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I underwent a tummy tuck and gynecomastia on 10/4....

I underwent a tummy tuck and gynecomastia on 10/4. So far everything has been just as I've read here. I've been reading this site pretty much 24/7 since about two weeks before my surgery.

The one thing I did not read about and wanted to bring to light is an issue I had that I did not expect. So far, it has not been the pain that has kept me down, I've been off the pain mess since day 3 po. It's been the anxiety.

On day 2 po my girlfriend left to walk and I felt just fine. About 30 minutes later my heart started racing really fast and my left arm was very numb. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack, it was the worse thing I've ever been through in my life, very scary. I thought I was about to faint but got in touch with Cindy at my surgeons office. My gf came back and spoke with her, she called in a prescription for anti anxiety medicine. I've never been diagnosed with anxiety so this is something that was not normal. A few days later my arm was still bothering me, Cindy confirmed that it was the ulta nerve (funny Bone), sometimes it get effected by the way you lay during surgery.

The pain has been bearable, but now when I try and get out for a bit I get very anxious. I was able to get to the office for 2 hours yesterday before it just became too much. Has anyone else experienced this?

Results are great so far, will post pics later.

Thank you for posting your review.    

OMG the anxiety is all a part of this healing process but please know it passes.  Your body has just been through some major surgical trauma, meds and stress.  I called my panic attacks "Freak Out Mode".   Or the Cybil hour..LOL    

When you feel it coming on just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and zone out.  You need to talk yourself down and tell yourself it's going to be fine.  Trust me I totally understand what you are going through.  

You will notice that you will have less and less panic attacks over the first month.  It gets better so hang in there:)


Wow, that would have scared the s&%t out me too. I am bit of a hypochondriac and sometimes small things make me anxious. I'm 4 weeks PO and surprisingly this has not been an issue so far and I believe is due t the fact most of the stuff I'm going through I have read about it in this site.

Day 10 post op Things are a lot better. ...

Day 10 post op

Things are a lot better. Before I left for surgery I weighed myself at 226, I'm at 211 now. I was able to go entire day at the office on po day 8'. I will be glad to get these drains out. Anxiety level is down and pain is manageable. Sleep is still hit or miss, but I know it will get better. I'm posting some pics right before surgery.

Any of you guys out there have the problem of the pubic area larger, making the penis look smaller? Gotta be from swelling eh? And should go down? Going to ask my doc on wed for my post op.

Inguessni should also let everyone know why I did...

Inguessni should also let everyone know why I did this. I lost. 120lbs with diet and exercise. I went for 340 at my highest to 220 which is what you see in my preop. It's crazy to look at those pics and see a 6ft guy that weighs 220lbs. Getting this operation was sort of like a gift to myself for losing the weight. And, I'd like to maybe someday take my shirt off at the beach and not scare the natives :)

Just posted the PO Day 10 photos. They really...

Just posted the PO Day 10 photos.

They really do not do it justice, the shadows and bruises make this look not that good. But I'm very pleased so far with the results. The breast area is almost completely flat and in the pictures after it does not look that way. The skin will retract over the next few months as well. It's already retracted alot. Anyways, these pictures do not look taht good, but I think its a huge improvement and a great start to the healing I know will be coming
It will keep looking better once the bruising and the swelling start going away.
It seems it is normal for pubic area to swell up. It did happen to me but not a whole lot. Three , four days later it was gone.

Today is 17 days post op. Had to go in today and...

Today is 17 days post op. Had to go in today and got one of my drains pulled, down from 4 to 1 now. The drains are the worse part now. Every now and a then I get a little pain when getting up from sitting down, but nothing too extreme. The incision hurts a little from time to time as well. I had some fluid built up in my pubic area that was drained today as well. All in all everything defintely is getting better day by day, but right now i'm very lumpy due to swelling (i'm guessing). Doctor is very friendly as well as the PA. I hate having to wear this binder so low, and the top binder as well as it creates a space in between the two and my fat just rolls over it ~_~.

Well got my last drain out, had 4 drains all in...

Well got my last drain out, had 4 drains all in all. Feels great not to have that burdon anymore. At the checkup the PA said that everything was looking good, and they did not have to drain anymore fluid. Right in time for halloween!

Adding a new pic, not too happy right now with the...

Adding a new pic, not too happy right now with the chest.. But telling myself it'll get better.
Hello, Hope u r recovering well. Congrats on ur weight lost! :)
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