Cellulaze 5/16 - Austin, TX

Got the procedure done today. I feel great. The...

Got the procedure done today. I feel great. The numbing part is pretty painful but after that i was dozing during the procedure. The drainage is pretty bad. I have already soaked my padding and there isnt much i can do till post op tommorow. Compression garment does not feel tight. Maybe i need a smaller one..i cant wait till tommoroe so i can get cleaned up and take a peek! I do have my own before pics ( not very good) so i will definitly post some pics when i am able to take afters. Plan onno pain right now. Just some slight throbbing in one side. I got the sides and back of thighs done. I dont expect to see emmediate improvement but if i can were a swimsuit and not have to walk backwards i'll be happy!

I have barely have any bruising which is great. I...

I have barely have any bruising which is great. I definitely recommend supplementing with Anica and bromelain. I do have quite a bit of swelling but hopefully that goes down soon. I took a look before I got in the shower and I still see dimples. I'm trying not to get depressed. I told myself not to expect instant results but there is still that irrational part that ones it gone now....staying optimistic as I'm only a day and a half post op.

Added some pics. Lighting is very forgiving.....

Added some pics. Lighting is very forgiving...cellulite looks much worse when i move and outside. Happy with the amount of bruising. I was quite swollen 24 hours later but I already can feel the swelling going down. I have taken a walk everyday since the procedure to keep the blood flowing and plan to hit the gym Monday as I was told to wait 72 hours before exercising.Massaging my thighs every time I think about it. I am also massaging with a rolling pin...don't know if that's a good idea but I figure why not massage and smooth at the same time? Sounds like a good plan.. Today not very sore at all. The sorest part is on the parts of my thigh were there is less fat. The fattier parts don't hurt. Hope that's not a bad thing.

1 week post procedure and bruising appears to be...

1 week post procedure and bruising appears to be going away. Still see cellulite. I feel like my upper right thigh was not treated as much as much left leg, the left leg was the first worked on...I don't know...Although there is differences in the length of time recommend for exercising I started back Monday (yesterday's dead lifts and tire pushes almost killed me) and it does appear that its helping my bruising. However , I am not in any pain, It feels a little weird at first but I can run, walk, skip and jump with no issues.Everyone is different, so I am not advocating jumping into to exercise before your specific surgeon advises.. I will wait the full three months before rating the procedure worth it or not. I don't know how long its supposed to take for a dimple to pop out but I hoped the band would be cut the dimple would just pop out. The evenness and skin laxity I can understand waiting for and giving time but the dimples?...I'm not a doctor so I will wait patiently before making judgement and take some more pics to post for everyone. I think after having this procedure done I feel grosser and fatter than ever. Been trying to lower my carbs this week so lots of chicken breast. I think the combination of lack of carbs, frustration from the thought of this procedure not working, planning a wedding for the end of July( get to go to my dress fitting today with my stupid compression garment on..) is got me feeling like I'm about to flip my cookie...till next week all. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!
new day

Answered questions when i had them. Kept me informed the whole time. Good experience.

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I'm in Austin too and would like to know who your doctor was and what you think of the procedure now that it's been a few months.
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Hi Austin123! Now that it has been 2 months since your procedure, how are you looking? I am 3 weeks post-op today and I DON'T look good at all! However, I am keeping the faith, as I have read by many that they look worse before they start to see any improvements.
Hope to read a positive update from you! :-)
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Im in austin and was curious who ur doc was ?
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Austin123, you're getting married in July?!! Congratulations!! That is so exciting!! I can imagine you are probably at about your wits end with the combo you described - cutting carbs makes us all cranky I think! ;) Hopefully your excitement returns when you get to see your dress & try it on again. I hope you look in the mirror & feel so unbelievably gorgeous!!

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I'm in my 1 week post op as well, much of my bruising and swelling is going down I'm going for 1 post op apt now. I still see the 2 dimples on my butt that I hate ... They're going to do 2 smooth shape treatments on me. I'm waiting to go in to see what they say. I know 1 week is early but I really did this for just 2 dimples so they better go away. It's hard to tell with some bruising and swelling still but ugh! This better work. I wear the full garment and topifoam 24/7 and take lots of bromelin arnica vitamins and water. I use arica gel and vit e oil as well. I know it's early but i just need to know this works!
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Since it seems like you have been given some pretty different instructions than others I've submitted a couple of questions to our Q&A section so we can hear some opinions from the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf. It usually takes 24-48 hours for answers to start being posted. Hopefully this helps give us some clarity around when a person is able to exercise & if massage is advisable. :)

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Exercise After Cellulaze?

Is It Ok to Massage Areas Cellulaze Was Recently Performed On?

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I would love to work out in a week or so..I wonder why I'm not allowed to do so. And I have to wear this medical grade compression garment for 2 weeks..blah!
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Probably to minimize bruising and swelling. The redness in the pics have now turned black an yellow..looks worse i think.maybe because i cant sit still for ling enough to relax..i dont know why the change in compression garment. I hope it still turns out ok. Do you still have minimal bruising?
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I was also told to self massage a few times a day starting the day after
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My paperwork says to start walking beginning thr day aftet. I switched from the initial zip up compression to spanx like after post op which is what he gave me. At post op i kept mentioning eliptical and he just smiled and kept repeating 72 hours...probably kniws i was going to the gym after that no matter what. it may be dependant on the individual
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Hi austin123, read your update and I was told not to exercise for at least 2 weeks by Dr. Petti, one of the docs in the initial cellulaze trials. Did your doc say exercising and massage were ok?
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Sorry for all the weird misspellings I'm using tap to speak in my phone.....
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I spoke to them about it at my follow-up appointment and exchange it off for a
Went from an extra large to medium it's hard to tell when you're numb how tight it's fitting
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Hooray for being done! I had it done on Tuesday and the leaking was AWFUL and profuse but as of last night (my Day 2) it had stopped. Ditto to what Megan said about checking in on the compression garment sizing. Rest up.
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Glad to hear you didn't experience discomfort during the procedure itself.

Have you called the office to tell them your compression garment doesn't feel tight? Might not be a bad idea to, just to be safe.

Since I have no idea how tight they are suppose to be and was curious, I submitted a question to our Q&A section. That way we can hear the opinions of the board certified doctors that volunteer on here. It usually takes 24-48 hours for answers to start being posted if you want to check back.

How Tight Should the Compression Garment Be After Cellulaze?

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