I am a 28 mother of two - Definitely Worth It! - Austin, TX

I am a 28 mother of two who had my first child...

I am a 28 mother of two who had my first child when I was 16. As a teenager my breast were very small but perky but that went out of the window with the birth of my daughter. During my pregnancies I my breasts grew to a 34D but then shrunk back to an A cup shortly after I stopped breastfeeding. I am so ready to bring my boobs to life. I feel like a cow with the tits I have...they are small and just hanging there doing nothing for me lol. I've been looking into getting BA for a very long time now and I finally have a consultation scheduled for Sept 12, 2012. I want something that looks natural, no bigger than a C cup since I have a very small frame. I'm 5'5 and weigh 120lbs. I would like to know what should I expect at the consultation and I also wonder if the doctor is going to recommend a breast lift....which is something that I really do not want due to the scar across my breast that I will have. I'm very anxious and excited at the same time. I just want to have beautiful breast for once in my life.

So my consultation is scheduled for day. I'm sort...

So my consultation is scheduled for day. I'm sort of nervous but also excited at the same time. I'm eager to hear the doctor's recommendations. I'll keep you guys posted

I just scheduled my BA! I found a highly...

I just scheduled my BA! I found a highly recommended Dr. in San Antonio that's going to perform my surgery. I am so excited and a bit anxious to get it over with. I tried on different sizes and decided to go with a full C cup. (325-350 cc's) I'm also going with silicone since I am so small. I was given so much paper work to read over that it almost made my head spin. I am just eager to see my results!

Okay so I've had 3 consultations and I've decided...

Okay so I've had 3 consultations and I've decided to go with Dr. D in San Antonio. The first surgeon I had a consultation with back on Sept 12 was very nice and informative. I loved his office set up but wait time was a bit lengthy. I was on my lunch break so I had a limited time I could be in his office. First I spoke with one of his nurses who asked me a series of questions about my health and if I had any habits. She also let me feel the difference between the silicone and saline implants. I loved the silicone. She offered me something to drink and then she said the doctor would be in shortly. I waited for about 20 minutes before I got up to leave. The receptionist caught me before I could go and asked me how was my consultation. I informed her that I hadn't even seen the doctor yet and that I had to be back at work. She asked me to hold on for a quick second while she went to inform the doctor. So I took a seat back in the waiting room I was previous in. Moments later the doctor arrived and explained everything to me. He suggested that I go with silicone due to my having thin breast tissue. I was already sold on the silicone. He also said that he didn't do the usual trying on different implant sizes because that can be misleading and your results will be different. He said all I would have to do is find pictures of breasts that I desired. He said I could get them from his website or from any pictures I see online. Then he would know what I'm looking for and due the surgery with just that. I was like wow! He's got to be confident. He then had his nurse take my measurements and asked if I had any additional questions. I didn't have any, he had answered everything. I could tell he was a great surgeon. I would have went with this doctor but the quote he gave changed my mind. LOL. He charged $6700 for silicone implants which was over my budget. I had to keep looking. Fast forward a couple of weeks later to Sept 24. I had a consultation in San Antonio and one later in the day here in Austin. The ladies that worked in the San Antonio office were very pleasant. I didn't wait long at all and the doctor was just as knowledgeable as the first. He informed me that I didn't need a breast lift and silicone implants would be best for me. I'm really getting sold on the silicone at this point. Then I tried on different implants in the office with his nurse and surprisingly I liked how the bigger ones felt. I had planned to go to a full B cup or small C but now I think I want a full C. It just felt better. After trying on implants and getting my measurements taken I met with his patient coordinator and got my quote. $4050 for saline and $4800 for silicone!!! WOW WOW WOW! That's pretty damn good here in Texas. Gosh I love San Antonio for that! Everything in Austin is extra expensive for no reason. I guess cause we're the capital city. Any who, once I received that quote I knew I would be getting my BA done there. Not only was the price right but he is a highly reputable doctor. There really wasn't any need for me to go to my last consultation since I had put a down payment on my procedure in SA but I went to the last consultation anyway because they had a $50 appointment cancellation fee that I was not about give them. So I went to my last consult and the lady doctor pretty much told me the same thing. Her office was really nice as well but her price quote was not. $6100. I was like I'm good. So now I have my BA scheduled for Nov 20, 2012 and I couldn't be happier. The waiting is going to kill me though. I picked that date because I will be off of work for a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday. I could have scheduled in December as well but I want to get it done asap. I'm now debating whether to get saline or silicone after reading about the pros and cons of each type of implant. I'm still leaning more towards silicone though...the benefits seem to outweigh the cons for me. Welp that's all for now. I'll be back for another update if anything interesting happens. :-)

The suspense is killing me! I'm really considering...

The suspense is killing me! I'm really considering rescheduling my BA and bumping it up to an earlier date. It's going to drive me nuts waiting until November lol. Guess I need a little dose of patience...something that I've never had.

Has anyone else had to get lab work (blood work)...

Has anyone else had to get lab work (blood work) and a mammogram done before their BA?

So my BA had to get rescheduled for next month due...

So my BA had to get rescheduled for next month due to a family emergency. I'm still excited to get it done but I'll be glad when the wait is over.

So my surgery is in less than a week and I'm very...

So my surgery is in less than a week and I'm very anxious. I've gotten all of my prescriptions filled and I'm just ready to have this done already. My boyfriend has been very supportive of the whole procedure. The only thing I'm having problems with is not being able to smoke. I don't smoke cigarettes but I am a pot smoker. 4/20 friendly! :-) So that part is killing me, sort of. I am on vacation from work for the next two weeks so that should give me plenty of recovery time before I return to work. I'm so excited and happy that I'm doing this and the fact that my family supports it makes it even better! I just hope everything goes right and I'm praying for superb results. I'll be back to update once I've brought my new girls home. :-)

I just had my BA on Thursday, Dec 27, 2012. I...

I just had my BA on Thursday, Dec 27, 2012. I pretty much slept the whole day after I got home from the doctor's office. Today I went in for my post op and Dr. Diana said everything looks fine. My body is adjusting to the procedure very well and I couldn't be happier with my results. I'm not really in any pain unless I strain to pick up something or move my body when I'm sleeping. Other than that I just feel a lot of tightness in my chest. I'll be glad when it all subsides. I really want to celebrate New Years Eve but I'm hope I'm feeling a lot better to get outdoors and celebrate somehow. No night clubs LOL! I've posted a few Post Op pics to let you all see my results thus far. Enjoy! :-)

Day 4 post op: I'm still experiencing a bunch of...

Day 4 post op: I'm still experiencing a bunch of tightness in my chest but there is no pain. Only minor itching. So far so good and I think my boobs are looking better each day. I'm so happy with my results. Couldn't ask for anything better!

It's almost been two weeks and I've got to say I'm...

It's almost been two weeks and I've got to say I'm loving the new me. I haven't gone bra shopping yet but I will pretty soon. I'm still wearing the surgical bra every day and I've been instructed by my doctor to perform massages on my breast. The implants are still pretty high and the tightness has not gone away but its bearable. Overall pain was not a factor for me. I only took one pain pill and a valium on my first day post op. I haven't touched another pain pill since. Guess I have a high tolerance. Ok so for those who would like to know I received 380 cc's in each breast and I have moderate plus silicone gel implants. I couldn't be happier with my results! I have my one month post op appointment on Jan 29 so there will be more updates to come.

I'm beginning to think I've become obsessed with...

I'm beginning to think I've become obsessed with my boobs. I can't stop talking about them to my boyfriend and my daughter which is probably driving them nuts! I mean, I can't help it. My breasts are the first things I see when I wake up in the morning and I still have a lot more dropping and fluffing to do so I can feel the changes every day. I decided to make another update because I didn't want to bring up my boobs again today to my family (for about the 100th time! LOL!) I'm so glad I've found this website and I can share my thoughts with other women who are just as obsessed with boobs as me! :-) I'm 16 days post op now and all I can say is they are looking better each day.

Girls are looking great and I am experiencing no...

Girls are looking great and I am experiencing no pain at all. Will be posting 3 weeks post op pics later tonight. My friends have been asking if the surgery was worth it. I tell them it DEFINITELY was!

Ok I managed to get some pics posted today. My...

Ok I managed to get some pics posted today. My surgical bandages/tape started coming off yesterday so I just removed them. I think they were supposed to last a month and my PS was going to remove them at my 1 month post op appointment on the 29th. Looks sort of gross but I hope there's minimum scaring in the end and it heals really soon. I tried on a dress that I haven't worn yet and I must say I love the way I look in it. I am experiencing no pain at all and there's not much of anything else to say besides the obvious...I'm loving them!

I'm almost 2 months post op now and feeling lovely...

I'm almost 2 months post op now and feeling lovely. My breasts are so soft and I love the size. For a moment I wished I would have gone bigger but I'm very satisfied with the outcome. My incision scar is also healing very well.

My one year boobiversary!! :-)

Sorry I haven't made an update in so lomg but ive just gotten so caught up with everyday life. I'm still loving my girls and I'm so happy that I made the decision to do something nice for myself. My breasts have dropped and fluffed beautifully but there is just a tad bit of asymmetry which is not too noticeable. My boyfriend just loves them which is a plus. I'll try to keep updating you all with my progress but so far still going good.

More pics!

Just a couple of more pics
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diana is very knowledeable about the procedures he performs and is high reccomended for good reasons. If I ever need anything done in the future I will be sure to visit him once again. Great doctor!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm so glad I read your reviews. I was worried about possibly needing a lift but it's nice to see you didn't need one! They look awesome :)
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Thank you! :-) I was wworried about needing a lift as well and ecstatic when the doctor said i didn't need a lift. You're going to love them once you get them done. Keep me posted.
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Thanks so much for sharing! I have had 3 children and nursed them. It's hard to find similar pics of what my breasts look like so I can try and have an idea what to expect. Your breasts look so great!!
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Thanks so much! Go for it, you won't regret it!
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Did you get high profile ?
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Yes I did get the high profile. Its been almost a yr since my surgery and I'll be posting updated pics! :-)
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How are you doing! ? :)
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Hey! I'm doing great and the girls are too lol. I have more pain but I do get morning boob occasionally. I will post more pics soon. Thanks for asking. :-)
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Girl you got nice boobs now! I have been removing my steri strips as well, but still have sone that are holding on. I'm not excited to look at incisions at all. I know they're not that bad, but I'm being extra protective so I don't get infection. Continued healing :-)
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Thanks! Yea I went from sad boobs to glad boobs lol. It was worth every penny. I feel you on being extra protective...its a must since we've invested so much money into the procedure. I'm making sure I don't do anything to ruin my final results. Happy healing to you as well! :-)
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What size did you end up going with? Saline or silicone?
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I got 385cc in each breast and I went with silicone. I was too afraid to experience any rippling.
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Awesome! I hope you are thrilled!! Happy healing! :) xoxo
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Looking great!!! =)
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Thanks!! :-)
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You look amazing! Love that dress on you. I
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Aww thanks! :-)
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Glad you are loving them. Wait til they drop and fluff. You will be in shopping heaven!!!
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I'm so looking forward to the drop and fluff stage. Can't wait!! LOL!
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Yay for you!! They look great!!
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Thanks!! :-)
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Looking great. Yes it will seem that way like you're obsessed because you are looking at them everyday and probing this site comparing and commenting on others. I'm 5 weeks post op and I was experiencing greed boob off and on the last ten days. But I do love them and because I was just looking at them not dressing them up I was fearful of them shrinking more. But once I went thru my wardrobe to fill in some of my clothes I hadn't worn in a while and put on clothes when I went shopping I felt better. Just wearing sports bras and genie bras gets boring and not that attractive over clothes. I can't wait to get the final clearance to wear bras. I like to match my undergarments. In my sexy sleepwear they look incredible and then we have to remember what we started with. I'm glad things have gone well, no complications and my bf loves them.
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Thanks!! I think I'm experiencing a little bit of boob greed myself. I did not get implants to make my breast BIG. I got them to fill them back out like they once were (during my pregnancy) so I have to keep that in mind. I just love the way they look now and I don't want them to get any smaller. I guess that's normal to feel that way.
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did you go with the incision through the armpit? :) they look great!
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No, I got the imframmamary incision. Thanks so much!
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