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Finally got my 380cc under the muscle implants out...

Finally got my 380cc under the muscle implants out today which I have had for 16 years. They have slid down and to the sides over the years and after getting a ridiculous price quote to do a revision I realized that I never wanted to spend another penny or risk my life with anesthesia just to have big breasts. At 38 years old my body is not perfect and never will be. I can accept that and just want to be natural again. This site and everyone on it has been so helpful I wanted to share my experience no matter how it turns out. I had my surgery done today under local anesthesia and it was incredibly easy! I was given some Valium and a Norco. Then they cleaned me up and prepped the area with a sheet hanging between my face and breasts so I could not see what they were doing. The doctor, who was very sweet and funny, came in, made a small incision under my breasts where they had gone in initially and basically just squeezed out the implant. I heard a loud pop and felt a cold breeze and that was it, the nurse stitched me up wrapped me in my sports bra and an ace bandage and sent me home. I look like a boy now in my shirts and I think my husband is pretty disappointed but i'm hoping things will be OK in the end! I'll keep you posted!


Yay for you! Happy healing:)
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Congrats on your explant! I think you look great! I'm sure you have more than you think under that bandage! Give it time, fluffing does happen!
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Wow, your procedure sounded so simple....I wish my had been that easy:) Congrats on your definitely looks like something is peeking out of the bandages. How long do you have to keep the bandages on?
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Well it's day two...

and this is harder than I thought it would be. With the Ace bandage and sports bra on I look completely flat in clothes. I went online last night and ordered a padded sports bra for when I return to work. I work in the medical field and people there are pretty straight forward. If they notice a change they will say something, and while i'm less embarassed about getting the implants out than having them in the first place, I don't want people to think that I have absolutely nothing because they're all squashed down. I'm posting a picture I took on day 1, but they do not look as good in real life as they do in this picture! I guess, as someone else said, the camera really does add a cup size. Most of my hollowness from the implants is to the side, not the front because that's where the implants had ended up. Anyway i'm just going to pray for fluffing and lots of it!


You look great! I'm with you. I look like a boy when I wear my sports bra. My 11 year old said rat my boobs are now smaller than hers! LOL. If you do find a good padded sports bra would love to know what it is. I'm going to need some fluffing anyway I can get it!
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Hi ladies, I'm sorry, i'm new at this... My questions were for Explanted, but I would appreciate any information regarding removing/keeping the capsules... The pros and cons of keeping the capsules? The pros and cons of removing them? Thanks.
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I was told there is no benefit to having scar tissue stay in your body. It is my understanding the only reason a PS would choose to leave tgem is because it makes his/her job a lot easier, and it is a less complicated procedure.

Let the fluffing begin!

I was able to take the Ace bandage off today so at least I have TINY bumps in my sports bra instead of looking completely flat. The fluffing is underway as well. I told myself before my procedure that I wouldn't even look at my breasts until I took the Ace wrap off so I wouldn't be disappointed, but I couldn't hold out. Ladies if you can wait, do it! The caved in part of my breasts already looks so much better and I would have been a lot less horrified had I never seen them all caved in and wrinkly. Not that they aren't still a little scary right now, but it's only day 4, I know from this site how much things can change.
My husband was not completely on board with my decision so he doesn't want to hear much about it, so ladies your support and having a place to discuss this means everything! Not to mention the pics which led to my decision. Everyone of you look so much better without all those silly unnatural looking bags!

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Itty Bitty Tiities!

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I really need to get someone else to take these pics, you can see my phone in every one, just trying to be consistant and keep my arms down!


You look fantastic!!
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Hey there look should see my before picture....I have nothing thats how I know my result just won't be so good but if I could guarantee the same as yourself I would be very pleased, Can you tell me did you have the capsule out too. I can't believe you had it under local. I have asked to have that and they just won't hear of it!!.....anyway...regarding PADDED SPORTS BRA.....not sure if you have this store but if you do they certainly have them in England.....PRIMARK....try primark...padded and very reasonable price too. xxxx
This is exactly what my ps told me as far as removing, in addition it can increase chance of bleeding and make for a harder recovery. therefore I didn't have a capsulectomy. I did have a few seroma's drained (weed after my drains were removed) but that's common.

A little helping handful

I got my padded sports bra in and its definitely an improvement! It's called a Handful Bra- cute right?! I got it on Amazon and it will make going back to work tomorrow just a little easier! Oh and it comes in a cute mesh pouch for washing :) It's got small/medium pads but they're removable so after recovery a little silicone cutlet could fit in there nicely.


Hi " There Out!" !st congrats to you. I have silicone implants that have been in for over 13 years. I have shooting pains in them, they are becoming much harder and I have having many other issues that all my Dr.s and acupuncturist think are related to my DD implants. ( ms like symptoms such as pain and numbness in my hands and feet, really bad upper back pain, my back is hard as a rock. My pains change through out my body. I want my implants removed and have not done so due to cost ( Have not researched price yet ) and I am afraid I will have skin down to my feet after words. lol Now to my question for you, about 20 years ago I cleaned for a lady who had her implants removed and I remember her at home with drains in her. I think they were there to get all silicone out of the area? But I am not sure. Did you have anything like this? I was thinking if I am going to do this I should get tested for the breast cancer gene because I don't know my family history, this way if I am positive, I may just have all breast tissue removed? Not sure about all this yet. So glad I found this site. Thanks for any info! Shannon from Louisville KY
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Very nice results there even and at about four months is really when they start feeling normal again. I could feel the sides heeling a lot too it was a wierd sensation.
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Thanks for info on Handful bra, I just ordered one! I don't want to walk back into my work out class and feel like everyone is staring. This bra will help me feel like the change is less severe!
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