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Oh goodness, how do I begin to describe my travel...

Oh goodness, how do I begin to describe my travel thru implant land? It started in 2003 when, after a very painful divorce and subsequent 34# weight loss, I decided that going from a very droopy ( 3kids and weight loss) 34B to something perky would be just the ticket to get my life back on track...I'd show him that his leaving didn't affect me at all. A close friend was a surgical nurse and recommended a local PS who placed 300cc saline under the muscle...WOW! Loved them but my joy was short lived as I very quickly developed CC in right breast...PS cleaned that up in surgery done ensuite under a local and sent me back out into the world. Six months later, my breasts were like hard little bags of rocks so back I go to see what can be done. PS seemed unconcerned and mentioned my expectations were too high. Really?
I went for several consults in Houston and all said my implants were too small for the amount of natural breast tissue I had so the PS I chose suggested I consider going to 400cc. Now, I don't know about anyone else but it's difficult to imagine what the implants in the office will actually look like inside you! The PS had an easy manner and lots of clients so I agreed to go bigger. Except I wound up with 475cc and wound up a 34DDD. I cannot say that I didn't enjoy my larger, firmer and perfectly perky breasts for about 2 years but, quite soon after that, I began a love/hate relationship with them. Shopping for age appropriate ( I was 48 and fit ) and professional clothing was a nightmare; I found a great seamstress who suggested I fit the girls first and she could deal with the rest...oh, the $$$ I spent with her! I had always been into fitness and wearing 2 bras and still bouncing wasn't fun...I dreaded the gym and the stares from strangers. I found myself looking at other women my age and coveting their smaller chests.
Six years ago I met the man who is now my husband and after dating for about 8 months, we went away for the weekend and decided to go shopping...his treat! It was then he got to see first hand what a frustrating experience that was...I would up with a great pair of shoes ( they ALWAYS fit ) and couple of skirts. He later told me that he hadn't been attracted to me solely because of my large chest; they were nice but he was much more interested in the size of my heart and my brain.
Cut to 2012...Dr. Caridi at Westlake PS performed an implant exchange/breast lift in June and, all of a sudden , I knew I'd made a mistake. Not with the lift...he did a wonderful job in lifting my saggy, uneven boobies ( his words ) to a much perkier level on my chest. It was the implant size....I had mentioned being smaller to him so many times but he's the expert and gave me 350cc and I'm still large...34DD. After all was said and done I wound up being 1 cup size smaller. Ugh. Same shopping woes, same exercise issues, plus I noticed that most women my age ( I'm now 58) look silly with high and firm chests...like they're trying too hard to hang onto youth. Hell, bring on old age...I'm ready to meet it with my short grey hair (love) and my soon-to-be natural breasts.
SO...I am having explant under local next week in his surgical suite. He understood my reasons and didn't attempt to talk me out of it...even gave me the "frequent client" discount...says I'll do fine as the lift he performed less than 2 years ago will go a long way in the appearance of my natural breasts. I honestly felt as tho a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and cannot wait for that to actually happen!
Several girlfriends have problem-free implants...look and feel great and that's good for them; it just never was that way for me. I look back at this expensive experiment and realize how many shoes I could have purchased, the places I could've gone, the people I could've helped, etc. with the money I spent on my breasts. Not to mention the time spent in dealing with them.
There are no photos of my once-larger breasts but, trust me, they were big on a 5'7, 135# woman...I will post current photos followed by explant ones. This website is a brilliant forum for sharing stories...so glad I found it.

They're Out!!!

I had forgotten what my real breasts even looked like so was pleasantly surprised that they were such good shape and they have become fluffier and better in the 4 weeks since; I've read that it only gets better from here and looking forward to that! Happy is not a big enough word to adequately describe my joy at being "me" again...what a load off my shoulders, chest and back! My breasts seem to have settled into a 34B which is smaller than I was pre-implants ( 34C) but I love being small! My husband says they're beautiful and admitted that the implants just weren't for him...a handful is all he needs!

The surgery itself was done en suite with a local anesthetic and the longest part of the experience was waiting for the anesthesia to work...actual surgery took 6 minutes and was a snap...I only felt a bit of pressure when the implants popped out and then such relief. I was stitched up and dressed in a snug sports bra and bandage and sent on my way with hugs from Becky and Lexie. My husband and I actually stopped for Mexican food at one of our favorite Austin spots and then headed home.

I wasn't prescribed any pain meds as I didn't feel like I needed any; in fact, I took 2 Aleve when we got home and that was it. I was a little tired that evening but, other than that it was a normal day.
I was able to shower the next day and did take it easy but felt good enough to go for a 3m. walk the next day ( 2 days out ) and haven't looked back!

It's been a month now and I love, love, love my new-old breasts! They're small enough to cup in my hands and I do love touching them...hello old friends! The scars have healed nicely and there is no soreness whatsoever. And I've noticed my nipples are more sensitive than they've been in years which is an added bonus.

To any of you who are wondering if you should explant or are concerned about your appearance afterwards, all I can say is trust your instincts and do it. It is so worth it!


I'll post more photos in the coming weeks.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Caridi loves women...all women...all sizes, shapes, ages, etc...he's an expert in his field and , while very direct, he does take the time to listen and then make suggestions. His entire staff...Dr. Boysen, Becky, Lacy, Michelle...wonderful!

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I am a 68 yr old women who has silicone rupture...I know I need to Explant and I am looking forward to it...I have had these for 28 yrs....a little concerned about what I will look like but an just anxious to have them removed...so glad u r happy with ur removal....
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Good for you! I wish PS's would stop telling us that most women are unhappy with their explant results. This website tells the true story. Can't wait till mine are out later this year!
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What a good ending!! I am so happy for you :) enjoy the new you :)
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Wow, you look amazing !!! Congrats :-) glad to hear you are happy with your decision !! I just got mine explanted 17 days ago along with a lift and I'm loving my new old 34 B !!! xoxo
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Thanks and congrats to you! It's been 7 weeks since my explant and my breasts have fluffed to a small C and I LOVE them! Don't you find it easier to do most everything? And shopping is fun again! Good luck to you!
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Ur natural breast look awesome. I like them better natural. Doesn't even look like u needed the implants.
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I had much the same sad story and had an explant 2 months ago. Mine look much like your now. Love them and hated the stupid implants!
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Great story! You look wonderful! I explanted and had a lift 2 weeks ago today! I'm super happy with my body now, best decision ever!
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That's a fantastic story and end :)) Have to admit its making me wish I could do lift with removal of mine. Maybe down the road I can, I still haven't had my removal so I guess well see how they end up and if its something I can be ok with, but honestly I'd like to love my breasts not just accept them, but I guess I will just get them out and see how it goes, loved your story though! :)
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I'm so glad you found it, too! You sound so happy to be going back to natural and I'm happy for you! I'll be checking back for your updates.
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Good luck!!! I just got mine removed last Friday and I'm so happy to be without them and you will too :)
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Has your recovery been what you expected? I've had so many surgeries on my breasts that I fear I've become rather blasé about the explant so any info is appreciated.
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Recovery was ok, no problems or pains with my left breast but as for my right, it was pretty sore the first few days.. I got cc on my right so my ps had to remove some scar tissue so that's most likely the reason why. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good :)
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Good luck! Ill be looking forward to your progress. Im getting mine out may 1st and cant wait to be natural again, as you can imagine. I hope all goes well for you!
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Thanks...it will be great as will yours! The things we women do to our bodies...crazy! Or silly...
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Good luck on your upcoming explant! Can't wait to see the results. Thanks for sharing!
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