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I am currently in the investigative phase. I spend...

I am currently in the investigative phase. I spend most of my free time reviewing these reviews. Call me crazy, but I say I am being cautious. The more read other members post, the more inquisitive I am. Some reviews have me ready to face the war, while others have me wanting to hide in a corner. Letnthe journey begin!

Consultation Set

So, I investigated a few doctors in the Austin area. I live in a rural community, about 60 miles from the nearest plastic surgeon. This also plays a role in my decision because I really don't want the inconvenience of traveling or having to spend the night. Ugh. But, as of now my consult is set for the 11th of March. Hope it goes well.

Consulation Today!

So, I am getting ready to head to the dr. that I have chosen for my surgery. I am not sure, but I am a bit nervous about the consultation. Maybe it is wondering if he will tell me what I hope to hear, or do I really hope to hear what he says? I mean, that means we will move forward on something I am not sure about in the first place. I don't know, but as soon as I get back, I will let you all know how it went! Wish me luck!!!

Giving it a GO!

If I had to rate consultations, I would say this one was a 9.9! I am big on first impressions, the realer, the better. This practice is just what the "tufftit" ordered. From the PA to the surgeon himself, I could sense confidence and compassion. The PA cam in to review my situation. She took measurements and pictures, to which she assured me that I was way bigger than a 38DDD. News to me, so I guess I need to guestimate what I really am. Is the next letter E? Anyway, after we decided that I definitely needed surgery, she discussed the next steps, which included insurance authorization. She told me about surgery location, preop steps, what to expect. The whole nine yards. After which, I knew I wanted to move forward. I was then introduced to my surgeon. He was polite, caring, and very thorough with his thoughts. I'm convinced, this is the one. So, right now all I can do is sit an wait for the insurance to do their thing. In the meantime, I will schedule a baseline mammogram, which I must have. So far, so good. My next post will for sure include photos.

Mammo Done

So, I went in for my mammogram on Tuesday. It wasn't too bad, but uncomfortable. Especially having a stranger touching all over your boobs. Today I got the results, and all is well. Now, I continue to wait.......

Still waiting.....

It has been two weeks since my consultation and no word yet. I called my PS to see if there was any word, whish there has not been. I guess this is the longest part of the whole process, which is so unnerving. Especially since, I woke up this morning thinking that I had had y surgery and I felt "lighter". But, it was all a dream, so, back to waiting I go!

Approved, Approved, Approved!

I got the call from my plastic surgeons office, today, with great news. My procedure has been approved, and the date of my surgery in tentavily scheduled for June 4, 2014. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. So guys, the countdown has officially begun. Next stop........ photos!

Exactly 1 more month until B-day!!

I have exactly one month til my surgery. I know that I have a lot to do to prepare, I just don't know where to begin. The next few weeks I will be purchasing my post op supplies, so any suggestions are welcomed.

PreOp Complete

Well, I went to do all of my pre-op stuff today. I paid my fees, answered some questions, had some blood drawn and was on my merry way. My surgery time moved up from 2:30pm to 6am. Although I hate to be up that early, I am so glad it got moved up!.. The countdown begins!

Twas the night before surgery....

Well, In less than 24 hours, I will be on the other side. I came home, from work, in full clean up mode. I starting prepping for tomorrow and getting all business taken care of before I became out of commission. Y'all say a prayer or two for me. And I will fill ya in when I am able. See ya!

I did it!

Ok, my surgery is complete. I will try yo give an abbreviated account of todays events, as I am very tired and out of it. I got to the hospital at 5:15 am. I checked in by 5:30 and was in preop room. The nurses were very nice and professional. I knew that they knew what they were doing and that eased my mind. She placed my IV and went over a few more details. Soon after one of the anesthesiologist came in to discuss the next steps and what would happen during my procedure. She said she was giving me a morning margarita. ( how cute) Next, my surgeon came in and marked me up. By that time, it was 7. The anesthesiologist came back in, put a "shot" in my IV that would make me "happy". Trust me, I didn't have a care in the world after that. I remember getting to the OR, which was very cold, and them telling me to slide over. I heard "ok, lets get started", and the next thing I knew, I was waking up my recovery room. It was about 11:30am. I said "hello" to the nurse and she said that I was quick to wake up. She told me I did great and my boobs were perfect. I noticed right off the bat, my voice was hoarse, because of the intubation. She fed me ice and gave me sips of water. Before I went in, I kept having to go to the bathroom, so I quickly noticed I didn't have that urge anymore. Ends up, they gave me a foley ( which I didn't want) but wouldn't have known if she didn't tell me. After a few more sips of water and waking up more, they called my family in. I sat for another 15 minutes and I was ready to go. I was given discharge orders and rolled out of there! I am home now. Getting use to the drains and trying to work out a medicine schedule. I have to say, I feel great. I never had nausea. I am sore, but not in extreme pain. Girls, I don't have a regret in the world. I hope you all have the same type of experience.

So, that is it. I am getting tired again, so I will check in tomorrow.

Feeling Good

I'm up and doing well. Finally at the point where I can share some photos. Let me say that I am doing great. I do not need the prescribed pain medications. I never once got nauseated. I can move around fairly well. The drains are a pain, but manageable. I have been cleaning the incisions 2-3 times a day with soap and water, then changing the gauze. Other than that, I really do not have to do much. I will post better pictures, later.

1 week post op

Well, a week ago at this very time, I was being wheeled in to the OR. I remember that morning of anxiety and uncertainty, but my Faith surpassed it all. Now, today I go visit me PS for my first post op appointment. I should get my drains out today. And then, I will be official! I will post on that experience later.

1 week postop appointment

So, I had my post op today and....... the drains are out!! It was the weirdest feeling. They kept telling me it felt like a worm coming out, and it did. Really quick and no pain at all. I saw the PA instead of the PS, but she said that I am healing wonderfully. The best news is, I can take a shower. So, I'm about to go do that and I will let you guys know all about it, after I have my water orgasm!!! lol


It was amazing. Goodnight!


he took 2.5 pounds from each breast. Wowzer!!


So, I am sitting on the couch, minding my own business and then-bam!! I feel an electric shock go through my right breast. OMG! They are sharp, zinging sensations that come from out of nowhere. Not the best feeling in the world, but I was expecting them. I guess that means things are doing as they should. I'm still feeling great. I can now just shower, dry, and place some cushion for protection. The girls are looking good. I've even named them, kind of. Right now they are ...... Anna and Mae! happy healing!

Itchy, Itchy

Y'all. When I say these girls are itching.... OMG! I want to scratch them so bad, but I know I can't. My honey provided me with a great solution. Use a clean sock! Rubbing them gently with a sock works wonders! Other than that, everything is great! happy healing!

Back to work

Well, I finished my first week back at work. I sit behind a desk for the most part, but I do walk quite a bit. At times, that moves those incisions around a bit and they become sore. They are still tender and fragile. So, I am trying to take it easy (easier) for the time being. Other than that, healing is beautiful. So glad I made the decision. Life is so much better, now!

Almost Normal

I am almost back to normal. If it weren't for the hardness underneath my breast, and of course the incisions, you would never know I had surgery. I am extremely pleased with my progress, and the girls look great!!!!!
Dr. Adam Bryce Weinfeld

Based on the reviews I read, I knew he was the perfect fit. And he was. He does amazing work, so far so good.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Doing well but be careful of any rubbing of the incisions as you walk around. If there are areas that your bra rubs protect them with something soft, i got a small hole from friction while walking at around 5 weeks
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Would you suggest pantyliner or gauze to be a barrier between the bra and incisions???
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I am in the UK, and we have little flat cotton wool pads that you buy for taking off make up etc, very soft. I used these held on with micropore tape the protect vulnerable areas from rubbing seams etc. Also important to air and dry out any areas that do open up or weep.
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I'm glad you made it thru Work ! GOOD JOB !
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I'm glad to hear that. Enjoy your new body!
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take an anti allergy pill to damp down the itching, don't rub them with anything!!!!
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Yes, i remember that!!!
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Glad you had a Good Post - Op Check Up ! It's the Little Things we learn to Appreciate - Like being able to shower ! LOL ! Remember to take it really Easy - as we heal from the Inside out ! If you still have Swelling - the thing that helped me the MOST - was BROMELAIN ! You take it 3 to 4 times a Day and BETWEEN MEALs and TOTALLY WITH NO FOOD ! Or it will not work. You can get it at a Health Food Store = and Mine are 500 mg Capsules. I still take it every 6 Hours.
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I'm curious was the 5000 spent out of pocket cost or the total cost of surgery?
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Since my insurance requires me to meach my deductible first, then they pay 100%, the $5000 was OOP. However the insurance will pay everything else.
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Thanks for posting. It is so helpful to read these reviews and experiences. (I just postponed my surgery for a couple of months to give me some more mental processing time.)
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Do it! I promise it is so worth the little trouble.
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Congrats on your BR surgery.
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Well done you, sounds like you are having a normal recovery, it will be much better once the drains are out.
  • Reply
Thanks Peediewife! I must say I have had an awesome experience, thus far. I hope my positive review will encourage others to take the steps to freedom!
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I'm really glad I met with more than one surgeon. I hope you find one that is attentive and answers all your questions. Reading reviews and viewing photos on here really helped me prepare for my operation. Good luck to you!
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As scary as it it, it will be the best decision ever! I felt the pain in my neck and shoulders go away instantly. A load was truely lifted off of me! It feels so good to know that I do not have to dread going bra shopping looking through many racks praying that they have a ugly 36DDD bra! I am 2 weeks post op and I still have a ways to go to heal, but im doing great. Go ahead and get yhe ball rolling by soing your research. That hour drive to the PS will be soooo worth it! ;)
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I did the same thing and learned so much from all the others out there. Of course getting the medical explanations are very helpful and crucial to get the ball rolling I figured I could always change my mind. But reading all the thoughts and seeing the pictures from the brave gals that have traveled the path before me went a long way in helping me make my final decision. My doctor was great at answering my questions and explaining the procedure, but These ladies have been there, or were headed there and answered questions I didn't even think to ask. As well as giving me the courage and confidence to follow through where I may have just chickened out and continued to suffer with it as I have been. I just had my surgery on 3/3/14 so it's only been a few days, but I am feeling pretty good. Sore of course but so glad To have my RealSelf comrades pictures and stories to get me through. Big Breasted Birds of a feather flock together. LOL Good Luck with your research. Let us know how you make out.
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Thanks Krazykat57. I plan to see it through, whether I go ahead with it or not. Im now headed to your page to see your journey. I may get a bit more insight from you.
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Good Luck on your journey. I hope you find the right path for you. My Doctor is about an hour drive but i had no problem with the ride home because of still being a little groggy and the local anesthetics don't wear off for quite a while. I am happy to share my experience with others in hopes that it helps them in some way as Maw1, ColaradoLady, and many others have helped me. Best Wishes with whatever you decide.
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well I do think the best is for you to go out and meet surgeon that I will help soo much better :)
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sorry I hit sent before finishing... trust me I am at 2 months postop and I was on that forum like 2 months before choosing my surgeon :) As I said to other I did meet 3 surgeons in my region and what a coincidence I choose the first one ... and one of my "friend" in my location had hers done by him lol!!! of course we are not here as medical advice we dont replace a dr but like other said I was soooo pleased to have all these ladies that I dont even know to be "there with me" I even have a sister date (that had the reduction did the same day than me)... I was thinking for a reduction for a while but wanted to wait after I was done with kids.. so one day I went buying bras and OMG I was in shock and decided ok this is time ... that was it I was done with these.. all my friends and my family in Montreal (I am in Athens Georgia) supported me in my decision because they knew I was thinking about it for a while .. but the main thing my hubby did support me all the time.. I wanted to call back the surgeon more than once to say I dont want to do it but I remembered every time the good things the good reviews .. not the bad :)
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