Mini Tummy Tuck W/smart Lipo - Austin, TX

I'm a mother of five 15..10..9...4..& 11months....

I'm a mother of five 15..10..9...4..& 11months. Live in Austin, Tx. Just recently got a mini tummy tuck 6/12/2013..Still have alot of stretch marks but im pleased with the mini tuck its self! The recovery has been a walk through the park for me. No drainage tubes just a body garment. My scar is healing very fast. First week and was time to remove the stitches my skin was already grown over them. As time has been moving the progress is coming along great in my view.

4 weeks after

5 weeks after

6 weeks after

7 weeks after

8 weeks after

9 weeks after

9 weeks after

10 weeks after

11 weeks after

12 weeks after

13 weeks after

14 weeks after

15 weeks after

16 weeks after

18 weeks after

19 weeks after

front pic 10\11\13

front pic

scar dnt knw when I took these!


I've tried to keep up with all the pics since I've lost my phone. I hoped they have helped a weight has beeb up and down. Really haven't had the time to work out as I've had when I first got my mini tuck done! Ugh...but here's my updated pics and my journey after my mini tuck! Oh I hoped I answered all of yalls questions yall had lefted! Sorry it took so long!! :)

3\12\2014 redo surgery 9am

I want to thank every one for all there comments! Thank you...I got for surgery again cause there's some spots im not happy with at all...I go today 3\12\2014 @9am and so excited! ! I will post pics from today nd this Is how it look after first surgery! Then ill post some after surgery. .. So im praying second time around I wont have a waist! ! Lol...
Beleza Med Spa

Doctor is great..only thing is i havent seen him since the surgery. Only the staff at my weekly visits and massages.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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I love your scar, its just right there at the front instead of around your entire waist... so what I am hoping to get... you look great.
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I can't believe how quickly the swelling went down! You look GREAT!!!
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Thanks for your post. I just had my mini tuck & abdominal lipo on 5/30. I have 3 boys ages 13 & 5 yr old twins. My problem area was very similar to yours, which help me decide that Dr. Border should be able to help me too. We'll today is day 3 post - op and my bruises are fading & the swelling has dramatically decreases. I am still sore but not to the point where I need pain meds. My day 3 photo is very similar to your two week photo, so I am VERY Pleased! Thanks for the inspiration! You look Great!
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Rena i love love love your results! Please give me some tips on eating and exercise........ive never worked out!
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No diet lol
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Good! Do you exercise?
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Will you have to pay the difference the second time?
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I only had to pay for the it cost my $150.00
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What did you do to get such great results!?!! OMG you look fantastic!!!!!!!
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Thank u I went to gym twice a day thts it wrapped my belly with to binders now tht worked alot!
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Omg!! You look awesome lady!!!
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Thank u
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You look fantastic!!! I feel kinda ripped off. My PS says I look great, but I think I looked better the first week. It's been 8 weeks tomorrow, and I am incredibly disappointed about still having a belly. And my results of my lipo of my flanks seems to be going backwards. We emptied our savings for this, as I've been saving for the last 5 years. The 11K for the mini and lipo - from one of the best in CT - I expected more I guess. I don't think I went in with unrealistic expectations- I knew with the mini that I would still have stretch marks, similar to what you have. But we opted for the mini tt with lipo of the flanks, over just a full tt (he wouldn't do lipo of the flanks if he did a full- he believed it was too much surgery.) Yes, anything is a improvement, but for the money, I thought I'd be more satisfied at this point. Sorry to be a downer- You look absolutely gorgeous, and if I had your results, I'd be finally getting tattoos too :)
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Do hun ur not a downer...I feel like tht I was like I should hve gotten a full cause I still hve fat pockets on the sides...I go to I in the morning to get it redone!! You can ask him to fix what u done like hum...ur gonna look great...thanks sorry took so long to get back at cha!!
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Hi Rena. I noticed in your before pics you don't show tatts on your back or stomach. You got these after your tt?
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Yes I got the tatts after my mini tuck...both while I was healing so I wouldn't feel any pain lol and it really worked...I didn't feel a thang!
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Oh yea and also the belly ring too!! :) all in the healing process!
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Omg! Thats a fantastic idea! I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op...maybe I'll sneak in a cute little 1/2 star and moon to go w/the sun dial on my tail bone...
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Hi Rena. You look amazing! Question: the stretch marks, some were there before surgery but did you get more and deepeer ones?
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No ive had all my stretch marks before...I didn't get any more or deeper ones! The only regret is tht I would hve paid more for a full tuck if I would hve knwn tht it would hve got rid of most of my ststretch marks! But dnt get me wrong I'm still pleased with my mini tuck!
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You should be, you look great. At Beleza Med Spa, who was your Doctor? I'm ready to go! Thanks for posting, it was very mind settling for me.
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Ur doctors name is Dr. Broder! Good luck can't want to see ur results! !
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Hi..Rena in also thinking about aTT at w that same doc but in Cedar Park location conveniently located around the corner.. so did u have to diet before and I know it's been a. While since ur tt but how is it working out for u.. I want a full tummy tuck
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Very nice results......
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Thank u! ;)
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