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58 Yr Old Lost Weight and Need to Remove Extra Skin and Middle Buldge. - Austin, TX

Can't wait for the flat stomach, than my clothes...

Can't wait for the flat stomach, than my clothes will feel right with out lumps and bumps. This will increase my confidence on how I feel. I exercise, eat well and the middle is still there. The older I get the harder it is to loose the fat. Skin tightness is less at my age. My friend just had her tummy tuck by the doctor I sent her too and looks amazing.

preop visit

I went for my preop visit today, so exciting the time is getting closer. Preparation time begins, appts. for hair coloring and cut, dog shots and grooming, and food prep.

18 days preop

Tried to take a few pictures 18 days before surgery. Prescriptions filled and almost all preparations in order.

Getting Closer

11 days before TT surgery. Following strict instructions, taking my preop vitamins, no alcohol, great eating, lots of greens and proteins and exercising as much as I can before because I know after will not be able to do too much.

8 day pre

Getting really anxious but feel great

TT in the am

I can't believe the day is here. So excited but nerves are setting in. Hope I sleep tonight, drinking tons of water to keep hydrated. Will post when home tomorrow


I made it. I am now in recliner which has been a life saver. I came home with a Foley catheter for over nite. I also gave 2 drains and a pain pump.

First post-op day

Doing quite well, taking my pain meds every 4 hrs, using anti gas drops and heating pad on back. Will take pictures this weekend. I have 2 drains and pain pump.

2nd day post op

Gas is the worst, it comes and goes. I try to keep getting up and moving without being to sore. Weaning off pain pills and trying for only Tylenol. Pain meds are constipating.

4 days post op

I became brave, took off binder to snap a picture. My dressings, stitches come out on Friday at 8 days post-op. I am very pleased so far, abdomen is tight but to me looks good. My doctor removed a 10 yr old seroma/ scar tissue and all mesh from old hernia repair around navel, he also closed abdominal muscles.

5th Post-op day

Last night I actually slept in my bed for the first time. I have a temperpedic mattress and propped pillows to sleep at 45 degrees and had my foot stool for elevation on getting in and out of bed. Starting to Stand and walk taller as each day passes. Only taking 1/2 pain pill every 8 hrs and a full pill for bedtime. Everything seems to get better with each new day.


I was able to start ibuprofen/aleve today. Oh my gosh, I am human again. I can move with ease, standing taller, back pain almost gone!!!!

Day 6 post TT

Each day is a new day, went to grocery store with hubby, how exhausting because you still are not standing tall and are taking smaller strides so nothing pulls or tugs. Time for a nap!!

9 days post op

I over did my activity today with out resting and had some swelling. Finally rested in recliner with feet up and swelling disappeared.

2wks post op

Feeling good, walked on treadmill for 45 minutes today, wearing binder when working out. Some swelling(tightness) when up too long.

Almost 5 weeks post op

Feeling great, flat in the morning, with minimal swelling sometimes by afternoon. The hardest is having a daily BM.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

So far loving my results and I am now almost 5weeks post-op. The whole OR team and staff were amazing, thank you for your great care. As each day passes, the results get better. Doing more and more as each day passes. Can't wait till I can do my pilates again.

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I am almost 6 wks post-op, and continue to have irregularity issues which than causes bloating, swelling and abdominal tight ness. I take colonX and probiotics dly, drink water, eat my fiber and healthy diet and exercise. Any suggestions?
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Me too...would love to know
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Soon as I get some answers I will pass on to all
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You look amazing!
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Thank you
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You look amazing for only 5 weeks. Your scar seems to be healing well.good for you!
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I will be 5 wks post this coming Thursday. Flat in the morning and some swelling later in day. Feeling great, the hardest thing is trying to keep bowels regular.
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That vertical scar doesn't look bad at all. The top part of the vertical scar is low enough that you can still cover it with a bikini. I'm happy to see that as it gives me confidence that a vertical scar for me won't be a big deal either. I don't think I have enough skin to pull all the way down to my existing incision.
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I did not think I had enough skin either but my Dr. took away my low pubic area scar from 3-sections and hysterectomy.
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you look great, you've recovered quickly to be walking 45minutes on the treadmill
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I started walking last sat 15 min and have been building up
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Yes, already looking great! You had a cute shape to begin with, now you're looking hot! I've got a bit of the vertical scar, too. Just didn't have quite though loose skin to pull all the way down. Looking good - get some rest.
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Looking awesome! It looks like you've got a vertical scar. I'm checking out vertical scars as I'll be getting one when I have my revision and need to compare notes with others on here.
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Looking great! :-)
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Your results look so great already! Happy healing!
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You sound great! Love your tummy. I just put a heating pad on my shopping list! Take care, and keep us posted.
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sounds good! you're well on your way!
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Oh nice, in your own bed. Sleeping better ALWAYS helps. HUGS :-dSuzy
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Congratulations on the weight loss, and thanks for your review. I look forward to seeing more of your results!
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All things considered, sounds like things are going well/normally. After those drains come out you'll feel much better...kinda free and able to move around better (I did anyways). Looks like you're gonna have a very nice result. HUGS :-DSuzy
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Thanks, just one day at a time, some days better than others.
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OH SO TRUE. Afternoon naps were my BEST friend for the first 3 weeks. Helped with the fatigue and intermittent blues.
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