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I had my TT done on the 8th of this Month and...

I had my TT done on the 8th of this Month and trust me it has not been a smooth ride! All I see is the swollen yummy and the ugly scars, and to make matters worse I have some terrible blisters around the incision, which are popping and turning into open wounds anytime I try to take out the tape to clean the incisions. Pooping has been extremely painful, bleeding around the anus anytime I go now, considering seriously of taking a herbal tea that'll help me go!!
I know the end result will be a good one, but right now I just want to see a little bit of difference that'll let me know I made the right choice!!
Hubby has been so encouraging, tells me there is a difference already, all I have to do is hang in there!!
As for the drains...they don't bother me that much. one of them is out, the other one is still in but there hardly isn't much fluid in it, so hoping it comes out on my next visit to my doctor.
I'm seriously looking forward to better days.
Trust me....it gets better. Have you switched to a paper tape?
Thank you sarv42, it is getting Berra by d minute. O yes I have.. This is much better no more blisters and old ones are drying up fast, so glad about that. Been sponge bathing too don't wanna get it wet!
Better days are on the way. Hang in there


So I Thot I should update you all on how it's going with me. I'm 10 days post op, yet to see my flat abs but hanging on real tight hoping to see them abs real soon!
I'm generally doing gd, blisters are drying up...really happy bout that...vinegar did the trick!!
The major problem I av now is sleeping, I never had problems with sleeping but last nite was really hard... Sleeping on my back feels like my tummy us stretching out and my stitches will burst open, I wonder why I suddenly feel like that? Anyone had that experience?
Well I decided to add my before and after pictures, just like my hubby, I do not see much difference... Oh well, I guess time wil tell!!

Me now!!

Pop some pillows under your knees when laying on your back
@jules73....tried that... Think I'm just tired of sleeping on my back... I'm more of a side and tommy flat kinda sleeper... Guess I just have to suck it up and try to enjoy my sleep as much as I can... That's a little price I pay for wanting a flat ab I guess!
Think im going to be the same. I have also been told that when im really tired i snore a bit when im on my back, totally not true of cause!! Lol


Just came in from seeing my PS, she said I'm doing great, also took out my drains and said to make sure I always have my compression band on because that will help with any fluid build up that MAY occur as a result of taking out my drains.
Wow!! Cant believe how normal I feel as result of no more drains!!
Here are some pictures I took after the drains came out, mind you I am still swollen and I look super flat already...SUPER HAPPY!!
Yippee for the drains coming out! Makes such a Hughes difference in how you will feel. Ur swelling will start to go down now, my swelling peaked around 10 days then I started downsizing my CG just about every 10 days.
You go girl and trust me we all get depressed i think i even cursed a few people! Lol this is major surgery but like me you to will prevail just focus on the prize and distract your mind as much as possible. Any questions just ask me:)
Thank you so much nikkie37... I sure will!! Keep inspiring newbies like me!!!


Ok.. call it too soon, but I have decided to start my scar treatment exactly 2 weeks post op. My fear about this surgery in the first place was the scar... honestly I was seriously freaking out about that!!
My first consultation with my PS was what actually made me mellow a little bit, as she pointed out that my 2 caesarean sections scars from my previous pregnancies where totally invisible, so that means I heal well yippee!!
Trust me, that gave me a little bit of confidence and thus I decided to take my chances with the scary SCAR!!!!
So here I am, starting my treatment even though I did nothing about my previous C-section scars which really did clear out on their own....I guess its true what they say about time healing all wounds!!!
Well I guess a little push by me won't hurt either...So wish me luck :)
Go for it, im sure it will fade fine
@jules73...Permit me say AMEN!!..... Thank you lots!!
Thank you tmicpa, feel so free finally... swelling going down gradually...so happy about that!!


Its been over 4 weeks now and I not only look good but feel good too. Its just feels great to be myself again..
The scar is healing great, very happy about that.... here are some pictures to show my progress so far...


My scar is healing pretty nicely... sure with time its will fade off completely.
Also started taking a walk today.. feels so good to be able to get back on exercising. Are you still thinking of getting your procedure done? Waste no more time and get right to it...trust me, you'll be glad you did!!!
I'm excited about Dr. Bekanich over all of the other doctor's that I have spoken with. In your opinion, how would you rate your experience? Your progress looks great and you look amazing!
Trust me Kimberly.. She truly is great... Am so glad I chose her... She listens to you and tries to give you the best of what you want.. Told her i wanted d scar on my bikini line and that's what I got! Just like any other surgery it was hard at the beginning.. but with time you will recover great. I'm so glad I had this done.. My body is recovering nice.. Started working out too...nothing too drastic though! So if you thinking of having this done? Waste no time at all.. You sure will be glad you did. All the best!!


Saw my PS today and she said I'm doing great...healing super well! okayed me working out, so starting my core abs workout!!
Feeling super great, though I still feel some numbness below my belly button, sure will have soon feelings soon...so not bothered!!
Well this has been a great journey and I'm enjoying every bit of it :-)
You look great. Your scar is healing so nicely!
@TX2fertummy.. Thank you, it's get clearer by the day!!
You look fantastic! Loving your results!


Well what more can I say? Every thing is going great since my surgery...living each day as it comes..
I have been dedicated to my work out routine... enjoying the hard work and loving the results that comes with it:)
Still can't feel much below my belly button, hopefully with time I'll get my feelings back!!
Attached are pictures of the progress so far.. Hope it'll encourage someone who is still trying to make a decision on getting a TTuck!!
Well u are not far from her she is off 281 and 1604 look her up tell her she worked on my tummy tuck and breast GracieMorris is does a very good job I would definitely recommend her she is dedicated to her job and does 150% over her ability and leaves Harley any bruising and she has a great sewing hand to leave u almost no scaring and I am 8 days I can drive shop all day I paint my house furniture with no pain and awesome results my second day I was making dinner everyday since I still have a family and job and do it with no pain. Plz at least consult with her.
I will thanks for your reply back.....
You Look Great......I am looking for a Dr in Austin TX. ....Is that the over all price?Looking at your results I will go and visit her office as well.....Thanks for sharing your story


Its been like a minute since I did an update on my TT journey. So far I am doing great, working my ass off and enjoying the ride! I have always been a workout addict, but I enjoy it more now because I see the result in all the right places....If there anything I'm sure about? Getting a TT help me want to live healthy, and that I am very grateful for!
Noticed that I got feelings back on the right side below my belly button but still a bit numb in some other places, especially right below my belly button.
Scar is healing nice and swelling has reduced, though still get a bit swollen when ever I'm stressed but nothing to worry about!!
Started wearing a waist trainer, to bring my waist in, call it my new best friend....:)
Here are some pictures of my result so far!!
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Dr Amy S. Bekanich, M.D is a very sweet and patient doctor, Glad I chose her as my doctor.

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