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I asked for a little neck lift. Minor skin pulling...

I asked for a little neck lift. Minor skin pulling up. He did lypo, when I didn't need it, damaged a nerve, leaving me with a crooked smile, a huge, ugly scar under my chin, which wasn't mentioned at all before-hand, and a horrible baggy, unever, rumply neck (which was beautiful before and normal), with a giant deppression under my chin, a blob of fat on one side, and he sliced bits of my ears off as well.

According to his notes, he also broke up my old neck lift scar tissue, instead of latching onto it, which no one can understand or explain. When I called, after the surgery, alarmed, they suggested I pay for two months of "laser neck tightening" for thousands more dollars and more time. Which didn't work. During my consultation, he also noted I had laugh lines.

His solution was to pull the skin up under my eyes, and cut it off, taking it on, to pull the skin tight and smooth out the lines. No other surgeon I've spoken to has heard of doing this. I now have smaller eyes, with webs in the corners and a giant crease coming out of the sides. When I complained, he replied: "What? They look like eyes to me!" When I protested about my awful neck outcome, he said: "Well you don't want those awful "smile" lines on your neck!" Which give away the fact that you had surgery."

Everyone has those, and I have nerve damage, sags, rumples, holes and bags, plus a huge scar. Everyone can see THAT. Unbelievable. I have spent the last several years miserable and ashamed, and will now have to undergo further surgery and expense to TRY, and repair this. I've already consulted with 8 other surgeons. The nerve damage, sliced, smaller ears, and small eyes with webs, cannot be fixed, and I will have to live with these for the rest of my life. My neck can be improved, but not repaired completely. And the nerve damage and crooked smile are forever.

BTW- I had a minor neck lift in '98, and it was great - just a little skin tightening - no problems, perfect. So the procedure it'self is fine. I don't know what happened here. Just a nightmare.

Austin Plastic Surgeon

He ruined my neck and had me pay for it. I chose him because he was local (I had moved to Texas, near Austin, and was trying to avoid planes and hotels), was in a good neighborhood, seemed sane and normal, office seemed fine, he was Board Certified and had no sanction or malpractice history found. I later heard from any nurses, that when they called in for re-do's, it's often him, more than any other surgeons, and they weren't surprised at what happened to me.

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Perhaps I am naive -- ok yeah I have been told that more than once, no street smarts at all -- but WHY would someone lie about their surgery? You are "suspicious" -- what exactly are you implying? That for no reason someone made this up? Like a disgruntled ex? Just curious. I mean, I read too many glowing reviews that sound alike and I understand getting suspicious, but not about bad ones.....why?
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So sorry to hear that. I did mine in Austin at Westlake Plastic and am very satisfied. I hope you can get this fixed. Or at least improved. Good luck.
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I too know what it's like to be dissatisfied for years post-op, especially when you placed trust in your PS. As you heal from your anguish in dealing with this person, you might want to consider researching excellent board-certified plastic surgeons in other areas of Texas. Finally, you might also want your research to extend to a neighboring state such as Louisiana. I've heard that state has some outstanding surgeons. No matter what you decide, my heart goes out to you and I wish you only the best in resolving this matter to your satisfaction.
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How are you going now? Any improvements? I recently had a doctor ruin my neck here in Australia. I know what your going through. I'm still hoping for more improvement, good luck with yours! Xx
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me to , in Brisbane
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OMG, I'm so sorry. I just had a neck lift and it turned out beautiful. Mine kind of looked like yours prior to surgery, so I think it can be fixed by the proper doctor. I had mine done by an ENT doctor with a subspecialty in facial cosmetic surgery. Who knows the anatomy from the neck up better than an ENT specialist. I hope you sued he "you-know-what" out of him. He sounds like an incompetant _ss. Good luck to you
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o my god i was really looking into going to him for some liposuction on my belly and back! okay thank u for ur post im not now! omg how crazzy! i went to dr peter vail drscoll before in austin tx and i hate him! never go to him
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I have had a neck lift by Dr. Hall. He has also done a neck lift on my friend. They both turned out beautifully. I have also had liposuction, face lift, and a tummy tuck. I have been extremely happy with all of the results. Everyone in my family uses him and many of my friends. I don't know what happened with this one person but it seems to be isolated. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and am quite surprised by this review. I am a little suspicious about the alleged flippant remarks he suppossedly made because that is just not his personality at all.
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