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I am having my procedure in 2 days - a tt with...

I am having my procedure in 2 days - a tt with lipo of flanks and upper thighs in addition to an umbilical hernia repair. I have three kids (16,13,4). I am in great health and am hoping that recovery isn't too difficult. I will have help from my husband and mother-in-law for a week (love them!). I made a trip to Costco to load up the freezer, and have been cleaning and doing laundry all week. Can't wait to see my new tummy and be comfortable in my clothes again!


Hey! Thanks for all the well wishes! So far, so good. I do have pain (tenderness), but the meds help a lot. I make sure I take them on time every dose. My appetite has been light, but is improving. I just eat very small meals. I was lucky and didn't suffer with nausea (sp?). I had my first post op appt. today and they took out the pain pump. Everything looked great and I know it will improve after the swelling goes down. I still have a drain that will be in for probably another week. I forgot to give you my stats earlier: I am 42 years old, 5'6" and weighed in at 129 lbs. the morning of surgery. The surgery took FOUR hours! No complications, I think he was just taking his time making me a cute belly button! He took 1 1/2 lbs. of skin off me and said my muscles were really separated (brought them in about 5-6 inches). My waist looks awesome so far and I can't wait until I can stand up straight to see my true profile!
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You're 3 days out. Thinking about you and wondering how you're doing!

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Good luck!! You'll do great! I had mine 2 wks. ago I am doing better thank I thought. Tips-Stay on top of your meds and keep a positive outlook.
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I am now 9 days out and recovery has been pretty...

I am now 9 days out and recovery has been pretty much as expected - slow but steady. I still have the one drain in that I hope to have taken out in 3 days or less (I have to call with a drainage output report in the a.m.). I am almost standing completely up straight! Sleeping has been a little off since I decreased my pain meds and moved over to extra strength tylenol. From day one, I slept in my own bed with plenty of pillows. I am not in the "jacknife" position anymore, but continue to sleep on my back with a few pillows under my knees. Challenges so far: finding the right balance between getting enough walking around time and not overdoing it, and letting other people do things for me. Things that have been helpful: a memory foam pillow that I know for sure saved my back, having my arms and legs do the work my abs would have otherwise, taking Phillips MOM chewable tablets each morning after my surgery (no problems there AT ALL!), drinking tons of water (regular, Smart and Vitamin, and being as close to my ideal weight as possible.

One thing I found interesting that wasn't discussed with my ps before surgery was the lipo he did above my belly button. When I was researching this procedure, I heard complaints about pooches above the belly button long-term. My ps did the lipo to prevent this from happening because often times it is really difficult to get the muscles as tight there as the lower abs. I thought that was GENIUS and really appreciate the time and effort he took there.


Nice update JanDan!  Glad to hear that your are doing so well and happy with your results.  You are only going to get better and better each week from here on out.   Will you be posting before and after pics?  Always fun to see the changes.  Congratulations.
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JanDan - I know others near you will ask, but are you comfortable sharing the name of your plastic surgeon?

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Thanks for the encouragement. I am now 9 days out and feel pretty good. What were you feeling like at two weeks? I am hoping at that point, I can get back to at least some of my everyday routine.

11 Days post surgery - Only drain taken out...

11 Days post surgery - Only drain taken out yesterday. Taking Aleve for pain - working like a charm. Feeling great and doing light mom duty! Must admit, the incision was pretty hard to look at when they took the tape off. It is still pretty tender. I know it will continue to evolve over the next year. Fortunately, I have pale skin and my scars heal white/silvery. My ps had me change to a girdle type garment (just a tube with a tummy panel). I put on a pair of regular shorts today and they were too big at the waist - woo hoo!


Hi Jan
I found your story and had to write bc I too had a hernia repair. I am finding that my belly button area is still so very sore at 5 weeks post op. I did not have a new belly button created with my tt, just the old one pulled down. And like you, my muscles were very seperated, but your new belly looks gorgeous! I'm not happy with mine at all, but nothing I can do about it now. Everyone keeps saying it will get better, so we shall see. I was wondering if you had a lot of pain in the umbilical region, and if so, how long it lasted. Thanks!
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I am 4 months out and am not experiencing any belly button pain. Right now, I am still numb in the abs and tender at the lipo sites. You are still so early in your recovery that I would expect you still have some tenderness and discomfort. I don't remember having much pain in my belly button region, but I was still very tender, swollen and sore at five weeks. If I were you, I would give it more time, but definately talk to your surgeon about it at the next appt. Hope this helps and thanks so much for the complement!
I am having a great week so far. I am even going without my compression garment today. I still have a little swelling, but it has lessened considerably and I am feeling a lot more comfortable. My abs feel great, but I guess I had no idea the lipo would still be so tender and numb at this point (he didn't even take that much fat out)! When I first started thinking about having this surgery, it didn't even cross my mind that there would be lipo involved, but I am glad it was done. It smoothed out my back side and pulled in my waistline. I have never had an hour glass figure, but now I do!
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