Nana Can't Wait for Her Surgery--April 5 - TX

I am 52 with 2 children, 26 & 23. Body...

I am 52 with 2 children, 26 & 23. Body didn't go too far downhill until I gained & lost 45 pounds. Lost the weight slowly & kept off for 2+ years. I was originally going to get lipo or Zerona to get rid of what I thought was fat, but my surgeons said it was all skin. I had worked too hard to have a permanent muffin top, so this was my choice.

I grew up in the 70's, so didn't wear bras all the time, so "perky" was never really a good adjective for my breasts. So since I was going in for the TT, the breasts get to be helped out as well. I'm hoping my body "renovation" isn't like a 52 year old house renovation -- you update one room & the rest of the house looks like crap -- so you move on to redoing the next room. Well, I'll cross that bridge when & if it comes.

This website has been a Godsend. Everyone's honesty & willingness to share such personal info has been SO helpful. One thing that I did do, was have my husband read all the great advice given by Kimmers25 & JenBob. That way he may have a little insight into what I might be feeling.

Expecting the worst but really hoping for the best. I'll do my best to keep everyone up to date.

I am 5'2" and weigh 123 pounds. Hoping to...

I am 5'2" and weigh 123 pounds. Hoping to get under 120 before the surgery but doesn't look like I will.

Hey nana! Hope you are recovering well and in little pain! All the best!
yap..i agree to that will be sure gonna look amazing..i'm very excited for you..i can't wait to see your result..hang in there have lot's of rest too.. but make sure to walk a little to prevent blood i am getting excited for my nana make over too.. and you know what , the first thing i will look as soon as i open my eyes is my tummy and breast ..LOL:) well i think we made a very good gift to our self..after all we are not that old yet...right?..well i will let you go for now ..ttyl hope you heal well...
I agree with you ladies!! I feel better than ever at 40 and I hope to look half as good as some of my 50 year old friends when I get there. We are still young and totally able to look hot!! :) I am excited for you are going to look amazing!

Three days after surgery. Doing well. Pain meds...

Three days after surgery. Doing well. Pain meds every 6-7 hours. Muscle relaxants 2-3 times per day. Pulled out pain pump late afternoon yesterday. Like a lot of others on this site, back pain is worse than the actual TT & BL/BA. I'm still pretty tired & can't rmember what I did an hour ago. Can't remember what day it is. :0) Will post pics in a few days.
Hey Nana! I think we had our surgeries the same day...April 5th?! Nice to "know" somebody else who went through it the same day as me! How are things going?! I can't wait to see some after pics so that I can compare with mine and how we are healing!!! That's awesome that you did this for yourself! :-)
Hello NanaMakeove..well i'm so glad to hear from you at least i know that you are okey....just make sure have plenty of rest and lots of water..and of course walk around a little..can't wait to see some of your pictures..i'm sure you look surgery is next wednesday so i'm getting so nervous and scared too..i just hope and pray that i will be okey..just like all you ladies...keep me in your prayers:)
Good to hear from you! Get lots of rest and soon you'll be showing off that amazing body!

Thanks to all who have been commenting on my...

Thanks to all who have been commenting on my journey. Prayers out to everyone who is going through the same thing. I finally feel like I'm back to living. I've been mostly sleeping the past week -- Percocet I'm sure. Trying to wean off the narcotics, so we'll see how that goes.

Not too much pain. The area over my sternum & my back have caused me the most pain so far. Showers help a lot. Couldn't take one until the 3rd day as I needed to wait until the pain pump came out.

Follow up yesterday & got the breast drains out; hopefully the 2 hip ones will come out on Friday. I'm posting some more pics today.

Sure glad I read a lot of stories on this site, or my swollen labia would've freaked me out. Not one of my doctors told me about it.
Lovely bones: good luck tomorrow. This past week has flown by. Get lots of rest & eat healthy. Small meals tho. Too much food makes the tummy really tight.
Wow..Nana you look amazing..i'm so happy for you you go..lady its a New You..make sure u celebrate that..Well mine is tomorrow, so wish me good luck..hope everything goes good on my make over surgery..just like my daughter and yours too.make sure you keep in touch with me..nice to talk to someone my ages too..well i'm super scared and nervous too. but of course deep down i'm very excited...well i guess this is it..may God watch over me while i'm under anestecia..and hope to wake up with my family cheering on to you later..
WOW! You are looking fantastic!

Things are going well. I was actually able to sit...

Things are going well. I was actually able to sit up straight in the shower yesterday. The shower chair with a back was a great investment.

One weird thing is that sometimes when I put my arm down, I can hear what sounds like my implant. It makes the sound like when you put your hand under your armpit and flap your arm. That is so weird.
Wow you look great. Did you get saline or silicone? I got silicone(wish I got saline) I never her that noise.
I got saline. I will definitely ask my PS on Friday about the noise.
I heard other people say they heard that noise who have saline implants

Actually feeling almost normal again. Off pain...

Actually feeling almost normal again. Off pain medication completely. Only taking antibiotics & Arnica. Sleep at night isn't corrected yet -- I think a little withdrawal from the meds.

Got my hips drains out yesterday; the left one caused me more grief than anything (except my back of course). I wasn't quite standing up straight yet so my doc said I need to make a conscious effort to do so. My skin is capable, I just wasn't willing. The binder I got yesterday definitely helps with that. Plus the cough is easier to handle.

I've been taking showers almost daily but I finally was able to shave my legs. YAY!! Of course, it wore me out. I was going to try to go to a movie yesterday but we decided just to go to Mighty Fine Burgers instead. It tasted so good. I was a little miffed though cuz I had to wear a pair of jeans that had been put away since I lost my weight. But comfort won out over vanity, so oh well.

I'm actually starting to see the improvement of my body. My boobs still seem way too big but I know it's going to be another 6 weeks before they get to their appropriate size. Of course my hubby has no complaints. I'll post some more pics in a few days.

Hope everyone is doing well.
well hello Nana..i am doing very well so far..i can't believe that i feel so well and standing almost straight. my back still bother me a lot thu breast is okey my tummy is the one hurt the most...and i start to feel the soreness on my flanks on my lopo..well thank you for keeping in touch with me..i will posted some picture as soon as i can..before and after..take care hope we both heal well:)
Can't wait to see your updated pics! We went out to eat yesterday before my appointment and it was lovely to be out and to see people! I'm so glad to be free of drains! I plan to go and get some spanx to wear...I have read that many ladies like them and help with the swelling. The couple of garmets I have do go right below my breasts, but I have not had them bother my incisions. The spanx ones I don't think go so high, so I'm going to look for those!

Glad to know you are doing well. I think I will shower tonight...since it will have been 24 hours since the drain came out and I should hopefully be healed enough. I'm super paranoid about getting an infection in my incisions since I feel like I see "open" areas still. Tonight will be the night! Are you using a washcloth on your incision areas or are you just letting the water just go down your body and soaping up the rest of it? I just don't know if I should be touching my areas that were cut open with soap and loofa. Advice please!!!!! :-)
CP, my doc let me take showers as soon as my pain pump was after 3 days. I've showered almost everyday since and I had 4 drains. I bought a shower chair for $60 at Lowe's & it was a Godsend. You might be able to find one on Craigslist but I didn't want to hassle with that. The first few showers I just let the soap & water flow over my incisions, then as my incisions healed I gently went over them with my hands (my hubby did this for me mostly). Today I actually used a soft net-type loofa & very gently went over all the incisions. I didn't want to pull off any skin that wasn't ready but I was starting to have some scaly crap that was definitely ready to come off. I usually use a soap that has some type of scrub in it, but I only used a smooth soft soap. My doc said after next Tuesday, I can start putting lotion on the scars, such as the Merderma, cocoa butter, or whatever I wanted.

My next appointment is Wed, and then I don't think I go back for 6 weeks.

Going out to eat sure felt good, didn't it? We actually eat out a lot but yesterday was the 1st time since surgery. We sat outside & soaked up the sun.

Feeling good today. Each day is different. On...

Feeling good today. Each day is different. On Monday, I felt like I hadn't even had surgery, so I worked some at my desk. Tuesday a shower was all I could muster. On the couch most of the day. Yesterday was dr. appts. & PF Changs so did pretty good. I feel good today. I'm still sleeping propped up on my back; it just is more comfortable.

Skin on my abdomen is still pretty tight -- especially under the bra line. Of course, it might be really tight near my incision too but that part is numb. Breasts are still really tight & swollen so will be glad for those to settle down a little. Tried on 1 of my regular bras & was happy with the way it fit. I'm hoping after all the settling I'll be able to use all my old bras -- they really are pretty new & I like them.

Looking for a massage therapist that does Lymphatic Drain Massage close by my house. Anyone had this done? My surgeon highly recommends it.

Doc said I can start my light cardio again - treadmill, bike or stairmaster -- just make sure I wear good breast support & my binder for my tummy support. (He told me I can wear the binder when I want at any other time; it wasn't medically necessary any more.) He still wants me in my sports bra for 2 more weeks which is fine cuz they are very comfortable. I'll let ya'll know how my first workout goes.

Oh, and I got to sit in the bathtub last night. I was missing a whirlpool bath so much. It felt so good -- just had to make sure the jets didn't come out too hard on my hip incisions. After my bath, I massaged my scars, tummy & breasts & completely covered myself in lotion. Slept so good.
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. I'd like to hear how you progress on skin tightness. I still have some in a 'band' around lower part of abdomen and wondering how long that normally lasts. My youngest is 35 and she just stared when she saw me. They haven't seen me with this much pep.
You're looking wonderful! Hope you are healing well. I'm 57 and had TT Mar 18, so can relate regarding age. It's so worth it !!
Thank you so much. I am doing well but ready for the skin tightness to get better. I'm hoping to post a couple more pics this weekend.

Age is just a number, isn't it? I don't feel any older than I did when I was in my 30s, just a little wiser. I actually feel healthier, and more rested since my kids are grown. :o)

Posting pics from last Friday which was 17 days...

Posting pics from last Friday which was 17 days post-op.

Had my first Lymphatic Drainage Massage this morning. I think it did some good. Has anyone else followed up with these? So different than a Swedish massage. As soon as I get clearance from my dr., I'm hoping the MT can help to break up the scar tissue under my incisions. I have several pea-plus size bumps on both sides of my scars on my tummy. Only 1 on each of my breasts. Massage only 1/2 hour today but next time will be 60 minutes.

Am feeling pretty good. Went for a 30 min. walk on Saturday & it didn't wear me out. However, grocery shopping Saturday afternoon did. Cleaned off my back patio (& it's pretty big) on Friday & that didn't wear me out too much either. I guess one project a day is a good start. Starting the gym tomorrow. I'll will walk after supper tonight so I'm looking forward to that.

Tummy is still pretty swollen; feels like I have a shelf right above my incision. And it still protrudes so I'm a little bummed about that. I know, I gotta give it time. Tightness on abdomen skin is still annoying but I think the massage helped with that a little. Breasts are feeling better with each day. They still feel really heavy when I go from a horizontal/reclining position to an upright position. I have been taking off my sports bra in the evening when watching TV then putting it back on before bed. Just a nice little break -- gives 'em time to breathe.

Hope everyone out there had a nice Easter.

Nana, you are doing amazing, WOW!!! I loved your thoughts on updating a house, too funny! I hadn't seen your reviews till today but enjoyed catching up on your progress. Impressive! You are just one year older then me, so I am glad I am not the only one 50ish having this done. Keep up the great recovery.
Kimber - talked w/my PS today & said after 6 weeks I am cleared for all exercises, including pushups & bench presses. After 4 weeks, I can do lightweights for my arms & shoulders. I can swim now if I want. Pool water at our house still a little cool but the gym pool is heated, so I'll probably do a few easy laps. Just wanted to let you know what my doc had to say. Everyone is different.
Hello NanaMakeove..u look amazing glad to know that you also doing great just like far everything is pretty good on my healing journey.and i hope your's too..i'm so happy that we finally did it after all that waiting and being scared and nervous about's really a nice journey..specially where we at now..time so fast..can't believe it..I'm going to my PS this friday for my 2 week"s and 2 day I love my tummy and my boob's..never had this good looking body for a long time...LOL..I will make sure to take good care of it..I wish i can start working out ..I started but my PS said no no..well i guess i have to be good..just want to lose moere weight if i can..well hope i can post some picture like you did..but like i said i need to learn how to do it..have a blessday ttyl:)

Just got back from the gym. Oh my gosh -- it felt...

Just got back from the gym. Oh my gosh -- it felt so good. I only rode the bike for 20 minutes but it sure seemed like a hard workout. :o) I then spent 10 minutes in the wet sauna (not whirlpool) lying down & stretching out my tummy, massaging all my scars, & stretching my arms overhead. Then took a nice long hot shower. My hubby was waiting for me by the time I got done but he was patient & then carried my gym bag out to the car.
Wow Nana looking great
Thank you Maui. I'm feeling better & better everyday. Still swollen but at least I can wear some of my clothes.
I just read your profile. If you don't have a walker with tennis balls on the feet, hurry & get one. Huge help on your back while you can't stand up straight. And you won't even care that everyone else is laughing at you. Careful traveling.

Ok, everyone, got a question for those of you who...

Ok, everyone, got a question for those of you who get bikini or brazilian waxes? How long did you wait until after surgery before getting done? I wanted to get waxed prior to surgery but due to timing (period & my aesthetician's vacation) I didn't.
U r looking better and better... I love your house rennovation analogy, it's such a good way of describing what happens to some of us after we fix one or two 'rooms' LOL
Hey there!! Just checking to see how you were doing! Hope all is great on your end :)
Did you find your swelling decreased since having the massage? How long of a maggage was it?

I can't believe I haven't been on here in...

I can't believe I haven't been on here in such a long time. Been super busy but no excuse. I have been reading all the posts though. Thanks for everyone keeping up with me. I posted a new bikini pic. Will post incision pics later this week. They are doing well. Not too much scar tissue underneath. Still getting Lymphatic Drainage Massage combined with scar tissue break up sessions. Still swell up in the evening but not too bad. The only thing I've had an issue with is being able to swim on my stomach. The breast incision on the left seems to pull so much it's uncomfortable. Not too worried though. My TT scar is still sore on the far outsides of the scar; like where the drains came out of. If I sleep on my side, that side of the scar is sore. I like sleeping on my back better now than pre-surgery. If I decide to sleep on my side though, I have a pillow inbetween my boobs for support for the "top" one. Still wearing a sports bra to bed 95% of the time. I'm back into all of my pre-surgery clothes & some new, cute ones. I still want to lose about 10 more pounds but I can't seem to stop eating crap I shouldn't be eating. Priorities...I just gotta remember.

Well, I'm pretty happy with this 52 year old house now. Resigning myself to my crepey skin on my arms & legs; nothing to do about it. Not giving up on backside & thighs though. Once again, PRIORITIES. Extra chips & salsa or one less sag in my butt?

I will try to post more often. Sorry girls.
NanaMakeover - you were so on with the "oh well" mantra, what we can't fix, to let go and shrug off in life, like the bowling ball going down the lane. That's a good way to put it.
NanaMakeover, wow girl, what have you done! You look fantastic. What a transformation, you're a whole new person. I luv that bathing suit. May I ask where you found it? I'm just speechless with how good you are looking!!
Thank you so much. I got the suit at Kohl's. It's a Chaps. It took everything I had to buy it; I've never spent $60 on a bathing suit before. I did get it on sale though. I bought it on vacation but didn't take the tags off until 2 weeks later just in case I started feeling guilty about the cost. It was worth it though. I usually wear a 4-6 and the bottoms were an 8 & the top was a 14. I started with an 8 top & had to keep going up & up. It was great to not have to buy a suit with support in the top. So COOL.

My Massage Therapist is moving to the Dallas area...

My Massage Therapist is moving to the Dallas area at the end of this month. Boo-hoo. I just found her & love her work. She is so knowledgeable.
Holly Crap NanaMakeover! You look awesome!@ WOW! What a change in your before and after. Then the 2 month post op pic in a bikini that just blows my mind! I wish mine looked that good. I hope you enjoy your results.
Thanks, Edmonton. You are looking great. I'm glad I didn't get any lipo at the same time; I don't know if I could've handled the bruising. I bruise super easy anyways. I am finally actually able to see my improvement. Stupid brain doesn't like to see what everyone else sees. It only wants to see the bad stuff. Well, I'm trying not to listen to it anymore. I'm really happy with all my scars. I showed my aesthetician my boobs about 6 weeks out & she didn't even think I had scars around my aerola. There are a few bumps (scar tissue) under some of the breast scars but we are working those out. TT scar has more but they are a little easier to work on. Not so tender since it's still numb. I will post pics sans the swimsuit so I can show the progress. Need to take them in the a.m though so I'm not so swollen.
I am like you in I have a hard time seeing my improvements and only look at the negatives - mainly my thighs, butt and fatty stuff around bra! One part at a time! I loved your comment about the renovation my house will need more then a couple rooms done! LOL.. I do regret not getting my muscles tightened and I shouldn't have let him talk me out of it. Now I think back I could have went at a later time for lipo on the tummy spots that wouldn't budge but oh well move on and figure it out. Just trying to get back into doing a bit of exercise so that maybe my eating will follow suit. I look forward to sharing this journey.


OK, girls. I have a question. My abdomen seems...

OK, girls. I have a question. My abdomen seems unusually tight - not the skin, my muscles. From my bra line down to my TT scar, and about 6" across. It's like I can literally hold my muscles in my hands. My skin is taught too, but it seems like my abdominals are what is causing the discomfort. Is anyone else experiencing this? Maybe it's just normal.
Exactly~~~~amazing!! And that's why we do it!!
And we do it to ourselves, because just look at the darn results on all of us - just too amazing!
I just have to share Oh btw with I first started doing research and I came across your journey and I saw your picture and with you and the walker and you looked like you were in SO much pain and so so out of it I had to show my husband and I said, now I want you to prepare yourself for how I am going to look I want to make sure you can really really handle it because it you can't I need to hire a nurse that can!" so I showed him! And he is like "Holy Moly and you YOU WOMEN Want to do this to yourself for real??? He could hardly get over! so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for preparing for the reality that's coming his way he had NO concept at ALL! For real! So thank you thank you thank you!!!

Ok, here's some new pics. 16 weeks, 2 days...

Ok, here's some new pics. 16 weeks, 2 days post op. The side views are to show what I thought it would like like, and what it actually looks like. Hopefully the lighting shows it. Let me know if y'all can compare -- if not, I'll take a couple more with better lighting.

I'm so glad I took the picture of my abdomen...

I'm so glad I took the picture of my abdomen with the yellow bra on to be able to compare freckles. I shoud've circled them but if you look closely you can see a big difference. If you look at the red mole on my left side (right side of the screen) it is about 5" above my navel. Just to the left of that one, is another small red mole. On the pics that I posted today you can see the 1st red mole about 1-1/2" from my navel & the other little red mole is directly above my navel. I had to enlarge the picture to even see that one. Ok, even I'm impressed. My BB looks so much better.

Nana I was just looking at you pics beautiful. So may I ask y does dr put tubes in the boobies I mean I know girlfriends who just have the breast alone dont get it but did he explain why!
How true, Angie. It's definitely a sign of my perseverance & hard work to lose the weight & a constant reminder to NEVER regain it.
Hey, I was most worried about how my TT scar & BB would look. I'm so happy with both. For some strange reason, I even kind of like my TT scar, weird, huh?

Since Cheryl posted an oldie but goodie picture, I...

Since Cheryl posted an oldie but goodie picture, I thought I would too. Maybe I should cut my hair like this again.
Nana, you look awesome!!! And what a tiny waist!! I did laugh when I saw that photo of you with the walker, like a 99-year-old lady. That's going to be me! In fact, I BOUGHT a walker! My next purchase will be one of those raised toilets, so going to the bathroom doesn't take on the feeling of an Olympic event.
Great and sexy result!! I love the sense of humor in entitling the photo of you in the socks and walker (complete with tennis balls!), "in all my glory." lol! This took 25 years off your body! Wow!
nana I missed you!
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