Horrible Result with Chin Reduction

I totally regret my chin reduction. It looks worse...

I totally regret my chin reduction. It looks worse than before, with a very elongated looking face, pointy chin. Horrible. I could cry every time I look in the mirror.

I trusted my doctor because he had done my "nose-job" two years ago and it turned out to be good. This time I feel like he really messed up. He said the surgery was much less complicated than the nose job and I admit there was no pain afterwards and a fast recovery. But for this kind of surgery I think it is very important to find a doctor who has the experience to do them right. Most doctors don't perform this kind of operation too often, thus it doesn't matter if it is only a "minor" surgery. If they have no practice they can still mess it up.

I have no idea what to do now. I literally feel like my life has come to an end everytime I look in the mirror.

Is it possible to reduce the length of the chin just with cutting the bone and without any screws and plates? I ask this because I am a guy and if someone hits me in the chin after it could be a disaster. My chin is very long and I want to reduce it a bit but not much so I cant recognize myself afterwards
Hey is it possible just to shorten the bone vertically without applying any screws and plates? My chin is freakin long and I just want to make it a little smaller so it looks normal, I don't want a total face reconstruction so that i can't recognize myself, just a little bit.
thank you for replying. i see. i will keep all this in mind. thank you again.
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