Fraxel Re:pair and Active FX Procedure - Austin, TX

The procedure was tolerable as far as pain....

The procedure was tolerable as far as pain. Healing is tolerable with moderate itchiness. I researched this procedure after comments that my skin looked older and wrinkles were becoming very apparent. I saw a procedure on Dr. Oz that was very similar to my problems and researched and found Fraxel Re:pair and a physician in the area who performed this procedure. Research also included this site which I found very helpful and aided in my decision to go ahead with it. I am already excited about the result. I can see my newer skin starting to show and see that areas that were my problem areas are changing for the better. With acne scarring, wrinkling around eyes and mouth and neck and browning from over-exposure to sun, this seemed to be the thing to do. I have already had to remove pre-cancerous skin twice now so I feel that this will inhibit the need to keep doing this in the future.

It seems to take a long time for my review to get...

It seems to take a long time for my review to get up on the site, but I am now in Day 5 and my new skin is showing and looks good. Still flaking skin and it's itchy and getting tired of feeling house-bound. But, don't want to go anywhere yet and see anyone!

It's great to finally get to see you after emailing for the last however many days it has been! You look great already - why was mine so horrible??? I mean, really, I looked like something from a horror movie - my face looked like it had been through a meat grinder and the swelling was atrocious! What's the Active FX Procedure?

Wow, 5 days at home - I bet you are climbing the walls! From the picture you posted your skin is healing up really nice. Hopefully not much longer & you can get out & about!


Hi All! Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since the...

Hi All! Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since the procedure. I have posted the latest pics (sans makeup) to date. I am not as happy as I had hoped as scarring and wrinkles and larger pores seem to be coming back!! I think over all it has given me a younger (a few years) appearance and some of my friends verify this as well. However, for the cost and discomfort, well, just not sure it is worth it. I am going to continue to post on here though throughout a couple of months because I know that the doctor will start me on a bleaching cream as per the instructions, and I think if will help a lot too. So far - well, not so good as I had hoped! Oh - one thing that is very positive though is that the coloring of my skin has remained much better. The brown skin and yellowing from too much sun for too long has not come back - so that it really good!
Wow..Your before after photo in just 1 week looks great! I have been researching information online, and so far I have seen great results from this procedure. I have a consultation on Monday, hope my results are as good as yours.
Hey, I think you look great! I can definitely tell a difference around your eyes and your mouth. Would you say the cost, 'inconvenience' and 'discomfort' were worth it? Like you I find that makeup does go on smoother. I hope my eyelids keep their color! I still have some itching and prickly feelings every now and then. I did post a pic from a couple of days ago. I have an appointment with my doctor next week - I want to talk to him about doing something for my neck - he doesn't like to do Fraxel Repair there - not sure why. Keep us posted on how you are doing and I will do the same. T

I'm so glad to hear you are at least seeing some results, even if its not as dramatic as one would hope. From what I can see in the pictures it does look like your skin looks more even, but it is a bit hard to tell about the wrinkles since you were smiling in the before shot & straight faced in the most recent shots.

I'm so glad you are going to continue to post & keep us updated on what changes you see! :)


Well it will be 3 weeks tomorrow that I had my...

Well it will be 3 weeks tomorrow that I had my procedure done and I am happier each day. When I saw Dr. Nik last week he said that I can expect better and better results up to 6 months and they figure for every decade of years of age that you are that one month per decade is what it takes to get ultimate results. The Fraxel repair goes very deep in layers of skin so that the skin that was affected by the laser has not surfaced and will do so in about 5 - 6 months. So - I am excited. People have been telling me that they did not recognize me right off the bat (those that have not seen me in a while) and my close friends say that they definitely notice improvement. I feel that I am looking several years younger. I will post a new pic soon - one when I have some make up on too!
Thank you so much for sharing your story- I am 2 weeks post and experiencing the large pores and overall I'm not happy but reading that you felt the same way at 2 weeks and then are happier at 3 weeks gives me much needed hope.
Does anyone know of an excellent dr. in Redlands, Ca that does Fraxel Re-Pair?
Does anyone know if there is someone in Louisiana that does this Fraxel Re:Pair procedure?
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

I picked this doctor and facility because of it's great reputation. They are one of the few facilities that have Fraxel laser, which I have found to be the gold standard in this type of procedure. Dr. Nik was very informative and answered all my questions and is very caring. The staff there is wonderful.

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