HURTS LIKE HECK! Even with Numbing Cream - Austin, TX

I can see some small results but definitely need...

I can see some small results but definitely need to go back for a few more follow up treatments. They numbed me for an hour, then reapplied and numbed me for another half hour. It has a blower on the lazer and I can't imagine what it would feel like without that blower. Stung worse around hair line, and on tip of chin. Afterwards, for about an hour and a half, I felt like my skin was burning off my face. That evening kinda red but the next day I was almost purple, the third day was about the same but started to flake and peel a little, the corners of my mouth were so tight I couldn't hardly open my mouth to eat without it feeling like my face was cracking. The fourth day, I had really started to peel and the fifth day most of the peeling was gone. Still scaly feeling on lower neck. Have some small pimples from it and on the left side by my mouth where it hurt so bad, I had a really red patch still. They gave me no care instructions other than $130 bottle of vitamin C oil and said use in the mornings.

I read some other reviews, the ice mask/pack for after would be a great idea - wish I had read this before I had procedure because I was stuck in traffic for 1.5 hours with my face on fire. I also think they should give some thick ointment to help with the dryness/cracking. Today is day six and I am going back for second treatment on 12/20 - this time with ice packs in tow.

FYI, my procedure cost is for a four pack.
It was very painful, I used a post procedure cream the doctor gave me after mine they also provided a after care sheet .
I'd listen to Mandy she knows what's she's talking about!
Not trying to scare you. I can't be sure what caused my bad result but I do know most docs advise keeping the area well moisturizerized. Hope all is well!

Second Fraxel

I had my second Fraxel on 12/20. My Dr. told me I was a trooper that most women don't come back after the first treatment due to the pain. It was not nearly as painful as the first. I took half a Vicoden prior to procedure. After the procedure, instead of the Vitamin C oil this time, he applied some kind of cream that was relieving. I had the same horrible burning sensation afterwards, but this time the Dr let me use the blower from the machine for a few minutes after. I checked out and was on my way. The burning sensation was not relieved by applying ice packs on the way home as I had read from some other reviews. However, the A/C on high blowing straight on my face gave some relief. The burning sensation only lasts about an hour. I actually went out with friends that night and didn't have any pain. HOWEVER, this time when I woke up the next morning I was extremely swollen. So swollen my eyes looked like little slits. The swelling was even worse the next two days and finally starting diminishing the night of fourth day. I was still a little swollen on Christmas Eve, but was back to normal on Christmas day (other than the redness). I was told not to use the vitamin C oil as much this time that it could have contributed to my post procedure acne. I only had about three blemishes this time, and they appeared after I used the Vitamin C. As of today (week and one day after procedure), I'm still a little red but all the dry flaky skin is gone - I didn't seem to have nearly as much this time, nor did it last as long. Can't wait to go back for my third treatment so he can target certain areas that I still want better results on. Wrinkles on upper lip, pores on chin, crows feet and a sleep wrinkle on my left cheek. All of my pores are much smaller. Majority of fine lines are gone, only some of the deeper wrinkles remain after two treatments. The sag in my jaw line has also diminished.
10 days post 2nd procedure results are amazing. My skin is much tighter, softer and fine lines under eyes are completely gone. I know have a list of specific areas to work on my final two treatments. I am so happy with my results - totally worth the pain
Eva G in response to your question. the neck is not nearly as sensitive as the hairline around your face. The only time it bothered my neck was when he would hit an area that didnt have numbing cream. I tried to tell the girl that applied the numbing cream to get real good around my hairline but she difnt and there was an area on my forehead i finally asked him to stop hitting.
Thanks for the update, glad everything went well with your 2nd treatment, can you clarify, are you treating our neck as well?

12/30/2013 eight days after 2nd procedure

I'm on day four peeling and a little pimples. Mine was for slight scarring on cheeks. I have pigment on my cheeks below eyes and a little on forehead and above lip. So these parts were missed and the nurse went lightly over the forehead. Anyways today is Friday got it done Monday afternoon can't wait to see the difference this time next week.
How is it going Brokkeleszek, i would assume you have finished peeling? curious did you get it done at westside also?
Hello Sandra, I did get it done at west side. By Emily as well. My skin texture is a lot better so good results with that but have gone in for my second one. Have had a bit of a break out. But hoping the second one kills the bacteria and helps with the rest of the scarring. My pores have reduced a lot. I have a maltese background so I have good skin ruined it in my early twenties so trying to fix it now before I really age. How's yours going?
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Staff was very nice and friendly.

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