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My whole life I've had eye bags. My dad has them,...

My whole life I've had eye bags. My dad has them, one of my brother's has them, my sister has them (although she has booked the same surgery I had with the same doctor, so she'll join the no bag club soon). I was constantly asked "are you tired?", "do you have bad allergies?", "have you been crying?" Sometimes I wasn't even asked, but simply told "you look so tired!". Thanks folks. I didn't seriously think about surgery until August/September of this year. Honestly, I didn't know it was truly an option. Once I found Dr. Apostolakis in Austin, TX and read all of his posts here on realself, I knew I wanted to go in for a consult. I already knew I'd want the surgery, and the consult just confirmed that. The surgery couldn't come soon enough, I bought a wedge to sleep on, read everything under the sun on how to prevent bruising, swelling, how to get the best results. I was ready. The only problem, I was a little scared. Now, I'm a nurse, so I stick people all the time, and I'm not afraid of needles. But I had never had a real IV- I say "real" because I've had friends practice on me, but I've never actually had an infusion. I've never been sedated. So I was a little nervous. But everyone put me at ease. I realize I'm kind of rambling now. So I'll try to be more concise and break things down in time line form. Week before surgery: filled all scripts. Antibiotic, Pain and Nausea. October 7th- night before surgery, nothing to eat or drink past midnight. They gave me valium if I wanted to help me sleep, but I didn't take it. October 9th- my sister picked me up and took me to the appt. I changed into a gown and washed my face twice. IV was placed, and blood drawn, not for labs, but for PRP (platelet rich plasma). basically, your blood is drawn, its spun down to separate the platelets, then Dr. A injected my platelets to the surgery site (during the surgery) to reduce bruising. Back to pre surgery info-- I was given an oral antibiotic, Dr. A marked my face and then I walked to the OR. I laid on the OR table. Arms strapped down, Hooked up to a vitals machine, Dr. A enters and starts pushing meds. Taste disgusting and then I'm out. I wake up with an ice pack on my face. No pain, I walk (with help, I can't see, ice pack on eyes) to another room. My sister arrives, I get into a wheel chair and then into my sister car and home. My sister makes me eat (mind you, still have an Ice pack on my face). I eat maybe a half an egg, then go to sleep. For the next 20 hours I'm sleeping, reapplying ice packs, sleeping, reapplying ice packs. October 9th. I wake up, somewhat in pain, but fear it might get worse so I take 2 lortab (did not take anything overnight). My sister picks me up and we head to the post op appt. Everyone is pleased. We head home, not after stopping by the store to get some more saline eye drops. I feel pretty nauseated. I get home and vomit. Then go back to sleep, ice, sleep. The next several days get better and better and I feel better and better. I spent about 10 days after the surgery sleeping on a wedge, I did not drink any alcohol, I did not take anything other than tylenol for pain (no NSAIDs), I drank approx 48ounces of fresh squeezed pineapple juice a day and really only ate "green goddess" soup (spinach, celery, brown rice, broccoli, garlic) I am so incredibly happy I did this. And like I mentioned, I used realself religiously in looking up info- so if anyone has any questions I am more than willing to be of any help! I'll try post a few pics too.

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more post photos


Just a note of caution for others evaluating this result. Two weeks is very, very early from this type of surgery. It would be very help to see post operative pictures taken at 2 months after surgery and beyond rather than at 2 weeks to understand the results of the surgery. However, these are very nice results for just 2 weeks out. The real question is how is the result with more healing.
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Hi, Imaca. I sent a message to your doc on his website, letting him know that 1) I'm in the UK, and 2) I'm black (because different skin types heal differently) and since then - a week ago - I've heard nada. He's either really busy or just decided not to even humour me. :( How long did he take to reply to you?
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Your results are amazing! I've been researching to find a doctor who performs this procedure near me but sadly there aren't many facial plastic surgeons with Dr. A's experience in the midwest. Plus they don't feel its necessary to use an implant, preferring HA fillers. I, like you, am looking for a more long term solution but I am worried about the overall cost. On top of the procedure i'm going to need to pay for airfare, and hotel etc... Would you happen to know how long I should plan on staying in Austin?
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2.5 months later

Hi All-
Sorry I'm only now posting another photo- and responding... we've moved over 2,000 miles away... So this photo is without makeup, post shower- taken about 10 minutes ago, over 2 and a half months after the surgery. Everything is smooth sailing, no issues, no complaints. Still very happy I had to procedure!


Hello you look BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for your informative post...I am considering this procedure and it is very helpful when members post all that was done it helps when going for a consult. all the pics are helpful too
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Hi Hun :-) Are you you still out there? Would it be possible to see a picture of your result today? In February of 2014? I am very much interested in having this procedure! Thank you!
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Hi There! I just saw this :) So I took a picture and am posting it now- it's 630 in the morning :)

Feb 28 2014

Hi All,
Everything is still going great. I was actually back in Austin last week because my sister had the same procedure with Dr. A- so I flew back to help her out. It's been a week and 2 days and she looks great and is also happy with the results (sorry, no pictures- she didn't want to). Her procedure was just as smooth! Anyway- it is 630 in the morning- I just snapped a picture so you can see the results after almost 5 months. Thanks!


I'm a bit puzzled by PS's or Dr's who comment negatively on tear trough implants. Lower blepharoplasty has been around for years and I hear very little positive from those who have done this. On the contrary I have seen family members who regret ever having plastic surgery on their eyes and friends who tell me stories of horrible outcomes with people they know who have had traditional blepharoplasty on the lower lids. IMO it seems wrong to take away fat and skin on an aging face that has lost fat and volume due to the aging process. Too many people end up looking sunk in or hollow and after 6 mos to a year end up looking worst with traditional blepharoplasty of the lower lids. In an age of fillers that add volume and techniques such as fat graphting becoming a more modern solution one must really ask why are more PS's. not doing tear trough implants? I don't believe those who say it is an old alternative. The old and traditional way has been to cut, remove valuable fat and tighten for years. My dad had this done in the 70,s and was never happy with the results. He is far from the only one I know who has been dissatisfied with traditional lower blepharoplasty. Hollow eyes make one look haggard and old. Beware these Dr's who criticize the few who are doing a new lower blepharoplasty with tear trough implants. Results speak loudly so look don't just listen.
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The reality is that the tear trough implant is obsolete. The mild improvement obtained with these implants can easily be achieved non-surgically with hyaluronic acid fillers.
Not permanently. Tear trough implants are NOT obsolete. Not sure why you insist on down playing them. Just look at imaca's before and after photos. She will not be needing hyaluronic acid fillers.

Before and After Photos from Dr. A


I have to respectfully disagree with dr. Steinsapir. I've seen many photos of tear trough fillers and have had it done myself (by a quite skilled and artful physician), but I haven't seen anyone's before and after look as incredible as yours! I didn't even know about this implant. It sure makes you wonder if some docs are more concerned about that 'every 6 month revenue stream' that fillers afford them. I'm not saying that this is the case with this physician, but one cannot argue with your results. That's the beauty of a photo....it means a lot more than words! Kudos...phenomenal outcome!
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I invite you to study my website lidlift.com. I have numerous wonderful before and afters of patents who have been transformed with fillers. I am not here to sell you on fillers. Believe what you wish. My patients have fillers because the service is predictable, comfortable, and they don't have to take time away from their professional lives. There is just no question that fillers achieve results that are simply not possible with surgery. Is surgery cheaper in the long run? This is a false comparison. There is no one service, even a wonderful surgical result that lasts for ever or solves all problems. Typically we are seeing filler results that last well over a year. It is not uncommon for patients to return at the one year mark for a top off service. If you are not getting this type of result from filler treatments, you are going to the wrong office. This is the current state of the art.
you look great ! an amazing job !
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Dr. Apostolakis

The staff at Dr. A's office and Dr. A are amazing. So friendly, so informative. The office is small and Dr. A only does faces, so I definitely felt like I was in good hands. I like how every time I went in for an appointment everyone always greeted me by my name. I highly recommend Dr. A and his staff and in fact, my sister is going to have the same procedure in a couple of months!

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