Going for a shapelier midsection through SmartLipo and will get a fat transfer to my butt in the process! - Austin, TX

I'm 32 years old and have been chubby or...

I'm 32 years old and have been chubby or overweight most of my life. I am very active in social sports and keep a relatively healthy lifestyle, but could do better. A few months ago, I set the intention to change my eating habits (and drinking habits!), to become more healthy and finally lose this weight I've been carrying around! I'm hoping these procedures give me the confidence that I need to have a good, solid platform to live out my healthy lifestyle.

I just spoke to my consultant at Westlake...

I just spoke to my consultant at Westlake Dermatology and scheduled my procedure! They were able to work with me a bit on the pricing, as I referred a friend who is also serious about having Smart-Lipo done! My pre-op is scheduled for next week, so not too much time to prepare, but I wanted to get this done sooner rather than later. I'm currently unemployed and want to have the surgery and be able to recover before I start looking for a job!

I have a whole list of questions that I want to...

I have a whole list of questions that I want to ask the Dr. Nikolaidis during the pre-op. I've listed them below, but if there are any that I missed or questions that you would've asked before your surgery...please message them to me! My pre-op is scheduled for 1.30.13!

How many smart lipo procedures (in the areas I'm interested in) have you done? How many fat transfers to the buttocks have you done?
Do you recommend taking Arnica Montana or Bromelain before/after the procedure?
What about my existing medications?
Do I need to stop skincare regimens?
Do you take before and after pics? If so, do you send me a copy?
After assessing my body, how much do you think you'll be taking out (in terms of pounds)? How much will you be using for the fat transfer?
Will I need drainage tubes?
How many incisions and where will they be located?
Will the fat transfer smooth out the "cellulite" look that I've got going on with my butt?
What type of garment will I be wearing (I'm doing smart lipo on lower/upper abdomen, flanks and waist, then having the fat transferred to my butt).
Would you recommend I take a stool softener? (I remember being very constipated after my breast reduction).
Are massages included in the price? If not, what type of massage is recommended and how often should I go/when do I start them?
What (if any) are the additional costs that I should expect?
Does drinking alcohol affect the results?
How long before I can play sports?
How long will the results of each procedure last?

I also plan on taking in some "wish list" type pics so that he can see what my perfect end result looks like...and can let me know whether it's realistic or not. I also want to take some pics of what I DONT want as far as shape, so he has something to work with between my "wish" list and my "don't wish" list (couldn't think of a better name for it!)

Tomorrow is my big day and I figured I should add...

Tomorrow is my big day and I figured I should add my pre-surgery measurements/stats before I forget! I've found it very helpful to see people's height/weight, etc so I can compare results of people who have a similar body type to mine...so here it goes!

I'm 32, 5'4" and as of this morning, I weigh 172lbs.
Bust: 43"
Directly under my bust: 36"
Two inches above belly button: 37"
Belly Button: 40.5"
Two inches below belly button: 43.75"
Directly above pubic bone: 43"

I've had an interesting week in terms of emotional ups and downs leading up to my surgery, but today I've felt fairly calm while taking care of preparations. I have all of my pre/post surgery meds together in a small cosmetics bag. This consists of the prescriptions, along with a "surgery recovery pack" that I bought when I wrapped up my pre-op (basically an AM/PM multivitamin, Bromelain with Quercetin and Arnica Montana). I purchased an inexpensive throwaway sheet set for my bed (in case the drainage is really bad), plus a shower curtain to put in between the fitted sheet and my mattress pad. I'm doing my laundry right now and will lay out the clothes that I'll be wearing tomorrow (favorite black fleece pants, loose fitting black tank top, flip flops and a black fleece zip up jacket). My nurse recommended that I bring a drink and snack in case I get hungry during the procedure, which I thought was a little odd, but I'm going along with it! I'll make a snack pack with some almonds, grapefruit slices, coconut water and gatorade. Maybe some chips in case I want something crunchy and salty, which I sometimes end up craving. Outside of that, I'm not sure there's much else I can do tonight.

I've downloaded a few books to my iPad and have gotten a few magazines that I haven't read yet in case I feel like reading. I also spent some time downloading songs for a new playlist...entitled, "Miss New Booty"! I included songs that celebrate big butts and hot bodies to amp me up!! :)

I'll update tomorrow as I'm able to...hopefully I get some sleep tonight!

I wanted to post a review right after my surgery,...

I wanted to post a review right after my surgery, but with the pain meds I have been sleeping on and off for the past few days. So far, I'd say the smart-lipo was a success! I was worried that I wouldn't see immediate results (as some people don't), but I saw an instant change in the shape of my waist and I can't wait for the rest to settle.

The day of surgery wasn't bad at all. The facility was very efficient and got me in as soon as I got there. I wasn't nervous at all (thank God)...probably because of the Ativan I was prescribed! The first part of the procedure was the worst. The nurse gave me what felt like 50 shots around my belly and while the needle was small, whatever she was injecting to numb me up stung as it went in. There were some places that were more sensitive than others (directly under my bust, around my belly button, on my sides). Once I was numb, she started injecting the tumescent fluid. There were a few moments where this was painful, but it wasn't unbearable...it took about an hour to get my upper/lower abs, flanks and waist. Next, the Dr came in and started his work. I was pretty numb at this point, so I didn't feel much, but there were points where I could feel what he was doing (especially around my belly button). The surgery itself lasted an extra hour than originally quoted, but I had no idea that was the case until we were actually in the car leaving.

My recovery has been great so far. No major pain, no major bruising. I've slept most of the time. The pain medication makes me pretty sleepy and was making me nauseous! I hadn't been able to keep anything down until today (my surgery was Wednesday...today is Saturday)...even with the anti-nausea meds. That has been the worst part of my recovery so far!

My doctor has me wearing a compression garment and a binder. Neither are exceptionally comfortable, but they're not as uncomfortable as I thought they'd be. I took my first shower yesterday and it wore me out! Today I was feeling a little cooped up, so I went out and ran a few errands with no issues.

I posted some pictures that I took yesterday to show the results I saw immediately. I'll post some more next week. I'm pretty sleepy right now, so I think it's time for a nap. I'll post more later :)

Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

I have been to three consultations at different med-spas here in Austin. I haven't made a definite decision on where I'm getting the procedure done yet. If price wasn't a factor, I would definitely go with the last place where I had my consultation. The facility was gorgeous and the entire staff was very welcoming and friendly. I'm currently trying to negotiate price with them and I'm fairly confident that we will be able to settle on a price this week so I can schedule my pre-op!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Why did you inject fat into your belly button? BTW.. You look awesome!
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LOL! Sorry I'm a LITTLE tired. I see now. It was supposed to be injected into your butt. Not sure where the heck I got belly button from! My apologies again! Mine is schedule for May 31st. Hoping I look as great as you do!
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Thanks so much for your comments, it really has helped me, I was going to go to Dr. N, but decided not to because the review on yelp were so bad, thow some did say they flet it was because the put a bigger priority on cosmatic services, but after reading your review, I think I will go to a consultation then make my own assessment. I do have one question how are you doing today? Any new pictures?
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We're they successful in transferring the fat to the buttock areas?
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Hi Lisatx2069! I didn't realize that I hadn't posted about this! To be honest I wasn't totally satisfied with the results. We agreed that he should go a little conservatively, but I think he went too conservatively as I haven't noticed much of a difference. My butt has a flat area when viewed from the side and I was hoping to get more of a little, rounder shape to my cheeks. I went in today for my one week follow-up appointment and discussed this with Dr. Nik. He agreed with me and we discussed a follow up plan. They freeze the fat for six months so I'm going to go back in three months to have the remainder of the fat injected. Initially he injected 140 cc's in each cheek (which is very small) and we have 480 cc's left to work with. When I go back in May, it will be a quick 30 min appt and he will inject the remaining fat and we'll go from there. I really liked that there is no charge for this type of appt too! The reason we are waiting 3 months is because the swelling on my flanks is pretty considerable right now so he wants to make sure that the swelling goes down before we start trying to reshape my butt! I am confident that he will do a great job.
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I am also from Austin and very interested in getting SmartLipo done at Westlake Dermatology. Please keep us updated with your results, pain afterwards etc. Good luck! I am SO excited for you!!
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Hey there Nessanator! Thanks so much for the message and sorry it's taken me some time to reply. The pain meds I was on really wiped me out! I would definitely say I had a good experience. I saw immediate results...my stomach is definitely flatter and I have a much more defined waistline. The bruising isn't too bad...the worst place was on my pubic bone where the bruising was black and about 4 inches in diameter. The rest of my bruising was very light and splotchy. I haven't been in much pain, but have been sore and stiff. I read people comparing it to being in a car accident and that is a great comparison. I'm open to answer any questions that you have about the doctor, procedure, recovery...whatever!! Have you already gone in for a consultation?
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No, I haven't had a consultation yet but am planning one for next week! Glad to hear that the bruising was not too severe. Did you end up getting your fat transferred? Do you know how much fat transfer costs? I wanted to do a fat transfer to my breasts but was concerned about the cost. So far I've heard great reviews about Westlake, so I am glad I found your post. :)
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Hey there Nessanator! I've seen some brutal pictures of bruising on this site but mine was nothing like what I've seen! I purchased the "surgery recovery pack" from their office which is basically a bunch of vitamins and supplements that you take prior to and after your surgery to help the recovery and I attribute the lack of bruising to that. It was $100, but worth every penny. It includes a morning and evening supplement, arnica pellets and bromelain. I went to say the fat transfer was $1500, but I had them work with me on the price so I don't know exactly what it came out to I just know that for four areas plus the fact transfer the total was $5100. I worked with two consultants, Danielle and Justina...both were very helpful. I initially had concerns because Dr. Nik is not a board-certified surgeon, he is a dermatologist. After talking to Justina, she explained that they had one board certified surgeon on staff and he handled all of the surgery surgeries (breast lifts/augmentations, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, etc) and didn't do nearly as many smart-lipo's as Dr. Nik who does multiple per week. I'm glad I ended up with Dr. Nik anyway because he took very good care of me. Like I mentioned my surgery ran longer than they initially expected so he ended up staying with the nurses after the office closed to make sure that everything was done properly which I really appreciated. He also gave me a very fair quote on a touch up to my abdomen if I decide I need it ($500 to cover the cost of the room/equipment) and today at my follow up appt, he threw in four free Velasmooth treatments. When you go in, feel free to use me as a referral (I will give you my name if you inbox me). I had another friend who was serious about getting smart lipo done and I negotiated by saying I had another friend interested...but he backed out! Maybe it would give you some leverage!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Congrats on setting your date! Good luck with your procedure, I hope everything goes well for you. Please do come back and let us know how you're progressing!

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Thanks Kirsty! I appreciate it :) I will be posting some "before" pics this week! I'm super excited to finally be getting this done :)
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Awesome, I look forward to seeing the before/after pics!

I'm sure everything will go great for you.

Just to add to your lst of questions, you may want to ask what type of services they have for aftercare. E.G. if you need to speak to them about anything after the procedure, or you have any concerns/complications, will someone be available all of the time. If not, is there an out of hours number, etc.

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