Brazilian Butt Lift Looking For a Doc - Austin, TX

I look at lady's all the time and say man I wish...

I look at lady's all the time and say man I wish my butt looked like that. I have been looking online and reading people post. If you have any information to give me I will take it. I live in Austin, TX and I am looking for a doctor. I had a breast reduction about a year ago and wanted to do everything at once but didn't.

How much did you spend or plan on spending?


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r craven is really good. I went for a nose job first. His staff is sooooo nice. Dr craven don't send others in there to talk to you. He do it himself. Hes reallly affordable. the nose job I got my bestbreast done. If I would have known about this site I would have been posting pics of my butt nose and breast the whole time. Just call. Free consults too
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I agree Dr Cortes work looks really good one of the girls on RS has her procedure on YouTube
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