Liposuction-Upper & Lower Abdomen & Love Handles - Austin, TX

I am scheduled to have liposuction of my...

I am scheduled to have liposuction of my upper(what I call my second set of boobs... ha!), lower abdomen & also my "love handles". The love handles are the main reason I am doing this procedure. I am a 26 yr old, 5'8" 176lb active gal. As a child I was always tall and super skinny. After high school I started dating my now husband and started gaining weight.(you know, the I'm in love & comfortable weight?) I got up to 193.6 and last year(Feb 2011) I joined WW. I got down to 171 by my wedding(Nov 2011) and gained 5lbs on our honeymoon(unlimited food and drink!) I'm working on losing those 5lbs but its not easy.

Now before anyone thinks I'm doing this for weight loss, you're wrong. I totally know that lipo is not a weight loss procedure. Actually, my ideal weight is 165-170 so I am pretty close to it. The reason I am doing this procedure is because i've been extremely insecure of my "love handles" my entire life. Remember earlier when I mentioned that as a kid i was tall and super skinny? Well, I was... but I have ALWAYS had love handles, no matter how skinny I was. It's just where I store my fat and my mom & brother both have the same unfortunate body shape. I seriously considered this procedure about 2 years ago and even went to meet with a doctor for a consultation. I was about to schedule it and then my boyfriend(now husband) proposed. I couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars at that time as I knew we were footing the wedding bill, ya know? I don't regret it at all because our wedding was amazing! Now that we are married(2.5 months later) I have decided this is MY time to do it and so I have scheduled my surgery for Thursday February 23rd!!!(I'm taking off 3 days from work, Thurs, Fri & Mon). Do y'all think thats enough time. I'm hoping it is! My husband is supportive, as much as he can be, because he knows I've wanted this for as long as we've been together(over 8 years!) I'm nervous for the obvious reasons, but I am also very excited! I am just so insecure and I'm hoping that this procedure will just help me to feel better in my own skin! I will try to write updates the days following my surgery and I will also post before and after pictures! I've done a lot of research about this surgery and realself has been a great resource to see others experiences. I'm hoping to be able to document mine as well. :)

So I had my preop appointment yesterday and after...

So I had my preop appointment yesterday and after talking with the doctor, I am now doing a bit more(reason for cost increase) but I know I'm going to be pleased. After he marked me to take pictures and I had a better visual of where he would be working on me, I decided to do the additional(back side of love handles). I don't want to go through all of this and not be happy with it, you know?

I am excited now.. only 1 week away!!

I'll post more updates after surgery!

I had surgery on Thursday Feb 23 and am on day 3...

I had surgery on Thursday Feb 23 and am on day 3.(Saturday) I am doing surprisingly really well. The doc said he took out 3 liters. Coming out of surgery was the worst(being put under scares me)

Now, I am in my compression garment and other than the initial drainage, it hasn't been too bad.(I drained and leaked in my hallway day 1 and that was scary for myself and my husband, but since then my gauze has been clean. I'm not sure how long I will drain, if anymore at all) I am of course really sore but it does feel like I had a really hard work out. The back incision(right above my butt) is what hurts the most.

I threw up 3 times the 1st day and once yesterday, day 2. I believe it was from the pain meds and antibiotics. I have tried to eat but didn't have much of an appetite till today. My husband and I might try to go to a quick dinner somewhere tonight if i feel up to it. I finally took a shower today and that made me feel SO much better. They suggested I leave the garment on when I showered and that helped a lot(so i didn't feel light headed). My husband of course, was in the bathroom as I showered just in case i needed him(which i did for getting out of the shower and drying off). I have had a few friends come by yesterday and today and they are all commenting on how mobile I am. The doctor and nurses suggested I not just lay in bed all day. They said its good to get up and walk around so I've been trying to do that as much as possible(with still taking it easy of course). I plan to back to work in three days from now(Tuesday). I think the worst part will be that I just get tired easily. I'm hoping that the worst of the pain has subsided and that it will only get better from here.

So far, I would say it was worth it but at the same time, I'm still swollen and don't know the exact result yet(and wont for weeks/months) so for now I am saying "undecided". I'm hoping I can change that to Worth it soon! :)

oh, one think I will mention is that I itch like crazy.. not sure why, but I do!!!!
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Glad everything is going ok. I had itching too. Just put lotion and some type of itch cream. Just be patient. It will seem that it is getting worse before it gets better. But continue to wear the garment, it is uncomfortable, but it will help so much. I actually bought another one after six weeks, it fits tighter but it makes a difference. Remember to watch what you eat. You still need to eat healthier and began light exercise.
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Dee, Thanks for the comment. I know its going to take time, but i would be lying if i said I'm not anxious to see the result and I haven't even had my surgery yet. ;) I am just ready to feel comfortable in my own skin!!

thanks again.

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Hello. I pray all goes well and Godspeed on recovery. Yes, do it for you. I did too. Just remember it takes time in the healing and dont get discouraged in the process. It may seem like nothings happening but it takes time. Defintely wear the compression belt. I bought another one and Ki can see even more results. Also, massage, massage, will help.. Well i wish you well..
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