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Getting Ready for the Big Day Coming Up in Sept. -Austin, TX

At 55, Looking for a new refreshed look but with a...

At 55, Looking for a new refreshed look but with a natural "not pulled look". Getting a lower facelift /neck, possible TCA Peel,and fat injection. After doing my homework I feel I have found a great PS. I have found this site amazing and helpful, looking forward to reaching out for all the great support that it has to offer.
http://www.realself.com/review/houston-tx-fat-transfer-25-years#dr-review Hi Vicky, sorry for the late reply. I found this doctor a possible candidate for f/g. see the results from his patient. i am going to wait to see her results after 1 year before i decide. so just to confirm ...Dr Edward Buckingham. I live in Austin - i don't know how experienced they are here in Austin. If you anaylze the work they are reviewed for breast and mommy make overs. i need FACE work and this takes skill and artistry. any suggestions? if i don't have to travel; I would be very happy but will never compromise. what stage are you at with your procedures? xoxox

Yes, consider us your own personal support group! Thank you for starting your story. You might want to check out this list of supplies to consider getting for recovery.

When I decided to do the LSL I was very excited about it, I then went to worried about the pain and results, and the day before and morning of I was very apprehensive about the procedure. I believe there are stages of thinking as we approach and surgery and following surgery. That is, until everything settles. Good luck and we know you will be happy with the "new you".
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