T Minus 3 Days to Go from 34H to 34C - Austin, TX

My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday and I...

My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday and I have my pre-op appointment today. I'm getting very nervous about the whole procedure and I'm hoping after today's appointment, some of my nerves will be calmed.

The journey to getting this done was a long and frustrating situation. I had first submitted a claim to my insurance around this same time last year and it was quickly denied. They said I needed more medical documentation. Well, I was getting married in October and I just didn't have the time to go to physical therapy and other doctor appointments, so I waited until this year to start it all up again.

In February of this year, I received a letter from my insurance company stating that one of their employees had stolen the medical photos from my first consultation, along with my personal information. I was furious and felt very violated. This is still an ongoing issue that hasn't been resolved but I am hoping something can be done about it. With this happening, I was very nervous to restart the claim process because I knew that more photos would have to be taken and sent in to the insurance company. It was hard, but I know that I can't live the rest of my life with this intense back and shoulder pain. So, I decided to suck it up and move forward.

I went in for my consultation on July 29th and I just got approved last week. The doctor had a cancellation for this Thursday so they were able to get in me in. I'm so happy to be getting it done asap!

I guess the only real question I have for now is what kind of bra should I get for after the surgery?
Yes ask you PS about bras. Also if you have never been to petti coat fair, near mopac & 183, I think on Anderson, the ladies there are great. If I still lived there I would still drive the 40 mins one way to see them.. Good luck on your surgery.
Ask your PS. Mine sent me home with a surgical bra that I had to wear for 3 weeks, then I could wear a sports bra until 6 weeks post op. From 6 - 12 weeks a regular bra, after 3 months an underwire. Every PS has their own bra schedule.

2 more days

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it went well. My husband was able to go with me to help me remember everything that he said. I asked about what kind of bra to get and he said to just get some sports style bras. I'm a bit concerned about this; maybe because I've never had any real support from just a sports bra so I'm concerned that a sports bra won't really work well. I guess if I'm smaller, then maybe they'll actually support me now.

I'm getting more and more nervous about the procedure. I hate not knowing how I'm going to feel afterwards. My PS prescribed me Oxycontin and is also going to use a pain pump to infuse Novocain for the first day. My husband keeps telling me that I'll be in good shape by next week, but I'm not so sure. I've read some people feel great within a few days and others say it took a good two to three weeks. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Oh, and here are a couple before photos I just took really quick.
Wow, I'm really sorry about everything you've gone through to get to this point! On the brighter side...you are finally having your BR! I am scheduled for next month but some of the ladies here have recommended that I get a front closure sports bra one or two band sizes larger than what I usually wear. I wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted!

Forgot to share

My mom and husband threw together a last minute "Bye Bye Boobie" party this past Sunday. My mom got a really cute cake made and my family sang "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" which I thought was pretty funny. I think I started getting really nervous during the party because everyone kept asking me questions about the procedure. A few family members have had some plastic surgery done (tummy tucks and breast reconstruction from breast cancer) so they were able to tell me about their experiences. They all said it wasn't bad and I'm really hoping they are right!
Good luck with your surgery tomorrow.
Thank you!
Succes on your op. tomorrow.

Let's do this!

At the hospital about to be taken back. I'm a ball of nerves right now! Wish me luck!
I hope everything went well!!! Congratulations!!! :)
Hope all went great! LOVE the boobie cake!!!
Good luck! When you're up to it, let us know how you're doing!

All done :-D

I'm home and resting. I keep dozing in and out and feel a little sore, but not too bad. I have my first post op tomorrow morning. Here's sone before pictures and one of me wrapped up. I'm pretty swollen, so still feel a little big.
You´ll need the rest. Hope to hear from you soon when you´re feeling better.
Get lots of rest. Keep us updated! : )

Itching like crazy

I think I'm having a reaction to the Oxycontin because my face is so itchy, especially my nose. I've got my pre op in a couple hours so maybe my PS will prescribe me something else. Definitely starting to feel the pain now too.
I've never had an itchy problem with Tylenal 3's, they helped me when I got my wisdom teeth pulled and when I got shingles :)
Wishing you a speedy recovery. I Have a Mommy Makeover scheduled with Dr. Kerr in November. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Correction: Hopefully he can help you. Good luck

1 week post op

I'm feeling ok, honestly I was hoping to feel a little better by now. My incisions have really started to bother me. They are itching and stinging more and more over the last couple of days. I can't wait to get the tape taken off!

The first couple of days, my breasts felt very hard and the skin was really tight. They are starting to soften up and I noticed them settle a little, and the shape is looking really nice. My hubby, who was a little sad about the reduction, actually loves the new ones :) He just keeps saying how different I look and how much he likes them. Of course I was worried about his opinion of them after, so it makes me feel good.

I took Oxycontin until Monday throughout the day and night. Now, I just take 1-2 at night to help me sleep better. During the day, I've been taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen to hopefully help with the swelling.

I'm anxious to get out of this front closure bra. Not that it's super uncomfortable, it's just kind of annoying because it shifts around a lot. I may need to get a smaller size. I have my next pre-op appointment tomorrow and I'll ask my doctor what he thinks.

I couldn't get a good side pic, but I'll try to get some better ones later.
Try the Merena bra from Amazon (order a size bigger) its saving me right now. All the other bras have been so painful. You look great one week out, I am a week out as well. I hurt most in the mornings when I wake up, it's so hard to get up and move, after I do though its pretty good. Does it hurt you in the mornings to sit up too?
Hi Jen. I actually just picked up a couple of bralettes from Target tonight, so I'm gonna try those out and see how they work. I like them so far and it's nice that they have convertible straps to allow me to wear all my different tops. Last night was the first night that was really hard on me. I woke up in the middle of the night and just could not get comfortable. My incisions are very tender and itchy. That's what's bugging me the most right now. I have pain throughout the day, with sharp pains all of a sudden here and there. I've also been a little tender to the touch towards the top of my chest, which my PS said was normal. I'm feel like I'm healing really well and I'm excited to see how I'll be by this time next week. Good luck in your recovery! Hope it goes fast for you :)

Surgical tape removed!

I had my second post op appointment on Friday and he ended up removing my surgical tape. I was a little relieved when he said it, but it definitely hurt while being removed; like a really stubborn bandage being ripped off. I was still a little open on my left side on the lower T incision and one small spot on my right on the bottom incision. They both seem the be closed up now, but I've got bandages with neosporin on them just in case they want to open up again.

I picked up a couple of bralettes from Target tonight which I'm excited about. They have adjustable straps so I can wear most of my tank tops now, which is nice because it's still around 100 degrees here.

I tried on a bathing suit top that I could barely squeeze into before to see the difference. I was so happy! I still have a nice amount of cleavage but now it looks much more decent and not like I'm a porn star :)
They look really good! Hang in there, it gets frustrating when you don't heal as fast as you think you might but you will feel considerably better at the 3week+ mark. I was super worried about my hubby liking my new boobs bc he loved my old ones. I can say with great relief that he loves the new ones. They're like new toys to him and I don't mind being topless in front of him now so it's been a win win for us.
My husband feels the same way. He really likes the new ones too and can't wait til I'm all healed up :) I'm excited to see how I'll feel in the next couple of weeks. I feel like I'm healing really well and very glad I'm doing as good as I am so far.
You look like you keep in pretty good shape. I think that goes a long way when it comes to healing. The healthier you are, the stronger your body is to recover. But I also think that makes it harder to rest and 'stay down'. The 3 week mark was a milestone for me.

2 weeks post op

Today marks two weeks post op for me. I don't have any pictures to add at the moment, but I'll try to take some soon since I haven't added any without the surgical tape. I've been healing nicely, although I have a couple spots in my incisions where it's still a little fresh and leaks out a little. On my left side, it's at the T under my breast and on the right, it's around the nipple. I've got bandages on both areas and have been applying Neosporin every day. I'm limiting showering to every other day to hopefully "dry out" these open spots a little faster. It seems after every shower is when it gets a little oozy.

I'm going on a weekend trip tomorrow and I'm hoping I'll be ok. I feel pretty good, but definitely still tender. I'm not as tired as I was earlier this week, so I'm hoping that continues. I'm just trying to keep my physical activity at a low and taking it easy. Thankfully the weekend will consist of mainly eating and drinking all day :)
You look fantastic!!!! :)) I'm so excited for you :) Take it easy this weekend, don't try and do too much! I can't wait to see your after pics!

5 weeks post op tomorrow

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I'd write one up really quick.

Everything is going really good. About a week after my last update, the two fresh spots were closed. I have a few spots that are still scabbed over, but for the most part, all the scabs have come off and the scars are very faint. I had a three week post op with my doctor and he said that he hasn't seen anyone look as good as me at three weeks! He recommended that I buy Skin Medica scar recovery serum, and his office sells it for $99. Well, I found it online for $72 with free shipping, so I ordered it from there and started using it a couple of days ago. We'll see if it was worth the money.

I've been sleeping on my side for the last two weeks and I've even woken up a few times in the middle of night because I rolled over to my stomach during my sleep. The first time I was in pain, but the last time I was actually kind of comfortable. I sleep with a pillow at my side and I was still hugging that, so I think the extra cushioning under me helped out a lot. Even though it was comfy, I rolled back to my side just in case. Sleeping has definitely gotten much more comfortable over the last few weeks!

I'm going shopping for bras tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous! I'm going to Victoria's Secret, just because I've never been able to shop there for bras. It should be quite the experience! I may just go there and get one or two really pretty ones then go to Target and get a few cheapies :)

I still haven't gotten back to my regular physical activity. I'm exhausted by the end of the day and don't have the energy to do much. My hubby and I are going to try to go walking tonight so we'll see how that goes. I'm ready to get back in the gym!

I know I said this last time, but I'll try to get some pics up as soon as possible :)

No More Scabs!!

This mornings shower washed away all remaining scabs! :D It feels so great!

Although I am very happy with the way I've been healing, I've been having some issues with getting myself to like the way I look. I feel like I'm still too big :( I went shopping this weekend, and I am still having to purchase clothing in larger sizes to fit my chest. I got fitted for bras and I am a 32F! I must have been more like a J or K before surgery because there's no way I am only down two cup sizes. I was also able to fit into a 34DD, but the cup is a bit on the small side and the band is a bit big. I'm not going to invest in any quality bras for another few months 1) to make sure all swelling is gone and 2) I'm hoping to get back in the gym soon and loose some weight.

Anyway, here's a pic as promised.
I LOVE your new tatas, I'm saving this so I can show to my PS on Thursday when he does my markings. Congrats!
Thanks so much! I do really like the way they turned out and they've only gotten better. Good luck with your procedure!


It's been a while since I posted an update, so I thought I'd write one up really quick. I've been feeling pretty good for the last couple of months, but I've recently started getting sharp sudden pains that are very random. About a week ago, it lasted for about two hours off and on and that's been the worst I've had. Mostly, it lasts a few seconds once or twice a day. Also, my scars were itching like crazy the other day. It was more annoying than anything.

I still haven't gotten any new bras, but I have a gift card to VS, so I may go see if I can get a pretty lace bra since I still don't have one. I'm getting used to the size more and more every day. I still wish I was a little bit smaller, but overall, I am very happy with the difference in my overall well being. My quality of life is so much better and that was the main reason I had this surgery, so mission accomplished :)

I attached a couple pics with clothing on to show what that looks like. I now wear size smalls and mediums in shirts which is pretty awesome! In dresses, I have to get them in a larger size to fit my chest, which is kinda crappy, but at least I can now find dresses that will actually zip up/close all the way. That's a pretty good feeling, even if I have to take in the sides on my bottom half.

Now, I just need to get my butt back in the gym so I can be ready for bikini shopping in a few months!
You look great!!! Thanks for posting. :) I feel like I am still going to be big after too..I really hope I'm down to a c/d but I just have a feeling I'll be bigger. 2 more days!! I'm so excited and nervous.
Techychick you look awesome! Have fun at Victoria Secrets :)
When I read the total of your review, I was excited cuz I'm hoping to get down to a full C or small D (but most likely a 34DD) but seeing your after photos there's no way you're a C/D...what's your size now? But whatever size they are now, they look amazing in your teal Bikini top!
Dr. Keer

I've had nothing but the best care from Dr. Kerr! He was informative, clear, friendly and did an amazing job. I've healed extremely well and had no issues with open wounds which to me is a direct result of how well he performed the surgery. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to get this surgery!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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