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Zerona is a Scam - Austin, TX

Thankfully, I spent $500 (the first half of $1000)...

Thankfully, I spent $500 (the first half of $1000) and ended up gaining 2 pounds after several treatments. I refused to pay my second installment and demanded my money back which obviously they're not about to do.

I did not eat more food or junk, and I did not "muscle up" at the gym. I watched what I ate and basically watched to see if this machine would produce any results. NO fat loss at all.

Here's the scam... spa's push the dieting packages and pills with the Zerona treatments, so I strongly believe since people are doing their own dieting too that's why they're getting results. It's NOT the Zerona fake light show. What a joke. I am watching and waiting. WHEN the day comes, I'll jump in the lawsuit to get my money back!


Hi I just contacted an attorney. I live in Pennsylvania. We all feel foolish. But the thing I don't understand and I'm sure the attorney will ask. What about the people that it worked on?? Did they pay them? Touch up the photo's. I know it can't work even a Dr on here said the laser isn't even strong enough to penetrate the skin. I'll let you know if they get in touch with me. Your a beautiful women and I bet the little amount you want to lose is something most men wouldn't even notice. Irish
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The $500 was half of my $1000 worth of treatments for my waist area. I refused to pay the remainder. They said they'd re-treat me (another 5-6 visits every other day), but for WHAT!? I got ZERO results after over a week of their regimen. No thanks, I'll wait for the Lawsuit since they would not refund my money.
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Wow this is a confusing post. I'm not sure if Austin576 is saying she feels she gained weight because of the treatment but women fluctuate all day every day in that range. You say you paid $500, which isn't throw-away money but can't be more than one treatment. It takes many more than 1 visit to see results.

I had the Thermage laser done on my chin and it took 4 visits. I think I look so much better, but after the first visit and no real results I was bummed but kept at it.

As ZERONA is non-surgical you wouldn't be seeing lipo-style results. As for going to a spa to have this done, it could be that the practitioners weren't properly trained but again, 1 or 2 visits isn't going to do much of anything. That would be like working out once and expecting to be a supermodel. I'd love to see before and after pics after 5 or more treatments.

Definitely talk to the spa providers and if needed, get a hold of the ZERONA distributor to talk about your concerns. I'm pretty sure they don't want to leave people unhappy.
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This is a spa and they are ripping people off.

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