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So far I have done my consultation with the...

So far I have done my consultation with the doctor, done my blood work, and filled my scripts! I am 5'3", 126 lbs.and nervous! I have always been able to take off the vanity pounds but now at 61, it is next to impossible to trim my waist and hips without loosing in areas I really don't want to loose. I have read a lot of horror stories here, along with positive feed back as well...just not much from women my age. I am having lower abs, waist, upper back, & flanks done. I hope to get a pic up before my surgery, which is 1 week from today! I really like my doctor and have heard nothing but great things about this facility from a couple of women that have had procedures done as well.
How r u doing one year later. I am about it age and eight months out and very happy with my results. I hope u had the same experience.
Hi Txangel how've you been? I wonder if you had your surgery and how it went for you? I hope you've been doing well!
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Consultation with Dr. Kyle Coleman went really well. He has a great bedside manner, took all the time I needed to answer questions and fully explain the procedure and all expectations. I am totally comfortable with him, just hope this procedure will bring positive results for me and help me to feel better in my clothes. He suggests that I wear the compression garment for the first 2 weeks and then perhaps change to Spanks for up to 8 weeks. It couldn't be any hotter here in August, so I am dreading this part for sure! I have scheduled two Lymphatic Drainage Massages for 7 and 13 days post surgery. I am told this helps a great deal for swelling, bruising, and discomfort. I have read all the literature and will follow the doc's orders to the letter and hope for the very best results. I hope to inspire other older women with my story!

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