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Hi everyone. I've been trolling RS for a few weeks...

Hi everyone. I've been trolling RS for a few weeks now so thought I should go ahead and introduce myself. I'm so glad I found this site. Between YouTube and this site I feel very informed and have been taking lots notes. I'm 5'1, currently weigh about 128 but I'd like to lose about 10-15 pounds pounds. I'd been overweight since I was about 8 years old and in 2010 I finally decided to do something about it once and for all. I lost 65 pounds through Weigh Watchers and group fitness classes. I have been maintaining my weight loss for two years now and although I've worked really hard, I still have a big belly. It's smaller than it was, obviously, but I'd like it to just go away. I'm tired of not feeling comfortable in my own skin and I want my clothes to fit better across my midsection. I'm ready to have a flat a tummy with no overhang. lol. So far I've had two consultations - both have gone really well. I have two more lined up on Monday and then I'll make my decision on which surgeon to go with. I'm so excited and totally addicted to this site. Can't wait until I'm the one posting about my TT experience. Cheers!

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Much needed tummy tuck...

Attached pictures of my yucky belly. Can't wait until I'm on the flat side!


Hey girly, I'm in RR too, I visited tons of Drs in the Austin area prior to choosing my Dr and would definitely reccomens you at least having a consult with him. The staff is amazing and he did an amazing job on my tuck. Looking forward to following your journey!
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Congrats and go for it! You are already in good shape weight wise, so why not let the PS do their thing and make you look and feel like you want. Best wishes as you find your doc and keep us posted.
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Your going to look great. Congrats on the weight loss!
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Found my Surgeon

I'm so thrilled that I found my surgeon! I have met with three PSs total. I initially thought I was going with the second one I met until I had a consult with the third. Incidentally, I also had a forth consultation scheduled after him but cancelled since I knew my search was over. I am going be calling this week to put down a deposit and schedule the big day. I'm so excited, anxious, and scared, as this will be my first surgery EVER. I know I'll be in capable hands but I still will be sending prayers up for a smooth and non eventful surgery.


That's great you found your surgeon!!! Who did you go with??? How soon will you be getting it done??? Happy for you!!!
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Thats great your on your way now
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very exciting
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March 04, 2014

Surgery has been scheduled. March 04, 2014. The countdown is on! I'm nervous, scared, and excited...but sooooo ready!


March is not that far away at all. It will be here before you know it.
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Congratulations on scheduling your surgery. Keep us posted and remember to post pics after your surgery. Good luck!
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Thanks! I will keep everyone posted and will definitely post pic's.

4 Weeks To Go!

I can't believe my surgery is four weeks away. It's becoming more of an actuality than just some fantasy I've been dreaming of. I am trying not to visit this site too often because I keep coming across the horror stories as opposed to the normal minor setbacks that are expected. Those more serious complications are freaking me out just a wee bit. To the point where I'm starting to question whether or not to really go through with the surgery. Deep down I know I will be in good hands and I completely trust my doctor and I have faith that I will be just fine. But I do think about the "what if's" a lot. Trying very hard not to obsess about it and focus on only what I can control. Everything is in God's hands regardless. I can tell y'all that I am so thankful for a forum like this that allows us all to keep it real and lean on each other for support and encouragement. What a blessing. Anyway, right now I'm getting all my ducks in a row so I can be fully prepared and ready to go.

Let the countdown begin!

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12 days, 12 hours to go!

Eek. Only two weeks until my big day. I have my pre-op appt on Monday. Feeling pretty giddy...and still a wee bit nervous about being put under and someone cutting me up. Just hoping I survive and can get back here and announce that I've made it to the flat side. But it's all good, I'm in God's hands. But please keep me and my doctor and all the tending staff in the OR in your prayers. ;-)


Aha the count down is on!
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Just a couple days to go.

Time is flying by! I feel good and am at ease about the whole process. I left my pre-op appointment feeling completely ready. Love my doctor and his staff! I have all my post op instructions and supplies so I think I'm good to go. I am excited and so happy I'm finally able to get this done. Go me!


Hope everything went well!
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Wishing you all the best!! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself!!!
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Hope all is well
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Made it to the flat side!

My doctor is amazing. My sister said he said removed a little over a pound. Muscle separation was bad; as if I had carried twins. I have been resting and going for small walks around the house. Had a little something to eat and now I'm back in the bed resting, about to go back to sleep. I get to take a shower tomorrow. Cool. Happy Healing everyone!

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Made it!

Just wanted to let everyone I made it just fine to the flat side. I'm not in a lot of pain, just super sore. Drains aren't too much of an annoyance but I am already ready for them to come out. I'm super happy I did this! No regrets!


Awesome. I'm four hours post op and feeling good. Hopefully that'll last for both of us! Don't wanna see my incision though...ugh! Have you seen yours?
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Yay! Glad you're feeling good. I haven't really had a good look at my incision (it's covered with tape) but it is nice and low and seems to be healing nicely. My back aches like crazy, that's pretty much the only "pain" I have. I've been taking Celebrex and Tylenol and that eases the soreness. I am sooooooo ready for the drains to come out. Trying to remember to be very patient. I am drinking lots of water and am resting but getting up every hour or so to pee and walk around. So far so good. Be sure to follow your doctors orders and you'll do fine. Happy Healing!
Yay, one more day gone by. Had my first cough...not fun! Started Celebrex today as well. All is good except for extreme soreness!

Minus One Drain

Got one of my drains out today. Yay! It was a piece of cake. Recovery is going great. I'm not standing 100% straight yet but getting there. Thought I'd be able to do a little work from home this week but haven't really been able to muster the energy. I do go back to work on Monday though. I'm so ready but at the same time I soooooo don't want to. Hope I can make it the whole day. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it though. One more week off would have been good. I've been improving each day so I'm sure by the time Monday rolls around I'll be A-OK. ;-) All in all I'm still pleased with how everything has been going. Excited for the weeks to roll by so I can see the final results and start planning my BA, cause you know that's what's coming next! lol


Getting your drains out is a milestone. When they are gone you will feel so much more normal. It is amazing how much you heal from day to day. Hopefully you will feel up to it on monday. Good luck!
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Congrats! Didn't hurt when they took it out? Did you look at it? I have a morbid curiosity....mine come out tomorrow . As for work, I was thinking well be is ok, walking pretty much upright? I'm going back the 24th so will have had a few extra days but I can tell it'll be fine!
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Thanks! It didn't hurt at all. I didn't watch but normally I do find stuff like that fascinating. You have nothing to worry about. Happens pretty quick. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully. Yay you! =)
Dr Thompson

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