I am 31 years old and have 2 children (3 yrs and...

I am 31 years old and have 2 children (3 yrs and 14 months) that I nursed/pumped for 11 months each. I also was about 20 lbs heavier before babies. These two things combined has left me with tiny, empty breasts that I refer to as my "sad sacks". I was never a boob gal per se and never considered a BA until my milk dried up this last time and I realized just how little I was left with. I started contemplating the idea and found this site and have been hooked on the idea ever since. It has been so helpful to read the reviews of others and so I decided to get in here and do it too.

My husband was just supportive at first. The whole "if you want to do it, do it" attitude and now has become excited about the idea which has really helped as well.

Had my consultation with Dr. Kerr on Saturday and really liked him. He was very professional, yet warm and welcoming, and made me feel very comfortable with the surgery. The office staff was wonderful as well. I am doing silicon mod plus under the muscle using the funnel. We tried sizers - started with 375cc and then tried 425 cc - and as of now I am planning on 425 cc. I'm looking for the typical "full C" but what is that?? I have no idea. Everyone looks so different with the same size - it is so hard to tell!!! He said I may need a little more volume in the right breast, but we will wait and see during surgery. I am posting pics of my before as well as with the sizers. Thoughts on size? I know everyone always says go slightly bigger than you are comfortable with... the 425 felt kind of big and heavy, but that is probably because I am used to NOTHING!!! I don't want to go too big, but don't want to get used to the size and then wish I went bigger. Hmm...

My BA is scheduled for June 13 and I made the deposit today! My pre-op is May 28. Excited to get to surgery day!! Hoping the recover is as easy as some of you ladies make it look! I will have my hubby around for the weekend and then my mom will be helping with the kids for the next few days until I feel like I can do it alone.
You look amazing pre-op and I know you will be thrilled with your new "girls"! =) I would definitely go with the 425cc's. I was a 34A, breast fed 3 children, they were saggy and looked like deflated balloons. I went with 450cc's - the sizers looked really large and felt heavy, but I was informed that you lose about 10-20% afterward. I am so glad I went with the larger size. They look and feel proportionate and I don't feel like I wish I had gone bigger like some. They surgery itself as well as recovery process has been surprisingly smooth. I am really surprised at how quickly I bounced back after. I was expecting the worst, I guess. Good luck, can't wait to see your post op results!
Had my preop appt today ! One step closer!
Yay! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Pre-op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment earlier this week and it went well! Got my prescriptions, my list of dos and don'ts, and took my "before" pictures. We also talked about size again and I tried 425 and 450 cc this time. Over the past few weeks I have been driving myself crazy looking at pictures of before and afters and trying to figure out what I can expect. Everyone looks SO different so I gave up and am trusting my doc. He thinks 425 cc will give me the full C, small D I am looking for. Said I could certainly go bigger with my frame, but felt that based on pictures I showed him, I'd be happy with 425. 425 cc moderate plus in both breasts. There is a TINY difference in size of my breasts and he isn't sure if he will go with different sizes, but will decide once he gets in there. He thinks it might just be a difference in extra skin and not volume of breast tissue (one breast produced way more milk than the other and thus stretched out more!)

Anyway... super excited for my surgery now! Two weeks from today!
Thank you! Now you are making me rethink size again. HA! I went to pre-op appointment and tried 450cc and almost switched up. Still thinking on it and might call an audible before surgery. :) You look amazing. I hope hope hope mine look as pretty!

1 week from today!!!

I am so excited! Just got off for summer (teacher) and my surgery is one week from today! I want to document well for myself and others, so added new pictures. I am starting to think about going bigger to 450cc... I know it's not a huge difference, but would like opinions. My doc said I could certainly fit more, but that 425 cc should get me a full C, small D. I liked the 425 sizers (in pink top in post above), but keep forgetting you lose some size under the muscle. :/ I really didn't think I'd obsess about size, but I kinda am. Ugh!


Don't think I mentioned this... I'm 5'7" 135 lbs currently 34 B (and don't fill it)
I am 16 days post 425 cc HP. I am 5'4 122. Started at 34b. At this point I measure 34 D. Who knows how this may change. But I am happy with size. I don't think u can go wrong with either size he 425 or 450. But if u want to be a full D definitely go 450. It's only 25 cc difference. Write back if u have any further questions. Hope everything goes smooth!!!! It will!!
Thanks!!! How was the recovery?
Well I will be completely honest. The first 3-4 were tough. I did stop the narcotic pain meds 2-3 days after they made me feel worse. U definitely need someone first 3 days at least to help with everything!!! Basically bed bound 2-3 days. Then everyday after I started to feel better.

Better than Coobie!

I just found these Nobo bras at Walmart that are exactly like the Coobie bra that I paid $20 for. This one was $4.95! I feel ripped off by Coobie, but pleased to have found a cheaper alternative for post-BA. Same material (though even softer!), similar style and color choices, same padding. Check them out if looking for Coobie!
U still getting the 425??
Yes! I decided to just stick with it and not look back. I feel like it's big enough that I won't feel too small, but not so big that I will feel burdened by them. You know?
Yes. I understand I was so torn was scared to be too big. Yet wanted a decent size otherwise it wouldn't be worth going thru all of it& spending the $. U won't regret it. They will be amazing. Trust me'!! Are u going under the muscle Or over. I am thrilled with my results they can be hidden under clothes/ look appropriate. Or look big with a fitted right shirt or bathing suit! The few tough days are worth the many years we will have with them!!!!

Rice sizers

Got bored and curious and tried rice sizers tonight! Was fun to get a feel for what I will look like. These are between 425 and 450. My measuring wasn't perfect.
Hi ;) I just wanted u to know I just had my BA done by dr Kerr! He did mine on May 29th. He is an amazing dr!!!! I will forever use him for all my surgeries (if I ever get more lol) his staff is amazing! I had a lollipop lift and implants. U are going to be so happy with ur decision to go with him!! Check out my profile u can read it and see all the pics and how well he did. ;) good luck!!

tomorrow is the day!!!

Surgery is at 8:30 am tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

All done!

I wrote this whole review and then it didn't post! Well I can't imagine my surgery going any smoother! I was so excited and not at all nervous going in. Everyone was so nice and friendly and really made it a wonderful experience. Dr. Kerr came to chat and mark me up about 20 minutes before surgery and we talked about my slight asymmetry and decided that he would try both 425cc and 450cc in the left breast and see which evened them out the best. He ended up going 425cc left, 450cc right.

I came out of anesthesia really well and in a great mood. Have had totally manageble pain so far and am staying on top of my meds so I don't wait too long and experience a lot of pain. I get to shower Sunday morning and see the new gals! Can't wait, though I can already tell they will be awesome. Love the size so far!

I just am so impressed with Dr. Kerr. He is so friendly and nice, yet professional and super confident which is what I look for in any doctor. Can't recommend him enough!

Day 2 - feeling great!!!

Slept great last night. Bunch of pillows behind my back and Head and two pillows under my legs. Perfect set up. I set my alarm for 3 hour increments so I could take my meds. Went right back to sleep after. I don't want to jinx myself, but I feel great! Tight and sore, sure, but not in pain. Hoping it continues this way... Taking 2 pain pills every 3 hours and the muscle relaxer every 8 hours. Shower tomorrow morning - can't wait to get a full glimpse!

2 days post op - first glimpse of the new girls!

Got to remove bandages today and take a shower. Still very swollen and high, but I'm excited about them!
Hey, looking great! Dr. Kerr is AMAZING!! He does such great work so I am sure you will look stunning after a few days of swelling subsides!

3 days post & post op appt

Woke up with a terrible headache and nauseated. Took migraine meds and felt better after awhile. Still feeling no pain from boobs! Can't believe it. Still high and tight, but able to do just about anything with my arms including drying my hair and putting shirts over my head. Trying not to pick up my kids or anything heavy though.

Post op appt was super fast. Dr Kerr took a look, said they looked high and tight, but great. I can start doing massages every day. He recommended doing them every time I went to the bathroom so I could remember to do them. I forgot to ask about the strips on the incision. Do I keep them on until my 2 week follow up?

Added pics for today.

Pics from 3 days post op

At the pre op they told us to not take them off ourselves. They are supposed to be removed at 2 week visit along with any stitches. So oddly, Kerr used some skin glue on mine instead of the strips and my stitches are internal dissolvable ones so he doesn't have any to remove at week 2. He told me about it just before surgery. I wonder why he uses different methods? Most of the glue has come off on both and I'm kinda nervous about that because I don't want them to reopen or get infected...
Interesting! I assume I have stitches... I didn't really ask. I will just leave the tape unless it falls off. I bought some silicon sheets for after because sometimes I don't scar well. :/
Ooooooooo lookin good!! Congratulations! Happy you are not hurting too bad. I have to admit I was pretty amazed at your incision pic.... having your arm up so high! Good for you!

Day 4

Starting to feel like my own, but ready for the implants to settle! Not seeing much improvement yet as far as that goes. Patience, patience! Loving my new cleavage though. ;)

9 days post op

So it's been 9 days since my surgery. I still haven't had much pain at all, but over the last few days I have been feeling a little of the booby blues. I am worried I went too big. I know they don't look too big for me and they aren't even that big, but I am just having a hard time adjusting I guess. I am guessing I will be about a D and I went into this wanting to be a nice C, but got caught up in the whole "you'll wish you went bigger" and now I'm doing the opposite! It actually didn't hit me until my shipment of cute built-in bra tops from Victoria's Secret came in and they all were too small and made my boobs just bust out. Suddenly all those cute summer tops I was going to wear made me feel way too busty. I know, i just need a bigger size, but it just bummed me out. I know I am still swollen and high, but I think I would have been completely happy at 375 cc. I'm 425/450 cc now. I'm sure once they completely settle and drop I will be happy. Just such a bummer to feel sad about them for even a day when it's something I chose and paid to have done! The good news is, I woke this morning and felt some of the swelling had gone down at the top and maybe they dropped a tad. Felt better about them already. Its the top part and the amount they project that bothers me. I am also am happy that I don't look huge at all in clothing. I know a lot of people are bummed about that, but I sat out to get implants in hopes of restoring what I used to have, not to have big, amazing boobs to show off. I totally get that some women want exactly that, btw, I just am a rather modest school teacher. :)

My husband loves them. Ha! He also agrees that I just need to get used to them. It's just a bit of a shock going from nothing to a lot of something. :) hopefully I will feel better about them every day.

More on recovery

I have had the easiest recovery. I can't get over how little pain I felt and how much I've been able to do from the very beginning. I have two small children and they have so many needs and I just haven't been able to keep from doing things that I normally do. I know just because I can do it, doesn't mean I should, but it's hard to get around it when I'm with them on my own during the day. most things haven't been hard or painful like I expected. I even started sleeping on my side again about 2 nights ago. I know I'm probably keeping the swelling around longer though. I notice that when I do too much, they swell up on top.

Already back to happy :)

So I was trying to put some fresh tape over my incision earlier and lifted my shirt and bra to do it and noticed how much better I looked. I realized that the only part I wasn't happy about was the top and that will pass soon when things stop swelling and the implants drop. And just like that, I'm back to happy town. :) they actually look pretty freakin awesome when the top doesn't show!

Yesterday the skin under my right nipple was soooooo sensitive. I guess I would describe it like a burning sensation, but also like the fabric of my shirt was rubbing it raw, only it wasn't. Is that the nerves healing??

Oh, and
OMG, your girls are gorgeous!
Dr Kerr used the blue glue on me too! I thought it was marker until I went it for my 3 week post op visit and he said it was time to remove it so I had to lay back and he took the glue off of both sides. By doing that he accidentally took out 1 stitch on each side he said it would be totally fine with a little neosporin ;) I sure hope so lol ;) both of u guys look amazing!
Oops I just posted about dr Kerr and not sure why it didn't go under urs?

11 days post op

Seems like some of the swelling has gone down and they are definitely feeling more like mine every day. They still have a lot of dropping to do and I haven't been very good about doing my massages! Just keep forgetting as I get busy.

Attached some photos from today. Still weird from the side and nipples too low. The right has the larger implant and I can tell because it is having a harder time settling. I think I will be pretty symmetrical when it's all said and done though. I'm pleased!
They look great! I have one stubborn side where it's not dropping as fast as the other but am only a few weeks postop & know I shouldn't worry too much.
You're looking fantastic! They're healing up nicely and the swelling has gone down quite a bit! Congrats!
They're looking good mag! I wish ninjas projection like you! I think by the time they're completely set, you will be used to them and will be in love. I personally think the size os perfect for your frame. And you can easily dress them down for class! Doesn't it make things so much better that recovery is being good to you? I have two little ones as well. 2 year old and 8 months! Hope the rest of your recover goes just as smooth. In sure the hard part is over with! Good luck!

2 weeks post op

Not much change, but took pictures anyway. Really loving my new gals now and can't wait for them to drop so my nipples aren't so low! They are actually already pretty soft which was unexpected. Incisions are tiny, my doc is amazing! Those 450s aren't small!
Wow, you look amazing already!! All that volume up top is gonna drop and fluff out, they're gonna look GREAT!! And that size fits you perfectly. And I feel somewhat ripped off from Coobie now myself. Lol. Wish I had seen those before dishing out $40 on 3 sports bras!! I'm looking forward to reading more updates and seeing your progress!! CONGRATS on your new additions :)
Look Great! Congrats!
Looking super good! I can't believe how tiny your incisions are!

3 weeks post op

Still chugging along. 3 weeks post op as of today. My implants definitely feel like a part of me now and I hardly remember what it was like without them already! I had my two week post op check up on Monday and Dr. Kerr said things looked and felt good, but that I needed to massage more and harder. He demonstrated and it was a lot firmer than what I had been doing!! I still feel like they haven't really moved much, but I know it's still early. Still love them and all my friends now want to have surgery too. It was like all they needed was a guinea pig (me) and now that I have nothing but good to say about it, they can't wait. :)
You are looking great!! I'm excited for them to drop and fluff!!! xo

Better pics to see proportion

They are looking better every day. And smaller in these pics! Maybe I will only be a C!? I have no idea...
I was so worried I would be just a C but literally between 3 wks and 6 wks I ended up measuring DD. Which really looks like a C in clothes at times but bigger in tight workout clothes. So hang in there they look great
They look great!!! and will fill out even more by 6-7 weeks

5 weeks!

I'm now 5 weeks post op and started back running today. Felt different and need some new bigger bras, but went well.

I feel great and really think that they are dropping and fluffing nicely even though I don't feel the pictures show it well. The left especially... Right has the bigger implant so I think it will just take longer to sink down into the pocket.

Love them and am so glad I did this! There were moments of doubt those first few weeks, but they are long gone now!

Pictures 5 weeks

Pics didn't load! Argh!
You look fabulous! It's great to hear that running isn't impacted (one of my worries) and that your healing is going so well. When do you think you'll get sized for a regular bra? Would you be disappointed in a C cup or is that what you expect? I'm thinking about the same ccs. Thanks! :)
Thanks! I think after the 2 month mark I will get fitted. I feel like I still have some dropping and fluffing to do. I was originally shooting for a full C, small D. I looked at a C bra in my size the other day and thought that there was no way I'd fit into it. I'm thinking a 34 D.
You look GREAT!! You picked the perfect size for your body. It's funny how we beat ourselves up on sizing. I am the same as you, I didn't want to be super big where I would have to change all my clothes, I wanted to be a nice C cup- even if it's a small C. Even tho I got upset and thought I went too small, I realized that if I went with the larger size, I would've gotten upset that I went too big! You look so great, I notice a huge difference, your dropping and fluffing quite nicely!! How was your run? Did it feel super weird??

7 weeks post op!

I am loving my boobs! Lots of compliments and though I feel they are getting smaller (or I'm getting used to them more?) I still feel they are perfect for me. I have funny tan lines in my pics from different swimsuits, but I think they have fluffed in the last few weeks.

I went shopping a few days ago and am loving the way tops fit! No gaping anymore!

Side by side comparison :)

Love this change!
Can I just clarify, in regard to the "playing" comment I meant the kids, not the boobs!!!! Hahaha
Ha! I knew what you meant. ;)
Firstly, you look absolutely FANTASTIC. You must be delighted. I'm glad I found your post, as I have two small kids aged 3 and 4 (actually 4 kids if you include my two 45kg dogs!) and in addition to the trepidation of surgery, recovery worries me A LOT. Seems like you were pretty lucky with how well you recovered (although that's not an entirely fair comment as I'm sure you create your own "luck" to a certain extent). When could you start playing with them again? I'm worried about not being able to give cuddles for weeks or getting knocked by an over exuberant paw etc! Did you need constant help with your kids at all and if so for how long? It would be great to hear some "real" advice rather than what the surgeon is telling me theoretically. Thanks in advance.

8 weeks PO

Hi hon got givin ur stats by another real friend as I'm upset with my girls x I'm 8 weeks post with 520 cc high profile silicone unders and started out with the same as u x with 4 outta 5 breast fed babies lol x but after 6 weeks of massaging I ended up being put in a flipping strap for 6 weeks 24/7 and feel ugly x they were getting round hardly dropped empty underneath and don't look like they should x I'm another 4 weeks strap bound and cigorouse massaging but I'm feeling like they look flat sideways x I mean the r round in the putter but flat close to the sternum xx urs seem to have rounded dropped n fluffed so ur doing way better than me xx any advice please hon x HELP I feel down n ugly xxx glitter bubbles for magic times xx tinka
Hi! I checked out your pics and I think you look great! Yes, they are still high, but your implants are almost 100 cc bigger than mine and I think if I had gone any bigger, mine would still be up high too. They just are finally starting to feel settled and I'm seeing a lot of improvement now every week. You can see in my 5 week pictures they are still high. It could also be that your pec muscles were or are tighter than mine. I wasn't working out much prior to surgery so the only arm/chest workouts I got were from carrying my two kids around! :) One last thing I noticed is that my breasts seemed to start lower (and saggier!) than yours did so maybe you have less room for the implant to be until it "drops" making them seem higher up on your chest wall? Is that possible? My doctor told me that dropping is really your skin and anatomy stretching to allow for the implant to settle and that really takes different amounts of time for different people - again your bigger implant would take longer than my 425/450 cc ones. I know it is taking longer than you would like, but I bet in a few months you will love them. I already wish I went a little bit bigger! As for tips... I just massage them and only wear the super stretchy coobie or walmart bras with no lining, padding, underwire. I don't even wear sports bras as I worried they would keep them too compressed and push the implants high. My doc believes in letting gravity do the work. I wear these almost every day http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hanes-ComfortFlex-Fit-Bandini-Bra/22172442 Also coobie style ones.
I think that is the wrong link... I use the one without padding, but either would work!

2.5 months and LOVE my boobs!

They are super perky, but I still feel a natural looking result. I'm thrilled! My doctor is amazing. Had my 2 month follow up and he was really pleased with the result too. I got sized at VS and measured a 36 C, though I also tried 34 D and it fit as well. Exactly what I hoped for! Honestly couldn't be happier. Sorry for the blurred pics. Had to crop and when I did, the quality gets foggy.
Hi! Your results are amazing! My measurements are same as you and my pre op I choose around 450. Can I ask what your rib Cage measurements are?
Thanks! They put me in a 36 C bra, but I think I'm between a 34 and 36 because the 36 is on the tightest clasp. Full C or 34 D
Oh, and my breast diameter was 12 cm I think

3+ months

Still loving them... Still getting better and better!
Hi there wish my girls would drop like urs already x looking great hon xglitter wishes to xx magic days ahead xx
OK thanks! I think our measurements are really close. I am 5'7" 140lbs. I have what my PS considers a wider then average rib cage....I think I was 31" below breast and 34/35 above and I have always worn a 34/36 bra band because like you the 34 was on the tightest clasp. I went for my sizing yesterday thinking was going to do 350 but the nurse and husband and friend said too small. She said I needed more to have that curve on the side (side boob?!). We ended up at 450 which I liked, but holy cow that was bigger then I thought!! But they do look proportionate to me! Do you love yours? You don't feel like they are too big? I run a business and wear professional clothes 4 days a week and don't want my boobs to walk in before me! Thanks again!! Your pics did make me feel a lot better!
Absolutely not too big! I am a 4th grade teacher and worried about it too, but it isn't an issue. I love them!

With clothes

You look great! Congrats! I hope mine look like yours after they drop. What an incredibly slow process it is! Anyway I love how your a D but you can downplay them in clothes too. I have that ability and it's wonderful.
Dr. Mahlon Kerr

I am so happy with Dr. Kerr. Right from the beginning he and his staff made me feel at ease and confident in his ability and dedication to making me happy as a patient. Very quick to get me in for consult, spent lots of time with me, and always seemed to remember what we had talked about previously. Surgery was a breeze and I am so happy I chose him. Recommending him to all my friends.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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