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I have an ankle tattoo that is 16 years old. It...

I have an ankle tattoo that is 16 years old. It goes all the way around my ankle. I had one Picosure treatment in July. Having had previous laser treatments, I will say the Picosure is FAR superior. I had substantial fading after the first treatment. I just had my second treatment yesterday and am anxiously awaiting the results. I would definitely recommend Picosure. The only issue is that there are not many available yet, and I travel 7 hours to have the treatments. Despite that, it's worth it because I desperately want to be rid of this tattoo.

2nd Treatment

Okay, this is one week after my second treatment. It's really bizarre, because this time I did not blister AT ALL. In fact, it was barely swollen. A complete turn around from the first treatment, in which I blistered horribly and could barely put weight on my foot from the pain. So weird to me that there was such a difference. The fading is not as noticeable, but the DR said it wouldn't be due to less pigment. It seems to still be fading. I am posting a view from the top of the tattoo so you can see the light spots that occurred after the first treatment.

3rd Treatment

So I had my 3rd treatment on Monday. This one was more painful than the last, and this one really swelled and blistered. The first one did as well, but the second one did not. The woman who did my procedure this time said the body can adjust to it, and therefore not react as bad. She said that is why they don't like patients to wait longer than 4-5 weeks before returning. Having said that, she also said the body can react differently each time, so the difference in each of my treatments is not unusual. I am 3 days out and still fairly swollen. Blisters still oozing. SUPER FUN!!! Anyway, I am still very optimistic about this tattoo coming off. The nurse said it was fading great and would DEFINATELY come off. She said my hypopigmentation should fade back to normal over time. Sounds good to me :)

9 days after 3rd treatment

16 days after 3rd treatment

Before tx & after 3rd tx

2 weeks after 4th tx

I am healed from my 4th treatment. Still a ways to go, but I am pleased with the progress so far. My hypopigmentation has healed tremendously :)

Before and after 4th tx

Top of tattoo

Here is a pic of the top of the tattoo showing hypopigmentation after the first treatment. The second picture is after the 4th treatment. You can see the hypopigmentation has gone away :)

2.5 months since 4th TX

It's been over 2 months since my last treatment (oct. 16) and I feel like my tattoo has continued to fade. I'm going to try and get my 5th treatment this week.

Treatment 5 at Skintastic in Dallas

Gosh I haven't been on here in a while! So I had my 5th treatment 8 weeks ago at Skintastic in Dallas. This was my first time there and they are great. I loved Dr. Adelglass and Karen is awesome. They would not do the entire circumference of my ankle in one visit due to swelling and compromising of the lymphatic system. I must say this decreased my pain and swelling immensely. The only drawback is having to go back in 2 weeks to do the rest. I just bring a friend and have a shopping trip :)

Treatment 6

I had my 6th pico treatment yesterday in Dallas. I expressed that I was getting discouraged and Karen was very encouraging. She moved the setting to 2.8 this time. It frosted great and she was pleased, hoping I will have noticeable results. I hope so too!!!!
Westlake Dermatology

This facility is amazing. It is a gorgeous office, the front desk girls are extremely friendly and helpful, and both of the Dr.'s I have seen have been wonderful. They gave me realistic expectations and completely professional service. I can't praise them enough.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey there, just checking in to see how your fading is coming along - would love an update :)
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I really can't see why anyone would pay 4-5 times the price of a Q-YAG treatment for Picosure when the risk of permanent hypopigmentation is FAR greater, and the 'estimate' of needing only 2-3 treatments for complete tattoo removal doesn't appear to be held up by clinical experience. Just another over marketed laser device..that gullible consumers may well regret paying extra for in the long run.
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any new pics? I have a very similar tattoo but on my arm and skinnier. I have a consult appt next week for picosure....interested to see what yours looks like now :) thanks for this detailed review!
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Hi I have both my ribs and feet that I want gone so bad and am worried how the results would look. Will your tattoo be visible at all?! Do u pay for each session or each tattoo?
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Hi there, how long roughly was it before your hypo went away? longer than 5 months? thanks
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DEFINATELY not longer than five months. Maybe 3 or 4.
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i think that you can treat your whole tattoo in one session... if you can handle the pain omf course. but the swelling can not be that bad. i got my whole ankle, shin, calf and femoral treated in one session...
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I am reading picosure does not remove red I j had my whole half sleeve lasered by picosure. The blue areas almost went away completely . The red and orange didn't fade at all.
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I am completely discouraged I have no more money and they didn't tell me it doesn't work on red or orange is this true?
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I have noticed my orange/yellow/pink is not as bright anymore but fading is MUCH slower than darker colours and its these areas which blister the most. My tech is considering using revlite on the colours to see if it produces quicker results on my next session but I'm giving myself a 3 month break. If I was paying separately for treatments (I pay in installments and subsequently get 4 free if not faded in the 3 I pay for across 12 months) I would be waiting a good few months between treatments anyway better for your skin and your wallet.
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I have read that Picosure does not respond well on red ink, since orange is between the red and yellow on the spectrum of light I would assume it would not respond as well. Here is an FAQ from our Doctors that speaks to this:


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I am getting pretty discouraged as well. I am having hyperpigmentation issues and I am tired of being so broke from going to Austin so much =(*. It would be so much easier if I could get it done in New Orleans. A bit depressing.
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Ugh. I know- it totally sucks. I'm so over it. I just keep plugging along thinking well I'm one treatment closer. We really have no choice at this point :( The only way to make progress is to keep on. But I'm OVER IT. Blah
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It looks almost the same color as your skin!!!
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I really hope I see some dramatic results this time.
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Your results look amazing. I'm considering picosure removal also. Have you noticed any change in texture or any long term raising of the treated area? Thank you for sharing your progress...
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I have not noticed texture changes from the Pico. I had laser treatments with older lasers and have some scarring as a result. If anything, I feel like the Pico is making that better, if that's possible.
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I see that you have been getting your treatments at Westlake Dermatology and then later see you are scheduled to have treatments at a different location (Skintastics). Why the change? I live in Austin and I'm interested in getting a couple of my tattoos removed and would love to know the best place to go.
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Hi! Yes, I had 4 treatments at Westlake. I switched simply because Dallas is so much closer to me- I'm in OKC. I have had one tx in Dallas and am very pleased with the facility and the Doctor and staff. I was also pleased with Westlake.
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How was the new facility? Is your travel time better? Hope your 5th treatment went well! I am ready for my 5th one!
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Hey! The facility was great- nothing like Westlake. It's a small, funky office in a cool shopping/dining district in Dallas. I really liked the Dr and staff. I will post pics soon! :) Oh, and the drive is SO much better! 3.5 hours. Super easy compared to Austin!
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Hi deer, my pico lady wants me to wait 2months between sessions does this seem right.. Seems too long.. 6 weeks sounded good to me. I sent you an email too thank you.
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I've just finished reading a picosure removal story from cosmopolitan magazine. The woman had 3 treatments spaced 10 weeks apart and left it for 5 months and the tattoo faded. The longer you leave it the more it fades. Its totally up to you how long you leave it and depends on how long you heal. I know my clinic wont let you do your treatments sooner than 6-8 weeks as it isn't enough time for your immune system to clear the area. Also it allows for hypo n swelling to heal incase you get any.
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Hello thank you, is it Werid that my arm looks totally normal this morning. ? The swelling has gone down. And i can see the colours quite normalish. And there is no pain. Will this still peal? And has it worked.
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I'm starting to think the longer the better myself. I had mine close together because thats what the original doctor told me to do. I am seeing a new Dr. this week that requires a minimum of 6 weeks in between. It has been 3 months since my last treatment. So it will be interesting to see how my next one goes.
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