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Ok, first I am a complete weeny when it comes to...

Ok, first I am a complete weeny when it comes to pain so I opted to just be sedated. Yes, it cost more, but for me, it was totally worth it. My physician, Dr. Jeffrey Hall, has a surgical room/center at his office so no going to the hospital which would have cost a lot more. They say you do not have to be under any type of anesthesia but again, I did not want any pain. So as far as pain goes, obviously, I did not feel a thing during the procedure. My pain after and each day through today (day 5) was not too bad. The tops of my thighs were and are still pretty numb. The backs of my thighs are not as numb.

Most people were shocked that I was considered to be a Large area on the front and back of my thighs, but I was.
I work out and am early 40's but still my whole life have had this issue of cellulite.
I will be going back to have my butt done later.

Today is 5 days post procedure. Each day i was sore, but not where it stopped me from moving around or anything like that. Lipo was much more painful afterwards. I found that moving around the house the first day or two helped with circulation and felt a little better. Not saying I did strenuous exercise, but kept moving without overdoing it.
Day 3 I walked about 1/4 mile early in the morning before it got too hot as to not swell too much in the heat. That felt good too.

For the past 4 days I've been getting acupuncture to help with healing, am taking arnica pellets & cream for bruising, bromelain, potassium pills and also some chinese herbs for swelling and bruising. My bruising I feel is subsiding very fast compared to the first day and I think swelling is doing well too. I felt like I had these HUGE balloons wrapped around my legs everyday, but today (day 5) seems to be a lot better.
I am drinking about a gallon of water everyday (to flush my body) and taking a lot of vitamin C for wound healing.

We leave tomorrow, day 6, to go on an ATV trip for a week, so that will be a true test. Driving from Austin and sitting in a car for 16 hrs will be interesting too.

I will post more before and after photos later when I have more time and as I take them.

Austin Plastic Surgeon

I chose this plastic surgeon because he was highly recommended from numerous friends that had used him and I also had liposuction and Ultherapy done with him.

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Hi seekstoimprove! How is the cellulite looking post the 6 months mark? Please update :) Thanks
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Hi seekstoimprove,


How was the ATV trip?  I can't believe you did that, how impressive- 16 hours on a bike, I don't know if I could do it but then again I would be on my horse for 16 hours if I could.


I am looking forward to seeing your before/afters.  Are you all healed now?



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How are you doing with the healing? Hope all is well.
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I know very well that feeling you are talking about - I'd get it in the middle front and middle back of my thighs really badly. I'm am 6 weeks out now and it's pretty much gone (I can only slightly feel it when I go from sitting to standing and it isn't painful at all). I assume it's normal since a lot of us on this board have the exact same thing.
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KrissyD: thank you for your comment. That definitely eases my mind. My doctor's office also said it was normal and to be expected. The whole underneath your skin "sticking" is such a strange feeling.

MyLegs: good luck on your procedure! I'm certain this is all worth it from the results I'm seeing so far as I'm 13 days out. I still will have to go back and do butt in the fall. Ugh.
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Few things I wanted to mention:
1.) the incisions leaked for about 3-4 days. With the first two days the most and the 3-4 days minimal on one site with a band aide.
2.) I stopped taking all Vit. E and Fish oil 10 days prior to procedure and have not started back yet (12 days post) but will tomorrow bc I bruise easily. My bruising is basically gone! (see previous posts on what I used to help)
3.) I went from a medium compression garment the first week to a small on day 7. I wear 24/7 except in shower.
4.) The soreness like I did 1,000 air squats went away about day 6 but the skin sticking feeling is all still there as well as the numbness.
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Hi seekstoimprove.. I want to thank you as I think you are about as close I am going to get to reading about "myself". I too am 5'5 and I am early 40's and work out but am still in battle with the C word. I am scheduled for August. Thanks for the advice about moving around and the other concerning the arnica (have used in past and liked it) along with some other ideas. Hope the trip is going well and speedy healing.
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Hi My Legs (and all who read for an update) 12 days post op:
Wow. My bruising is basically gone. I seriously attribute it to the arnica cream and the arnica pellets. I also have to say swelling is minimal also. Probably bc of the potassium pill i take nightly, diet and Chinese herbs I get from my acupuncturist. I also am
Taking 3,000mg of vitamin C 3x's/day for wound healing.

The one thing that I will have to report that is totally freaky but I guess makes sense considering how the procedure is performed. Again, I had what was considered a Large area on front and back of thighs from knees to top of legs. So do you know the feeling you have when you have tight pants on, you are sweaty, stand up from sitting on a chair for a while and your pants are stuck to your legs and the pants can't quite slide down your leg bc they are stuck? Then as you walk the pants kind of give way and release from your legs? Yeah. That is the "exact feeling" that I am feeling but on the INSIDE of my legs. My skin is like stuck to where it was cut apart then gives way to release down. At least that is my guess and will call my plastic sugeon's office tomorrow to follow up. Very freaky. Today is first day it's slightly less.

The tops of my thighs are still numb and behind my thighs. Putting pressure on them is not pleasant. As long as no one touches them I'm ok. I've been taking some Mobic to help with any discomfort. I haven't needed pain killers at all after procedure except maybe the first day. I am still on vacation and riding ATV's so if that puts anything in perspective as well. I can do activities, it's just that skin sticking to the muscle/fat thing that is uncomfortable at first when I first stand up but walking around helps a lot.

Pics will come in about another week or so when I get back home.
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Thanks for the update and for making me feel more prepared for this. I go for my pre-op on the 19th and my surgery is 8/3 at 8am. I do have a question I am single and live alone - my best friend said I could stay with her that weekend. I really dont want to but do you feel it is better to have someone around the first couple days? I am not going under for the procedure. Thanks amy
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Hi my legs,
Since I did choose anesthesia I had to have someone drive me home so I did stay the night at my friend's house. The next day I didn't feel like doing much but could have. Since it was a Sunday I layed around my house all day (went home) and was totally fine. I never took pain pills except the first day of procedure. Ask your Dr what he/she thinks and maybe also someone else on this site? My best guess is have someone take you there and pick you up and you would be fine at home by yourself after that. I'll be thinking of you morning of your procedure.

As for my progress, SLOWLY getting better. What I mean by that is the bruising gone but the "numbness and the skin sticking" to my fat/muscle underneath the outer skin is still very present and extremely slow to subside. A girl in
San Antonio said she's several months out and she's slowly progressing too. But I guess good thing is that there is progression, it's just slow. Since you're not having as much as I did done you may not experience much of what I'm feeling.

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Wow, you look pretty small in your pictures. I'm surprised it was considered a large area too. Do you mind me asking approximately how tall you are?

I really hope the long car ride goes ok for you. Please keep us posted how you are doing with that!!

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Hi Megan, I am 5'5". My thighs are doing ok as long as no one touches them or I put any pressure resting anything on them. I'm still kind of numb mostly on the top
Sides. Car ride is going good so far. I'll keep you posted on progress. I'm
Really just not having any expectations for the first 2-3 weeks till bruising and swelling starts to noticeably diminish.
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