So Excited My Date Has Been Confirmed - Austin, TX

APRIL 1st... haha I know April Fools Day. My...

APRIL 1st... haha I know April Fools Day. My journey hasnt been too long and yet it seems like its forever till my surgery. I am very excited and very nervous at the same time. I have been watching so many updates and post-op videos that have been so helpful. So thank you. I will definately keep up!


Jannette hope you do very well kept me updated please my date is comming.
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Hi Winny,

Will you be sharing your experience with us, by starting a blog?

Good luck!

Yes Kirsty just got to learn how to do the pic and other things.

Okay Well Today Has Been One Week Of Hi Protein...

Okay Well Today Has Been One Week Of Hi Protein And Low Carb.. I Have To Preregister At The Hospital And I Think Do Another Test!?! But Yes Im Excited.. I Started At 297 And Im Currently At 288!!! ; ) (High Heels Here I Come) lol


Okay So today with my pre registering I spoke to a hospital dietitian/nutritionist, a nurse, and my anestigeologist!!! I don't take any prescribed meds but my dietician did request that on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday my surgery day, I should take Prilosec OTC... Well ladies its another day closer and im about to go to bed.. 5 days and counting.. : )
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Congrats on your weight loss already! Getting so close now to the big day!

Prayers all be ok..Im going have mine April 15...excited...

Oh Em Gee.. Today Is The Day!!! It's Almost 5am...

Oh Em Gee.. Today Is The Day!!! It's Almost 5am And Im So Nervous and Excited Ive Been Up Since 3:30am!! Ha My Appt For Surgery Isn't Till 9am!!! Ill Be So Tired Maybe They Won't Have To Put Me To Sleep.. Lol


Good luck today, I hope everything goes well for you!

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Well I've had my sleeve gastrectomy surgery on...

Well I've had my sleeve gastrectomy surgery on April 1 st and today is 3 days post op!!! My biggest fear is that I won't be able to get all my fluids in plus 60 grams of protein... I'm just not hungry yet I am still continuing to sip on these liquids... Warmer liquids do seem to feel better that cool liquids. Of course there is pain and discomfort.. I am feeling a bit tired and week and to top it off Mother Nature decided to show up.. Smh.. Ill continue to keep an update.. My stats before 2 week diet I was at 297, surgery day 286, and now 3 days post op I'm at 281!!!


Hey Jannette,

Hope you're doing well and recovering nicely! Looking forward to reading your updates and keeping up with your progress!

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Thanks for the details! I'm on m 6th day of pre-op liquid and wondered how it would be after surgery. Keep up the good work and the great updates!
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everyone had surgery on he 8th sore but doing great
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Going On 7 weeks!!!

Sorry For Not Updating But I've Been Very Very Busy With Work!!! I Just Wanted To Report That I Am Officially 51lbs Down!!! From 297 To 246!!! Yay!!!


You look so different in those pics, how are things for you now?
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Thanks for sharing. It is great that you share your experience so people like me who are looking into it can get a real idea of what we'll have to go through. Hope you have lost heaps and heaps of weight :)
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Congratulations...Praying things continue to go well. Thank you for posting this information. I am considering the surgery and this information is very helpful. Side effects???
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