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Hello ladies! Iam 29, in May, and a mom to three...

Hello ladies! Iam 29, in May, and a mom to three girls. They are 11,8,and soon to be 7. I have always been a very petite girl, weighing 105 most of my life. Iam 5'4. I was 105 to start out during all three of my PG.When i went in to deliver I was 195, all three times.I lost the weight within a few months,every time. I now have my tubes tied and very saggy skin when i bend over and my breasts are like paper thin when i bend over. I have decided to have a makeover with a tt and bA and lipo in the love handles......I feel crazy not being able to tell anyone because of the comments about your so tiny, you dont need it. Blah blah blah......I am a nervous wreck...I am so afraid of dying over such a crazy thing. leaving my girls is killing me. I truley dont want them to know due to body image issues. I am trying to keep calm ,but i need all the help i can get.Please Please post helpful hints and tips to fast recovery

Well, today I will put down my deposit.......ugh!...

Well, today I will put down my deposit.......ugh! I'm so very nervous and afraid of dying lol. I am really praying for a fast recovery. Can anyone tell me if you are able to care for kids and cook dinner after ten days?

Well, last night I decided since I am a side...

Well, last night I decided since I am a side sleeper, I would make my nest early and try it out before all the pain. I am so glad I did! I did not sleep very much. I had no place to rest my head with out straining my neck. Any advice! I'm pretty comfy except my head. I go to my pre op visit Monday the 27! I'm not a workout kinda person, I mean I do some times try to be, but I never stick to it. A worry I have is that my body won't be able to handle the surgery or recovery because I'm not fit.....16 days!! Prayers please..

I had my pre op today and it went well. I'm so...

I had my pre op today and it went well. I'm so happy with my surgeon choice! He makes me feel at ease and like I have nothing to worry about, even tho I will worry on the morning of. I start my vitamins today. He gave me vitamix, it comes with arnica and the others for swelling. I will have one drain he thinks. No binder!! I will have pain pump. I had blood work, anemia and pregnancy test. I will wear support hose for surgery to help prevent clots. I will wear a bra from them for six weeks.....that just about covers it.

My date is so close......eeekkkk!!! I had so many...

My date is so close......eeekkkk!!! I had so many emotions at my pre op yesterday, I almost walked out and said forget it! I really want this, but I really want the Lord to allow me more time with my kids. I keep thinking of all the ladies on here that sounded like me and they are in full recovery mode now, and well. It's so scary! I got some vitamin water and protein bars at the store and stool softener. I started mt vitamins yesterday. They are like horse pills. Lol! I'm ready to be done!!

Ok, well today I will note is a bad day....I am so...

Ok, well today I will note is a bad day....I am so afraid and emotional! I have cried twice in thirty min. And I have made( and deleted) my kids a good bye video! I will blame some of this on the fact that I will have a monthly visit some time soon, hope fully before next Thursday! Am I crazy? I mean I have loose skin, and back ache( probably caused by muscle separation) I mean do I really need this? I'm like many times ready to say I'm not doing it!

Hello ladies! I am making a list of foods to snack...

Hello ladies! I am making a list of foods to snack on, since everyone says they can't eat. What is everyone buying for the first week? I have low sodium everything....saltine crackers, cheese, fruit, apple sauce, pudding, water, vita water, raw veggies, Cheerios.....what am I missing?

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I am a mess!...

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I am a mess! Please, ladies pray, pray, pray.
I am so afraid, happy, excited...I don't know what I am!
I'm making my nest today. I have a king size plastic protection over my chair.
When are you able to raise your arms over your head to put on a shirt?
When are you able to sit in a normal position on a couch?
We are expected to have a storm come through today until the weekend. Great! I'm a wimp at storms and now I'm having surgery in one....wonderful.

Today!! It's here. Oh, man! I am dealing out. I...

Today!! It's here. Oh, man! I am dealing out. I have seen so many of you post your fears and worries, to type the same things I am. I then see you post your done! Why am I still so worried? I was trying to back out last night and the hubs said, mo you will regret have wanted this for so long. Ugh! He is right, but man I'm afraid. I will put my girls on the bus and then load the car and head out. Ladies, please say some prayers for me. I go in for surgery at 10:15. I will be praying for everyone durinf my many talks lately, with God.

I'm alive! I am po day 1. I had surgery at 1015...

I'm alive! I am po day 1. I had surgery at 1015 thursay. I don't remember anything.
The side.of my breast hurts. Just under my arm pit. My drains spots also hurt.did anyone have this problem? No bm yet...

Hello, everyone! Wow, what a ride. I was calm on...

Hello, everyone! Wow, what a ride. I was calm on the day of surgery, we get there and the nurse calls my name to get my paper work started.....then it happens, she asked if I had a living will.......tears flow from that point on. Ha. Anyway I get in my gown and get prepare to go. I'm like I can't do it at this point...I really thought I ciuldnt. That's all I remember! Day two is clear, but nothing before. It's still like a dream. I can't grasp that I went through with it. I felt really good. Walking around with my walker, hanging out with the hubs. The whole weekend rocked! Today, I woke up in pain...very stiff. I then start crying cause I look like death just rose from the dead. I mean dang, lady brush your hair. Haha! What are you guys doing? Hair, makeup, what? I feel like a slob.....i hate it!! When can I life my arms up in the air to put on a shirt?

Hello, everyone! I am two weeks post op tomorrow!!...

Hello, everyone! I am two weeks post op tomorrow!! I saw the doctor on Monday and he removed one drain......didn't feel a thing. I now am massaging my breasts twice daily. I'm still very swollen, its getting old, but really not that bad. I'm not eating very healthy anymore...but I'm not eating very much. All in all its good. I think my bb is not as cute as my original, but its still healing so we will see. The area on my muffin top is still there.....I hope that swelling goes soon. I can't really see my after figure because I'm swollen all around my mid section. Can some one explain the dropping of the breasts? When will I know? How do I know I'm massaging them right? Well hopefully I will get my drain out Friday and then I can sleep in my bed and on my side!! With my love!!!

Hello ladies! I am two weeks and three days. My...

Hello ladies! I am two weeks and three days. My breasts are still big, my belly still very much swollen, and my back still hurts....I'm almost walking straight, but I kinda lean to the side, anyone else do that? I hope I get my last drain out Monday, the little clip from the drain broke!! I can't fit into any of my clothes....what about you guys?

Well, I will be 4 weeks on Thursday. I'm still...

Well, I will be 4 weeks on Thursday. I'm still very swollen, but I can wear a few things with my spanx on. When is a good time to start buying clothes? I'm not sure what size bra or jeans I will be in. I have a few things that I still can't wear that I was able to before surgery. We went to an outdoor antique mall yesterday and walked for hours......I was very tight and swollen all night. I did the wifey deed yesterday, not bad at all. I still have a hard time sleeping in my bed and not in the chair...anyone else? I get full very fast some times don't even feel hungry, but I eat a little any way. I'm going camping Easter weekend, this should be fun! I just want to wear clothes..its 90 degree here and I can't fit into any shorts and my tanks are so snug it makes my breast look this giant bra I have to wear, there is no hiding it.

Can anyone tell me the work outs we can do at...

Can anyone tell me the work outs we can do at three week?

It seems everyone is posting about how their...

It seems everyone is posting about how their clothes are so big and loose.....well, I can only fit into a few of my "big" clothes...WTH!! I'm so swollen, I guess. I mean every thing is small on me. I really can't eat a lot and I'm afraid I will look to skinny when its all over because I don't est a lot and my mind is saying I'm to big cause I can't fit into my clothes....any of them!! I was my smallest right before surgery and now I have no idea where I'm at...any one else feel like this??

Well, I am 5 weeks today! I never thought I would...

Well, I am 5 weeks today! I never thought I would be this far out and still swollen. I cant fit into any of my pre surgery clothes. Thank God I had some older bigger clothes to wear. I thought for sure I would be able to shop now,but I can't! I am only snacking all day, handfuls here and there. Never a full meal! Yesterday was my first meal in days. I eat half a sandwich for lunch and am so tight...I always feel full. I hate not knowing if its me gaining weight or if its stupid swelling. I don't know what to do.... I guess go back to eating salad and fruit.. I just figured since I wasn't eating very much I shouldn't watch what I eat. I'm the type that if I don't eat I loose very very fast and five pounds is a lot to a person that weighs 109.... I also take forever to loose five pounds.. it took 8 months once to loose 5 pounds!! Can you believe that?! Well , I am open to suggestion....

Look at this picture and let me know what you...

Look at this picture and let me know what you think....

Hello!! Well, apparently I have been wearing...

Hello!! Well, apparently I have been wearing support hose not spanx..... Thats why I'm still really swollen. Ugh! I had no idea what I was doing when I bought the dang things, there was a ton on the wall. Now off to find real spanx. Any suggestions... Dillards doesn't have xsmall so its a no ho there. I don't even know what size to get. The ones I have now are small, so I guess if its big I get xsmall, right? I don't know...I'm six weeks now and have a check up on Monday. Things are looking good. I think he made my scar higher than I wanted, so now its up to me to really get rid or mask that bad boy..... How are you ladies doing on scar treatment. Scaraway, holy snakes its 20.00 for a box and one box is only seven days for this huge thing I have going from hip to hip.... It kinda makes me sad its so long and high... My panties can't even cover it unless I wear regular cotton panties....

Hello! I had my six week visit yesterday......

Hello! I had my six week visit yesterday... Everything looks good! I went to nieman Marcus and got fitted for a t shirt bra.... I'm a DD!!!!!!! Wow, did not expect that at all. I went from an A cup to a dd.. crazy! I also got a real pair of spanx and OMG those are way better than the target brand.... I can fit into my clothes now!!!!!!! I put on my size 2 this morning.. aaaahhhhh... I can't believe it, six weeks of not fitting into anything but a 5 and all because I was wearing the wrong spanx.... Wow! I'm a happy girl today.

New 6 week pics! I will be 7 weeks on Thursday,...

New 6 week pics! I will be 7 weeks on Thursday, but those will have to wait until more swelling goes down....what are you guys doing for scar treatment? I have the silicone sheets, but I feel like I should do more. What are you doing to start working out? I ordered the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD... Waiting on it to arrive, has anyone tried it?

Hello! I'm 8 weeks on Thursday. I just started...

Hello! I'm 8 weeks on Thursday. I just started working out to the DVD Brazilian butt lift. I start burning and swelling after 5 min. Does anyone else have this problem? I can't do hardly anything. Everything else is going great. When do you know if your scar is closed enough to swim? I was using story strips,but I didn't think they were doing anything so I'm now using kelo cote. Anyone use that? I measured my waist last night it's 27". I have to go back to store and be refitted for a bra. I think I am 30 D. Does anyone breasts scar hurt from rubbing like feeling? Mine does often.

9 weeks.... Bikini pictures! Ready for Sun. .. ...

9 weeks.... Bikini pictures! Ready for Sun. .. bra shopping was Extremely hard!! I am in a 30 DD.... WTH...

10 weeks!!!

10 weeks!!!

Hello! I'm wanting to know if anyone else has...

Hello! I'm wanting to know if anyone else has seriously dry skin on the tummy after using cocoa butter? It's so bad... I don't know what to use. Help!!
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I will say when its over.

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I was just reading your story...and it sounds like we're just alike. I have four sweet kids and I can't ever imagine leaving them beind for something like a breast lift and implants. I'm scheduled in April and I'm just in turmoil trying to decide or not to back out. Would you do it all over again? You look really great btw!
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Hey. Thank you! I'm still not 100% in love with my body, but those are my issues. I will say the man of the house can't keep his hands off and I always catch him peeking while I'm getting dressed. I feel sexy and can wear sexy stuff in the bed room and I couldn'tbefore. My doctor put my scar to high and didn't do enough lipo on my sides so I struggle with muffin top bad. .. I have to go back and get more done. He also didn't fill my implants up enough so I have some ripples under my breasts.
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Hi! How are you feeling this far post op? I'm having my tt & ba Feb21 and want to gather all my research to prepare!
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You look amazing :-)
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You look great! I am loving how your abs cave in a little! Awesome! Congrats on your results!
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This site is Awesome! All of y'all are awesome. I think we are all a different breed. How can all these awesome people be in one place!
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LOL, lantanalady! I love that.

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Thank you, guys! I feel better.. the bikini is from VS. I got it a few yrs ago. Does anyone know at what point you can lay out without tape over your tummy?
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You look fantastic Momofgirls, love the VS bikini. I was wonder about tanning. My PS says 6mth to a year without the sun on incisions His pamphet says use SPF 25... I think. Are you using tape and if so is it paper tape?
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I'm not using any tape unless I go outside, then I use the tape I was sent home with. I use Kelo-Cote and cocoa butter cream. I do apply a ton of spf before taping them up. I just wear a one piece out. Thanks for your comment.
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You look phenomenal!!! The bikini is SOOOO cute.
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You look amazing!
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Just want to say you look amazing :-)
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Thank you! I'm at a point now that I truly love my body!! I can't believe it. I feel so good in a bikini. Now to be able to workout without the horrible burning sensation....
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Wow that is tiny! Congratulations :)
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The 27 was around my bb area.
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Was that 27" on the smallest part? It looks like about 24!!
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I nearly spit out my water when I saw your new pictures! You look AMAZING!!!! What an inspiration :)
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Thank you so much!! Your such a sweet heart. I'm still waiting to wake up and not look like this.. its like a dream, girl! I can't believe it. I'm still trying to adjust to having breasts!!! Wow..
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I just started the bbl last week when a friend of mine got the DVDs, so almost 9 months post op. But reflecting on my healing in this process I'd say I could've started it around 3 months post-op... but likely would've dealt w/ a lot of post-workout swelling then. Am pretty much over the swell now unless I have a ton of salt / sodium, like when I eat sushi ;)
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yes- the ab workout is on one of the DVDs. I also bought the Bonus bbl DVD with ankle weights and resistance bands- should arrive by mail in a week! Will let you know how it goes! As for scar treatment I've tried everything and found that the most effective treatment that worked far better than anything else was to use Mederma early on in the day on all scars and then use the silicone strips at bedtime. The silicone strips were so much more effective when used with the Mederma rather than used alone- but you must give your body time to absorb the mederma before putting the silicone strips on or else your silicone strips will get less sticky and wear out prematurely. Hope that helps! You look fantastic! What cc's did you get in your breasts?
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Thanks! I got 250 and 245...
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How far along were you when you started the bbl?
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You look amazing! Great results! My TT & BA were 8 months ago- very pleased w/ how I look but even more pleased about how quickly I get results when working out now. I just started the Brazil Butt Lift workout this week and tho I look like an A-hole while doing it I will say it is an awesome workout! It's really toning my butt and thighs quickly, and yesterday I did the ab workout- which was also great. Good luck to you!
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