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Botox May Have Ruined my Eyes to the Point of Requiring Surgery -Austin, TX

I went in to my Dermatologist's office almost 1...

I went in to my Dermatologist's office almost 1 year ago before a trip I had scheduled to visit an old boyfriend in Colorado (where I used to live). I had just turned 39 years old and my confidence levels were shaky as I had just divorced after a year long separation. Finding myself thrown back into the dating world as a single Mother of a young child I figured I needed to try my best to look as good as I can.

I have been blessed with beautiful skin, but I was noticing some minor crows feet forming around my eyes and some very mild fine lines on my forehead, but, what was bothering me most was my frown line in the middle of my eyes.

I went to see my Dermatologist who is part of a team of plastic surgeons and told him that I just wanted to have my frown line treated, but I also mentioned the mild lines on my forehead and crows feet. He said that they were running a "botox special" and suggested I treat my forehead and crows feet as well.

I did. That was 2 weeks prior to my trip. The day after the treatment my brows, - Dropped. My eyelids were completely swollen and not even visible. I knew it was very bad because when I put my mascara on my swollen lids flattened my long lashes out.

I frantically called my Dermatologist as my trip was coming up in 2 weeks. He said to come back in so he could 'fix it.' He injected More botox underneath my eyebrows and this did make my eyes appear to open more fully but I still hated the effect and felt like I just did not look like myself. It made me feel self conscious on my trip. I kept staring at my eyes and the only thing I could think of, was - "Thank God this is a temporary procedure and I can't wait to look like myself again."

I kept watiing...and waiting....and waiting to return to normal. I Never did.

I waited, - Patiently. I figured that for some reason the Botox was staying in my system longer. At 9 months, I was feeling very uneasy as I stared in the mirror. My eyelids were no longer swollen but they appeared flabby and creased unnaturally as I smiled. My eyes looked years Older and tired.

My 'crows feet', - Normal smile lines were uneven (Still are).

The worst of all though, - when I smiled my eyebrows Puffed Up, - the muscles above my eyebrows appear to be very enlarged. It gives my eyes what I could describe as a caveman appearance. My forehead used to be perfectly flat. My eyebrows look Deformed when I smile.

I made an appointment for an evaluation with the Dermatologist all the while thinking, wow, I guess the botox is still just in my system, how long will it take??

When I went in, to my utter shock and disbelief my administering dermatologist told me that my eye muscles had "atrophied" as a result of the botox and that he needed to administer More botox to fix it.

Atrophied? I could not believe it. I was crying in his office, telling him I just wanted my eyes to return to normal.

He said to trust him that he could fix it. He administered more Botox directly under my eyebrows again.

My eyelids swelled again and they are Still swollen 2 months later, - today. They are also Uneven as he administered the botox in different places underneath my brows because one brow was Protruding more than the other. Now the Other brow is protruding higher than the other and one eye appears more open when I smile as you can see in the photo.

As a result of this last treatment, my eyes also look like they are different shapes, and the lids are Swollen. I imagine that this only caused More damage to my already damaged eyelids which looked saggy and creased unevenly after the botox wore off last time. Only time will tell - another 6-7 months? How they will look finally after the effect has totally worn off. The enlarged muscles are as prominent as ever when I smile and I think that this is permanent - that my eyebrow muscles developed unnaturally as an effect of the botox changing the structure of how my natural eye muscles used to function.

I am only 40 years old and I feel that I will need some sort of surgery potentially to correct this damage.

My eyebrows even look slightly swollen when I am resting my face in a natural position. I am so afraid to see how my eyelids are going to look this time after the botox wears off.

I want to sue both the administering Dermatologists practice And Allergen. I was Never warned of these potentially devastating and permanent side-effects before this procedure and my doctor stressed as do all the doctors on this site, that the affects of botox are temporary. I am a Year Out from the original treatment and it has been Permanent for me!

I feel self conscious smiling big or laughing in front of friends. My Caveman eyebrows look like a true Deformity. I look Years Older!!!

Has anyone suffered through an experience like this with botox and had any luck getting their eyes to return to normal? I am depressed. I don't want to date. I barely want to leave the house. I am glued to the internet searching for answers all the time.

I have an appointment with an Occularplastic surgeon coming up and with the administering dermatologist who has agreed to give me my $$ back from the original botched procedure that caused this permanent? damage. I will also see the owner of the practice to show him my eyes.

How can doctors be pushing this treatment as safe and temporary??? It has Ruined the last year of my life!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone else had enlarged 'caveman' eyebrow muscles as a result of Botox? Sagging, creasing eyelids? If so, did your eyes ever return to normal on their own or did you require surgery?

Please help! I am so upset and just besides myself with this.

The photo I posted was taken this morning smiling big like I would when I USED TO Laugh freely. :((


Also: eat enough protein. I got flabby upper lids a couple of years ago despite facial exercises, and realised that I'd slipped into a routine of having just coffee for breakfast and lunch sometimes! Stupid, I know. Once I started having proper meals again, including eggs for breakfast, the problem was solved.
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Hi Austen I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal! Once the Botox wears off somewhat, perhaps start some facial exercises? They have kept my face up where I want it for 8 years now. You need to re-build those muscles.
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hi austin this has completely messed up my social life and pretty much all my life. yes this toxin definitely causes psychiatric symptoms in many people. but also looking like a freak and feeling like death for years on end, when you 'signed up' for a 2 or 3 month experience that was completely side effect free and totally reversible. yeah, thats depressing. none of these doctors who use this product on themselves, use as much, or do it as often, as they do it to their patients.. drs i know who use this use it maybe once a year or less.. drs who have tried it to see how long it really takes to go back to normal report it took 18 months before their face returned to pre=botox state. so they are honestly hugely overdosing us.. for the money.. thats all there is to it. they really dont know or understand what they are doign or how to use this product, and why should they care if it hurts us, there are plenty more beating down the door to pay for this.. they just act like its all our fault or we are crazy, and they are off the hook (or so they believe) many, many more people need to start taking legal action on the basis of simply not being correctly or adequatley warned of side effects. there was nothing on my consent form about permanent cosmetic damage or being sick for years. or life changing damage to my health. or the fact that botulinum works by affecting the neurotransmitters. this is something all patients should be informed about. yet this is exactly what happened. i would never have done this if i wasnt repeatedly assured there was literally no risk of meaningful side effects.. that any side effect if it occurred was ALWAYS 'mild and tranistory' (two years and counting is not transitiory or mild) and that the effects ALWAYS completely went away in 2 or 3 months. well very oboiusly all that stuff was hugely misleading and inaccurate and we were sold something under totaly false pretenses and the more poeple who take legal on this basis the sooner they will be forced to stop promoting these dangerous falsehoods to the public. so i will find you the info and get it to you ok. as far as the damage yes it comes and goes even still. im also wearing bangs and trying not to think about it, but it literally impacts me constatnly becuase its so incredibly unnerving to have your face constantly and unpredictably changing all the time, even after 2 years, and you have no idea where its going to end up. its unbelievably painful and i cannot bleieve my dr actually recommended this as a treatment for =mild= tension headaches. in this case the risk was nowhere near worth the 'benefits' (there have been NO benefits) and its pathetic and ridiculouis that this is allowed to be promoted as a 'cure' for headaches when it has absolultey destroyed my health and when i now suffer from pretty much non stop constant headaches. its just a huge scam so i really hope the class action goes somewhere this stuff is dangerously misrepresented by those who are making money off it. it makes me angry when drs are so cavalier about this damage. the next time some dr tells you it will 'definitely' go away ask him WHEN. if they cant tell you when, or how, or any details, they are just blowing smoke and have no idea what they are talkign about. they are just saying that to put you off, avoid liability, and continue the falsehood that this 'always goes away' press them for details and you will realize they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. ask them to give you a time line. ask them -exactly- what you can expect, when it will be ALL better and normal, exactly when, and exactly what you have to do to get it there.. and they will stare at their shoes and babble cause truth is they have no answer to any of those questions. this has been terribly depressing and afffected my entire life and my mental health and my physical health very severely. i do bleieve there is possibility of improvment, i do -not- believe anything any dr tells me about it at this point. seeing doctors is a huge waste of money becuase honestly they simply have no idea how this stuff works. and, they wont admit that, so trying to get help from most of them is probably actually dangerous. i keep thinking there must be something some dr can do to fix it, but then when i remember that i was beautiful, healthy and normal before, and how much the doctor caused terrible illness and deformities, i really see no reason to trust any dr to competently fix this! whose to say they just wont make it worse again, what do they care, its obvoiusly they simply dont care. and they totally dont know what they are doing when it comes to this stuff. next time some dr tells you it will 'definitely ' get better - ask HIM WHEN. talk soon ok take care. we will improve just not with any help from the 'medical establishment' im afraid.
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Westlake Dermatology

Inexperienced. Dr. Coleman is Not fit to administer Botox and I hope that he Stops until he is completely trained and never does this to another patient. I saw a Dr.Tanuj Nakra, an Occularplastic Surgeon in Austin, shortly after this "Fix" was administered 2 months ago. He says that he has never seen eye muscles atrophy from a 1 time botox procedure but he could see my that my eyebrows are drooping and my eyelids hooded. He said that my forehead should have Never been treated, that I am too young and my skin in too good of condition, - he said that this always causes the brows to drop in younger patients and gives the eyes the appearance of rapid aging! I was not able to show Dr. Nakra the puffing above my brows then, but now that this supposed "fix" is beginning to wear off at 2 months I can show him when I go back next week and he might agree that it is Atrophy - a Known side effect of Botox, but one that is never discussed prior to treatment. I was Never informed of these serious side-effects and would not have agreed to the procedure if I had been informed. If you Must get Botox please do so Only by an Occularplastic Surgeon (who specializes in the Eyes). As of now, I don't know if my eyes will return to normal. I might require plastic surgery to fix them and I can be sure my eyes will never look exactly like they did before. I wish so deeply that I had my natural lines back around my eyes when I smiled. Now I realize that taking the lines out of your face through toxins that freeze and potentially permanently impair and damage the fragile eye muscles is Ludicrous. I also should mention that after the initial treatment I felt sick. I believe the treatment was excessive, I don't know how much was administered, but it must have been a Lot and I do plan to find out on my next visit. After this treatment I got a sharp headache and felt dizzy. I had to go to sleep for several hours. I have also read that Botulism is another side effect and that people permanently lose the use of their limbs as a result of botox in some cases. There are a whole host of devastating side-effects that doctors should be required to disclose. I am thankful that this did not happen to me, but, my eyebrows are truly deformed and years have been added to my once beautiful eyes. I am deeply distressed and feeling anxiety over this. I should be dating and trying to rebuild my life after my divorce, - find love again. I can't do that because I hate the way I look as a result of this. Getting these botox treatments were one of the worst mistakes I have ever made in my life. Please - if you are considering botox, think again. This product should Not be legal.

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