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Dysport - Impairing Speech and Smile

Pros: less expensive than Botox, smoothed out...

Pros: less expensive than Botox, smoothed out wrinkles, produced a more youthful appearance, helped decrease a natural frown.

Cons: Side effects- Facial paralysis in mouth, smile and speech effected

I received 30 units of Dysport in my chin two weeks ago to reduce frown lines and to contour areas around my mouth. Overall it did help, but I am experiencing some major side effects and need to know if I will overcome them. My lower lip is somewhat paralyzed- and this is effecting my speech, I cannot smile normally, and other little things are effected, like biting into something, spitting etc. My doctor advised that this will get better- within the next MONTH. I am not happy about this and I am worried that it will stay like this until the Dysport wears off. Please help!


I have had Dysport injected and found that one side of my mouth is frozen and one eye drooped, if I over work the affected muscles as in excercise will the effects wear off sooner?
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The muscles of the face are small and highly specialized. It takes long time of specialization and expertise to know these muscles, their function, and their anatomy to manipulate them with a potent drug like Botox and Dysport. The most important part is to choose your doctor carefully and not accept any injector with a syringe and little knowledge of the anatomy. Injectable safety is a priority to the American society of Asthetic plastic Surgery.
I hope you will recover sooner than the 5 months.
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I couldn't agree more. It takes a very in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy along with the proper amounts of a neurotixin (Botox/Dysport) to correctly adjust lower facial muscle issues.
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NOt sure if I would recommend - this depends on if the side effects I am experiencing wears off.

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