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Ok, I fell like I could just copy and paste my...

Ok, I fell like I could just copy and paste my experience with so many other women on here. I got saline implants 8 years ago under the muscle. I really do not know the volume, but I barely fit into a DD bra. When I got the implants, I did not have the information available today. I also did not want these enormous breasts! My original PS said that he always does them a little bigger because all his patients say that is their biggest regret. I remember thinking to myself when he told me that - not me:( . I was uncomfortable from the beginning.

There are so many things I hate about having enormous breasts,from not being able to wear a bathing suit with out looking like a stripper to not being able to lay on my stomach, the list of inconveniences is lengthy. I am athletic and they always get in the way too.

I consulted with 3 plastic surgeons. They all wanted to replace and I was thinking, do you not hear me???? I do not want implants! They did not have good things to say about how I would look afterwards either. My husband thinks he is being supportive because after months of pain and begging he is paying for it (I am financially dependent on him), but all he says is that I will hate it, I will be flat or I will regret it because I will be so saggy. At this point, I really do not care.

I am going to post some before pics. My surgery is set for this Tuesday, Jan.15. Like so many women, I am so grateful for this site. I would not be able to got through with this using the information that is available with out it.

Ok, I had my procedure today. It was under local...

Ok, I had my procedure today. It was under local and it was not painful at all! I took a valium around 45 min before and that really helped a lot. I am wrapped up like a mummy and I have to say it is very strange! The incisions feel a little sore, but NOTHING like the original BA.
I hope your surgery went well. Wishing you a good recovery!
I am also thinking about getting my implants removed. I had them put in 14 years ago and my story is very similar to yours. I was originally your size as well and now am a 32D. I went to 2 different doctors and the 2nd one was superb! The first one sounds very much like the ones you went to trying to convince me into getting replacements! What don't they understand! I want to be all natural and prevent any and ALL future health risks that these implants will cause. I want to have a long healthy life and having these implants will at some point cause health problems. I am just very scared of what the outcome will be. The doctor told me it will also be local anesthesia removing them with no lift which is exactly what you had. How do they look and feel? I know the doctor explained to me that it will take at least 6-9 months for my breasts to regain strength and they will reshrink naturally, not to what they were pre-implants but they won't be as bad as I'm imagining them. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, looking forward to the "after" implant removal pictures!
Yay!! You'll be feeling better each day :) Can't wait to see the "new you!"

Ok, so I am a couple days out and feeling very...

Ok, so I am a couple days out and feeling very emotional at times. I just keep having to tell myself that it will take time to heal. My breasts feel and look soooo saggy. I guess that even though I did not like the outcome of my breast augmentation, I did not realize how much self confidence I had with my large breasts. That sounds so weird because I thought they were way too big, but having none makes me feel so blah. On the other hand, I went to a spin class today and that went fine, sweat and all. I am so grateful not to be recovering from an anesthetic hangover. I just slipped a gauze strip with neosporin under my sports bra and spun away!
I am having some weird air pocket noises on my left side when I move. This side was my "problem" side that the implant always slid over to the side on, so it does not surprise me. Has anyone else had this? It is not swishing, but like if you would try to make your armpit fart with your hand ( I wish I could think of another way to describe it) but internal. It happens more when I am wrapped in my gauze rather than just wearing the sports bra.
Did you doc put in drain tubes? I'm worried about if I can do them my myself.
You look great! Congratulations!
you look so much better without implants! so much more natural and beautiful!

I will post pics soon, but I can now say that I am...

I will post pics soon, but I can now say that I am glad I did it and I am really liking the new look!
I think you look better than before. Your breasts may feel flatter, but be confident that they look great!... From an objective viewpoint. Also, natural and smaller breasts are coming back! The big, fake boobs are a thing of the past :)
How are you now?
You look really great!!! Your 1 day post op pics are phenomenal!
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