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Love my New Belly - Austin, TX

I was very scared of having this surgery. A...

I was very scared of having this surgery. A couple of weeks ago, I almost pulled away from my plans of having this procedure, but gathered myself together and finally did it.

I have two wonderful kids that I love with all my heart but I couldn't see myself looking like this anymore.

As of today am 3 days post op and I can already see the results, am happy the outcome and I cant wait to go to my first follow up appointment.

Stay tuned for more updates

Today I woke up and noticed that the bruises on my...

Today I woke up and noticed that the bruises on my back are almost gone, I have been taken Vitamedica supplements along with some Arnica and Bormelian. I was very skeptical to take these pills because I have tried everything to make my bruises go away but this stuff really works !!!!

Today I am 5 days post op and I am able to stand up a little better without the help of my walker, my hips and belly are a swollen still. I am realistic enough to know that I wont be fixed in a blink of an eye, but Im hoping that those areas go down so I can put on some jeans.

Before my surgery I was a size 9, today I was brave enough to try on some size 6 that I found on my closet and I was able to pull them all the way up, but couldn't button them up, it is all good I know in a few months I will...

Another thing I want to mention, is that I have been experiencing a burning sensation right below the left drain, but it goes away after applying a cold compress or an ice pack, not sure whats going on but as long as I look fine I can deal with the burning thing, lol......I would ask my PS when I go in on Monday!

Is anyone super itchy? I want to scratch my belly...

Is anyone super itchy? I want to scratch my belly so much but I know I cant! Any suggestions????

Let me start by saying that didn't sleep last...

Let me start by saying that didn't sleep last night I was do anxious and excited to get my drains removed that I was up until 3am.
Everything worked fine, at the end I got one drain taken out and I will be back Thursday, I cant wait.

People asked me if I felt any pain while my...

People asked me if I felt any pain while my awesome nurse removed my drain...the answer is NO...she kept asking me to take a deep breath then I started to freak out bc the night before I read horrible thing on the web...but I didn't even noticed once she pulled them out lol anyhow it tickles but no pain ladies!!!!

I slept so much better without the drains, well...

I slept so much better without the drains, well just the one on my right hip, I was able to move around yay.....two more days until they take the last one...thanks Jesus! I wanted them out just bc i hate them, my son laughs at them he says:" mommy what are those things on ur butt?".....anyhow they are on my hip not my butt, but I also want to be able to get out of the house.....Yesterday I went to subway to grab some breakfast with my husband and people looked at my crazy, same thing when I got my eyebrows done....I was like whatever yall just hating bc you think am sick but not, am just on the process of getting my banging body back! so HAHA

I drove today yay! it has been almost 3 weeks that...

I drove today yay! it has been almost 3 weeks that I havent been able to drive myself somewhere, and guess where i went first? my kids daycare! i loved but i need some time to heal, i love them but i can rest getting hit on the face by a toy or being ask for a cup of milk, the list goes.........Im so glad as of tomorrow all i have to do is drive them to daycare and be back 8 hours later oh god thanks for the time off.....Happy Healing to all

almost 1 month post op

Hey all,

Checking in real quick, I'm doing great and my incision is closed no more leaks and also looking flatter. I'm still a little hunch over when I walk but its ok, I'm not rushing it. My body will let me know when I Will be ready to stand tall. Ill be posting new pics, also lost more pounds but swollen still...happy healing to everyone and remember it gets better

weight loss and flatter tummy

Before and After

6 weeks post opt

6 months post-op

I had my six month check up and everything went great!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

A friend of mine recommended him after she had her surgery, nothing but thumbs up. Dr Reid is the best, not to mention he has an awesome personality, he is funny , candid and HONEST! so exactly what I was looking for. I had my tummy tuck April 19th 2013, and I can say is the best decision ever and I am so glad I found him, he did an awesome job my stomach is to tight I cant even laugh but I don't care its perfect just like I wanted it to be, worth every penny! If you choose him you will not be disappointed. I can vouch for him bc he did my stomach and its great, I feel happy and glowing thanks to him and his wonderful staff, my RN was Rebecca and she is also great, very knowledgeable and with an awesome personality they took care of me every time I had a question or concern.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fantastic!
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Hello fellow austinite!! I debated on going to dr Reid but I just loved dr tjelmeland. You look amazing he did a great job, hope mine turns out as well!!!!
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where are you going then?
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Dr Kelly Tjelmeland.....hes downtown off of Bullcreek. My surgery is January 2nd!
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how are you healing?
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Looking good love, so happy for you!
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your results are fabulous! You look amazing...
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thank you
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u look fabulous
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Thanks I posted new pics and taking a month break! I want to see more results and chessing to the camera every day isn't helping
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Your Looking great girl
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thank you all!m=)
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You look great!
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@BecAlaska thank you
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Awesome that you had some freedom and mobility in the outside world :). Are you officially drain free?
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Yes no more drains! but my sides hurts I cant lay on either one =( still on my back
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so glad to hear all is going fine, driving is a big concern for me!
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I was so scared of driving anywhere but i got fed up of being at home bored and begging people to take me somewhere so I took a chance drove around my block did fine and next day did fine also, I am officially mobile but back hurts after a while, I have to take my Valium to keep me on my toes meaning with no pain, the Hydrocodone does so much at this point its like candy to me =(
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You are lookin great, hope all is well with your wound, does you ps know why it happened? Keep us posted.
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No im not sure, I found out it was leaking last night when i was changing my dressing, I will be back tomorrow and he will tell me then , I will keep you guys posted
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just an update my small leak has healed! no more leaking of any kind and its dry looking awesome.....no more issues =)
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Just went in for my first postop appt and he didnt remove either drain!! Ugh. I have to email or text the nurse my outputs and within the next few day they should be ready!! Ugh. I bate those things. But he looked at my incision and said everythings looks great. He told me be removed 4 pounds of skin and fat and 1 additional Liter of lipo fat at my flanks!! Dang ! :-)
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dang! that is a lot of skin! woohoo aren't you happy? I would.....it sucks that he didn't removed any drains....but they will soon enough....I have to go back Thursday and get the last one ( left hip ) out and i should be good to go....as far as my incision goes, I discovered last night that one of the stitches came out so , i cleaned it up and removed that tape they gave me and i place a clean dry gauze instead, i don't see how that open small wound could heal with a piece if tape on top....but when i go in tomorrow I would definitely ask....it looked kinda gross to have my mid section bleeding a little bit but not a lot just a small amount you know....it doesn't hurts but since i am a clean freak am just keeping an eye on it and make sure it heals all the way.....best of luck to you girl and stay in touch
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Yep 4 pounds is a lot!! It was nasty before and now I am so happy! That sux that your incision started bleeding. Why are they waiting til tomorrow and not today to look at it?? I'm just like you about being a clean freak. Lol. I better get these drains out soon! I'll keep you posted! Keep me posted too! :-)
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