Problems with my Breast Implants - Austin, TX

I hadmy breast agumentation done in austin tx jan...

I hadmy breast agumentation done in austin tx jan 11 2012 saline under the muscle through my belly button 480 cc left boob 450cc right boob. the procidure is called TUBA through the belly button for no scaring and rapid recovery! everything was fine i recoverd in couple of day sno bruising no pain i was only sore then my dr told me i had capsular contracture on my left one and its been over a yr since then and my boobs have changed so much yes they droped and they look the same but the left one hase a hard spot on the left side under the arm! then they look so big i feel like they are saggy! i'm so sad and depressed i paid 5,700 and now what :( i just dont know what to do! i'm scared to even think of removing them im scared if i remove them i will have saggy boobs and thats not what i want! i was a 32 c before now im a 38d ! please if u have experianced this write me~ im losing my mind here ! and here are some pics

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Today i went to see my surgeon and basiclly hes...

today i went to see my surgeon and basiclly hes blaming it on me he said i gained alot of weight!(but they lookt like this always since day 5 i didnt like them) he said to take them out through the belly button so i dont have any scars ill pay 2,800 if i want him to re lift my nipple it would be 4,500 umm yeah i cant aford that now! the problem is that i'm a webcam model thats my job and i have to be naked all of the time! so far everyone tells me my boobs look great and natural they even jiggle alot but i have a different opinion! he also said my capsular contracture on the left one is fine only a tinny bit now!
i'm just going to keep on drinking my vitamin e and hope for the best if my boobs get saggier by the end of the yr i will get them removed!


Welcome to RealSelf! They don't look too saggy to me either. They look like large, natural breasts. Though your breasts looked so incredibly pretty before your surgery that they might bounce back fine if you have to get the implants removed.

FYI some doctors will waive their consultation fees if you mention RealSelf when you call, so maybe try that.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

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Your boobs look great to me! I cannot tell you have a capsular contraction whatsoever.
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yea its not noticable to the eye but to the touch it iz! my issue is more cuz they look saggy!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so i'm feeling a slight pinch on my...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so i'm feeling a slight pinch on my left breast left side! ughh its annoying me im so frustruated! i can just scream or go and punch my surgeon in his face! i swear i hate my surgeon he dosent care at all he says im ok! obviously im not! i hate him with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


i love your implants
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Okay so! so im looking into getting liposuction...

okay so! so im looking into getting liposuction and fat transfer to my butt!~ what surgeon do yall recomend?

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