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My MM is in 5 days TT and blift w/no implants, oh...

My MM is in 5 days TT and blift w/no implants, oh and eyelids, thought what the heck might as well get all I want done now. Still gathering all the stuff I need, scripts, stockings and extra's. It's really helpful to read all the reviews, put some of my fears to rest about recovery time, as that's my biggest concern. Super happy to see EVERYONE has posted its totally worth it and glad they did it. I didn't lose any of the weight that I had hoped to before surgery, so hope I'm not disappointed with myself. I am 5'1 and 160 lbs.
Yay! Congrats fellow austinite! I'm 5 days after you and in the Cedar Park area! We're having same things done (minus the eyes)! Good luck and lets keep tabs on each others recoveries! :)
Sounds great, congrats to you too for making the decision to go forward. I had been thinking of doing it for 5yrs and decided its now or never. Hope all goes well with you. I am almost in Round Rock , I live in Austin but Williamson CO. Finally finished getting ALL the stuff I needed, decided to stop worrying about all the extra cost for the socks, meds and etc..and just be excited. Hope all goes well with you too.
Yep! Williamson county for me too! I know what you mean about wanting to do this forever - I've been considering it for at least 6-7 years! Seriously planning for about a year - and I'm so excited its actually happening. Trying to get everything gathered before the big day - almost done. I'll be following your updates - good luck!!

Ready and waiting

Today I went to Kohls and bought a zippered housecoat that I am going to wear to my surgery day I saw someone had recommended it and it looks like it would be the best thing to wear there and afterwards. I'm all set and just waiting for Monday. My husband is leaving tomorrow with my 12yr old son for the week so I can h

oops didn't finish

have peace and quite during my first days of healing. Will post pre-op pictures tomorrow.
Sending good wishes and positive vibes to you - speedy recovery!!
Blessings Hun!!! Please post pics after your fast recovery ;)

New body here

I'm done not to bad today , but now that its evening starting to feel it now so short and sweet more tomorrow
Ok, so yesterday I slept most of the day but my night time my back pain was miserable, but after my soma/narco combo, I slept really well and felt so much better today. I still can't eat much, no appitite but drinking lots of fluids. I think I'm over the pain hump and can't wait till Friday to get out the drain. My eyes are healing well enough that I can get back on my computer, hope to post pics soon.
Congrats!! You made it to the flat side! Can't wait to join you! Hope your recovery is easy! :)

day 3 post-op

Slept most of the day yesterday and last night the back pain had to be the worst of all the pain so far for me. My eyes are healing nicely so I can type again. I feel a lot better today and can't wait to get the drain out on Friday, I feel like I'm on my way to better and better, hope to post pics soon. I am very lucky I have had my sister here and she is an around the clock nurse so very nice, especially with my family gone for the week, makes for a nice quite restful recovery.

Better and Better

4th day post-op, can walk almost normal and not hardly any pain, I am down to just two prs a day now, but still taking the Soma regularly. I'm walking around more hoping to go poo , that

Uggh, typings a chore

My drain comes out tomorrow and I'm looking forward to lying on flat to sleep. Is anyone else having to wear a full corset, its so tight and uncomfortable and I have to wear it for another week. Its whats bothering me most now. Everyday gets better and better.

Looking good

Today I had my stitches removed from my eyes, I can tell they are going to look great. The peel still makes me look bad but hopefully will flake off in the next day or two, I am so glad I only had the under eye peel done, he was going to do around the whole eye and I chickened out at the last minute and ask for only the under. I took off all my garments today and took a shower, it was heavenly to wash my hair. The only setback is that I didn't get my drain out, I am too bloated from drinking to much liquid (didn't know that would be an issue) I was drinking LOTS of water so I could go poo ( which I did, another milestone : ) but it apparently is NOT the thing to do if you want your drain removed. So I have wait until Monday, good news is that I am totally off the pain meds and can drive, felt good to get out today for a little grocery shopping. My sister left today and my husband and son come home this evening, looking forward to seeing them but will miss the peace and quite that I believe helped so much with my speedy recovery.
Read your review and glad youre doing good. You're just a couple of days ahead of me. You're already driving?
Yes, I got off the pain meds 4thday after and taking OTC Tylenol and my Soma just at bedtime so I can drive. I feel great today 8days post-op. Getting the drains out makes the world of a difference. Hope all is going well with you.
I'm in Texas but Dallas area! Not going under til January 2014! Can't wait to see us pics!

Feeling fine, just bored

So now I am 2wks post-op and mainly I am just so bored with not being able to do the things I want to like walk with my friend, gardening and such, I still get really tired. But I have 0 pain and feel great. Swellings all gone and my stitches are healing nicely. One boob is a bit larger than the other but my husband said its not noticeable to him. and my tt scar is higher on one side which will show with a bikini bottom. I am still super happy with the results thus far. Hope everyone is doing great.
Yay for us Texans! So happy things are going so well with you! I'm really trying to do without pain meds but still need them - ugh - I've ALWAYS hated pain meds. Can't wait to be able to get back to my normal walking routine - heck, I'd be happy to be walking to the mailbox and back. :). Hope the speedy healing continues! ;) ciao!
Fellow Texan here showing some love and support. And first off Unh off pain meds and driving - ENVIOUS! My dr won't take me off yet they say I can wean to tylenol / motrin starting wk 3 b must stay in Valium at night until Aug 20 and wear a strap nightly to help them fall into pocket. I'm just over 2 wks PO so def will be following your story and wow at the speed of your recovery! I can't wait for pics!
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Loved my Dr.'s staff, very helpful working around my schedule and super nice. Dr. Caridi is so confident in himself it makes me feel very assured that I am in the right place. Had 2 other consults before selecting him. My daughter had also used him and she loved her results.

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