Wow. I Am Very Dissapointed Yet Hoping for a Miracle. - Austin, TX

4 weeks ago I had Smart Lipo at Beliza Med spa.Day...

4 weeks ago I had Smart Lipo at Beliza Med spa.Day of surgery I weighed 149.5 on my scale.My waist was 29.5 inches & hips were 41 inches.I am five ft 3,size 8.I have been an exerciser for 16 years running,lifting weights & yoga(8 to 12 hours) a week. I have struggled with my size for last couple of years since menopause hit.I am 48 years old. I have a closet full of beautiful size 6 clothes. I got the Smart lipo because every consultant and review I saw saId I would lose at least 1 size.

I have eaten a smart diet and kept exercising since procedure.I had flanks, hips, lower abs & outer thighs done. My waist is 31 inches, my hips 41 inches and I weigh 152. I am so disspointed. The nurses tell me this has never happened before and they all keep telling me to be patient.Now they are saying it is my hormones yet my bloodwork was done prior to, to check for Thyroid etc.

Dr. Broder

In addition to feeling ripped off customer service was hit and miss. Dr. just sent before and after. My waist is clearly bigger, tummy is swollen and there is no difference in hips and thighs. I keep trying to upload pics with no luck.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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I used br B and I love it
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Hi Mary in Austin...just curious...have you seen any improvement in the increasing weight and measurements? I had a very similar result right after my second SmartLipo procedure of my abs. I was doing everything the same--same exercise, same diet, no binging...but just a few weeks post-op, I realized I gained 8 pounds and fat on my hips, thighs, and arms. My upper body seems broader and thicker. I have been working out like a psychopath, but the expenditure is not really proportional to the outcome. I have barely dropped the extra weight. It makes me sad. I was just hoping you had a happier story with a more positive ending. Wishing you the best of luck.
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I had a lot of swelling for three months. The first month I could not wear my regular clothing. Did you wear a compression garment?
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How are you doing now? I noticed your concern at your last post being 6 weeks into your recovery. For what you had done that was still way too early to judge! Now that its been 2 more months how are you feeling about your results? Remember it takes 6 MONTHS to see full results. I know its hard being patient... I had SmartLipo at Beleza almost 2 weeks ago and so far everything has been fabulous from customer service to how my results are coming along. Of course I get down sometimes because it does take a long time to get results. Keep up a positive attitude, you should have known just from personal research before your procedure that this is a long commitment to full recovery. I hope things are getting better for you!
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Mommy4lipo. What was ur weight before procedure n what is it now?
I noticed that Dr. Broder isn't a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that's why I have been looking else where... I really what Lipo done but now I'm not sure...
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Hi I had smart lipo on upper and lower abs at beleza in Austin about six weeks ago and it took four weeks for my stomach swelling to stop. I too was bigger ,for several weeks! Hold on to hope because I was upset too. I wasn't pleased completely either with the dr but he is okay if you can handle less than good bedside manners. I still have swelling in lower area but it has gone down a lot. Message me if you have questions about my experience and I felt the same way you did! I hope it goes down more and I am trying to be patient but at least I am finally a bit smaller than before I went in
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44days now...still a little bigger in waist...stomach looks funny. I had 4 areas done and none are smaller.hope is fading... I just spent 6 days hiking tough terrain . If I was going to lose swelling...water would have happened. Thanks for the kind words though.

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Post exercise I would swell bad. My dr told me to expect that with exercise. Makes sense when you think about it. You had an injury to the area and your body repsonds with inflamation (swelling). Think about a swollen sprained ankle. If you later walked on it, it would swell even more.
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I agree with u, I think I just might hold off for a while longer. I was doing some research on this procedure called water assisted Lipo. Have u heard of it?
Thanks for responding so fast, will b looking forward to hear back from u. hopefully u will see results n 2 weeks.
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Nyrie, It has only been two days since I posted this. I did go to the office and the staff was pretty gracious about it all. With the doctor;After asking me if I had been binge eating, or having digestion issues of which I answered "no". The Dr. basically told me my stomach had all the fat that could be taken out...I pointed to my waist, thighs and hips being bigger since the procedure and he had nothing to say about that other than he wasn't trying to rip me off. He basically shrugged and said let's give it more time. I can update this in two weks. In the meantime save your money.
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Had my done a few years ago,, doesn't get any better. wish I had used my money for a full tummy tuck.. very displeased.
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Omfg! I was thinking bout going there to get my procedure done!! Do u see any change at all???
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