TT and Breast Lift Scheduled for August 31st...... Oh my God!!! - Austin, TX

Ok, so I have had 6 kids (age 28-18) I'm 45...

Ok, so I have had 6 kids (age 28-18) I'm 45 and have wanted to do this for many,many year. I am blessed to have a someone that now supports me on this and is going to be taking care of me thru this. I'm so scared for him I hope its not to much for him. I am excited and so ready to have this done I have been reading all the post here and I cant tell you ladies how wonderful it is to read about the issues you have had and all the wonderful stories. It is really helping me get thru this I told a few people but I really dont want to hear anything negative at this point.

I just had my TT and breast lift on July 20th. I was just as nervous as you are and also a mother of 5 kids. The first week was the hardest...just stay on top of taking your medication. I also made sure to fast on light meals and started on stool softeners 2 days prior to surgery to help with your first BM. Also, invest in a pillow wedge for your legs and head along with about 4 down pillows. It was well worth the money! I bought mine at a medical supply store and am still using them both. Buy the large pillow wedge, and stack the down pillows on and around that. Good's day 9 for me and I'm feeling about 50% better every day!
That great advice I will have to look into getting everything ready for my big day. I'm glad to hear you are doing so good. what a blessing how does your tummy look?
Thanks I am going to stay positive and I do have a high pain tolerance so I am hoping this will be ok. I really am glad I found this site. It has helped me so much already.

Well filed out all the paperwork,paying for the...

Well filed out all the paperwork,paying for the hospital tomorrow. ( I can't believe we are paying this much) Mixed feeling right now excited nervous,trying to loose 10 more lbs. hoping to be at 135 before the surgery. ok so 8 more lbs. I'm only 5"2' so trying to get down so my results will look good. Worry, worry, worry

Hope everything goes great for you, congrats on your decision!! 6 kids...WOW you are superwoman!! You definately deserve this!! My TT is August 20th. I can't wait!
That's great August 20th I Wish mine was sooner. I am no Superwomen that is for sure. They sure did a mess on my tummy. LOL Thanks Lets keep in contact on here I would love to see your after pics.
I will definately be posting them! My pre-op is on the 16th and it seems like the days are going by soooo slowly because I'm so excited to get it done. I started taking Vitamin C 500mg 2x daily to promote healing. (My PS recommended) You should start doing that soon if you werent planning on it!

Well, 18 days and counting so ready for the new me...

Well, 18 days and counting so ready for the new me. Every morning as I am getting ready for work I look at myself and try to imagine what I will look like without the big tummy and perky breast. Its so close but so far away. I have told the ladies at work and I have to say they are all so wonderful I havent told my brothers or sisters because they would think I was crazy. Or think I think I am so vain. But I feel like I have raised my children and they are all doing really good in life. I am very proud on them I feel like I did a good job as a mom, and I was a really good wife thru a really bad marriage. Now that all the kids are grown and I have a man in my life that wants me to focus on me and what will make me feel better about me. I am doing it and that is that. Ok with that off my chest come on August 31st.

I am going to start taking the Vit C tomorrow my pre op appt is on the 17th. and I have to have a EKG also because I had a heart attack 10 years ago. I was about 200lbs and in a very stressfull marriage back then so the doctor is not worried about it and I am sure all is well I'm not on any medication for as I have lost weight and the bad marriage LOL. I am so excited and ready and yes the day are crrrawwwling along.

Ok I had my pre-op appt. Today and made my final...

Ok I had my pre-op appt. Today and made my final payment today yeah for me. Got started on my vitamins the PS gave me I'm super excited and can't wait till the 31st to get this all done. My sweetie is being very supportive well he is paying for it all (what a wonderful gift) so he is being wonderful. I keep thinking of all the cute clothes I will be able to wear once this all over. I did ask about my pubic area because I read some reviews where people had a few issues with that. And my PS does a little lower body lift and will do lipo if I need it I was so glad to hear that. Ok also asked about the pain pump because my PS does use it and I read here that it is a bonus to have. Ok I'm ready to say goodbye to my old belly and hello to my new tummy.

I'm excited for you the time will come fast. Your very smart to Remember the pubic area I also told my PS I wanted a lift make me look like I'm 20 again n she did a great job. My incision is very low because of it and blood flows slower down there so I been drinking alot of fluid n eating nuts to help with healing I may or may not have a scar but honestly after going through many before n after pictures my incision is Much lower then most I will be able to wear a thong if I want I'm really pleased of the placement my pubic looks desirable again yippee! Get movies move your TV if u want I actually set up camp in the family room I put small TV tons movies tables close to couch for snacks juice pills I have like 6 regular pillows blanket books extra extension cord to reach my phone why charging. Its help me to be just a bit more independent I also bought box surgical pads only because binder is not comfortable so beforehand I place a couple pads underneath binder for comfort also bought baby wipes I refuse to let my daughter wipe my butt and first week it was hard for me to bend n reach the wipes work alot better then toilet paper keep us posted

I am one week away from the my big day. Down to...

I am one week away from the my big day. Down to the final countdown, excited, scared, unsure! I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions. I knew it would come to this, I have always wanted to get ride of the hugh tummy and strech marks they are horrible. I will post a few before pics this week. I have learned so much from reading everyones posting that I feel so prepared for my surgery. Thanks to all of you wonderful posters for sharing your stories and pics.

I got clearence on my Heart Stress test today and...

I got clearence on my Heart Stress test today and all my lab came back great. So it's a go for the 31St of this month 1 week till TT Day!!!!!!

Ok got brave enough to take a few before pics.

Ok got brave enough to take a few before pics.

Yeah!! Your big day is tomorrow!! I know you are super excited and I'm excited for you too! Good luck!
Great Ideas, I am planning on sleeping in the livingroom on the recliner for a few days. I am hoping I can get into our bed after the first week. I have all the movie channels on our cable so I am set. I am planning on getting allot of fresh fruit this weekend and juices ( although I am not big on juices). I am really excited about the surgery and cant wait to see the results. I tried to put some before pics but for some reason I cant get them from my Blackberry phone. Again thanks so much for all the great Ideas.

Today is TT Day need to be at the hospital at 7 a...

Today is TT Day need to be at the hospital at 7 a.m. I set the alarm for 5:30 but I'm already up. Excited scared and every emotion in between right now.

Made it thru surgery and all is going well. Back...

Made it thru surgery and all is going well. Back at home today. Pain pump in and only taking extra stregnth tylenol for pain. Just feels like I did allot of ab work and I'm really sore. Had to cough a few times and that hurt like crazy. Yuk yuk yuk. Dr said he took 2.5 lbs of skin and fat. And about a lb of fat with lipo off the flanks haven't seen my tummy yet kinda scared. My breast are sore but not to bad more of a burning feeling. Excited that its done now I'm hoping to heal well.

I tried to post before pics but couldn't get them to post will have to try agin later. Haven't seen my new tummy kinda scared. I am feeling really well today my sweetie is doing a wonderful job of taking care of me. Poor thing can handle everything but the blood so I empty my drains from hell they are the only thing that hurt. I am almost standing straight today which feels much better on my back. I think I'm going t go back to only taking my extra strenght tylenol don't like the way the pain meds make me feel. Taking a total of 23 pills a day. Vitamins and all. Ok going to try and shower now which me luck guys. I am 100% happy so far.

You made it through! And now you just have to heal. Please let me know if you need help posting photos or even video. Can't wait to see how you look. And please keep us updated on how you're feeling through all this.


Day 3 out of surgery and I'm feeling pretty...

Day 3 out of surgery and I'm feeling pretty good resting is making crazy. My sweetie is taking good care of me but I'm tired of doing nothing. I finally got up and did some things today. But not enough I am standing up pretty straight had a BM today yeah for me. All is going well I'm just scared to look at my tummy what if doesn't look good. I had a horrible dream last night that it was horrible so it totally freaked me out. I think it was the meds I took. So no more of that for me. Lol Tomorrow I get take the pain pump out and get a shower I'm excited to finally get in the shower. Not sure what I'm going to do with the drains while I shower. Any ideas on that. Can't wait to wash my hair.

Ok I finally figured out how to add before pics, I...

Ok I finally figured out how to add before pics, I am going to my 1 week pre-op appt at 3:00 today so I will get some pre-op pics. Wish me luck first time to see my new belly button and the scar I'm a little scared. Ok, take a breath and relax.

Had my 1 week post-op appt today it went well PS...

Had my 1 week post-op appt today it went well PS says I am healing well. He removed one my right drain but kept the left drain till Friday just to be on the safe side. ( better safe then sorry) and removed the stiches in my belly button I couldn't feel a thing so not bad at all. Asked about what bra to use and he said could us which ever one I felt most comfortable with at this point seeing how my lift was done only with a vertical mastopexy which I am very pleased with. and here are a few after pics I am really, really swollen. Can't wait to see a final results hate being so swollen. YUK!!!!!!!!!

Wow looking good! I'm Happy your doing great keep us posted
Thanks Tesslove I am feeling really good. I am hoping the swelling will go down soon. I have had that much but I still want to see the final picture. lol

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I made it thru my 1st week back at work. and I am...

I made it thru my 1st week back at work. and I am feeling pretty good. Have the tighting in my abs and still pretty swollen. (YUK) I can fit into my old jeans and most of my clothes and I did get a few new scrubs size small and x-small....first time in a long time I have been in a small anything. It is a wonderful feeling. althought I still look in the mirrow and think who's body is that? I started putting the scarcare on this morning and hoping it will help the scars they are very fine and look ok now but this road has only just began. I am a little worried about my right nipple it looks almost square to me maybe its the way its swollen I dont know but I am going to talk to my PS about that when I go back in November. If anyone else has a problem with that I would love to hear about it. Other then that issue everything else seems to be doing fine.

Well I'm at 4 weeks and felling really good just the tight feeling. Which after all the flab and fat I had I don't mind at all. It feels great to reach down and actually feel a flat tummy. My sweetie laughs at me when I say I'm swollen now it has become a running joke at our house. I am so excited we went to get me shorts because here in Texas u can wear shorts almost all year around. Anyway I tried a few sizes and I ended up in a size 4 I'm so excited.
Glad to know you're doing well. You're looking good, don't worry all that swelling gets better slowly and comes back sometimes so don't freak out. Keep pics updated as you heal. So happy for you!
Your results look amazing!! Don't worry about the will go down but it takes a while. I am five months out and continue to notice the changes every week. It just continues to get better and better. I will post my six month pictures in mid October. You look great and I am so glad to hear you are feeling well.
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He spent time with me to explain everything to me at my consult and his nurse was so good at going thru things again before I sign everything to make sure this is what i really wanted. He is honest with me about what I should expect which means allot to me. I went to two other Drs and they told me what I wanted to hear not after I got on this site and read reviews I figured that out.

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