and vinegar soaks are crucial to proper healing. We also do not perform the treatment on anywhere except the face because of delayed healing. Pearl Fractional is more invasive, but has good results with proper aftercare. I just had my first Pearl done today. I will post pictures for everyone after I'm done healing.
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Hi! I just went to the dermatologist for the FIRST TIME in my life, and she is testing out the PEARL FRACTIONAL LASER for her practice. I get to be a guniea pig, and she is going to treat my skin for "large pores". She has two other canadites for acne scaring, and I believe sun damage. Nonethless, I am finding it difficult to get a true testimonial about the progress. I LOVE that you provided a photo! If you wouldn't mind, could you please touch on the process, and the healing time. Is it painful? Does your skin turn to hamburger? How does your skin look to you now? I would absolutely appreciate any info you have. Thanks in advance, Audrey
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