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I had my first treatment on 8/4/07. I was really...

I had my first treatment on 8/4/07. I was really scared before I had my treatment, I read into it read other patients comment. I would read about how painful it was and how they didn’t get any results. I weigh 115 pounds and 5’1”. I just want to lose inches of my waist since I have a pouch and love handles every since the birth of my kids. I have worked out and those never went away. Finally did my research and found a registered nurse that has her own practice outside the hospital she works at(I work in the same hospital with her) with 2 other registered nurses. I felt really comfortable since she explained everything to me in detail and plus she works at the same facility ; ). Well she numbed me by putting ice packs on my stomach. The ice really helped I was number and she made sure I was numb in the areas she was working at if not she would put more ice. The microinjections didn’t hurt I guess cause of the ice but I did feel some stick of the needle in the area I was not numb but the pain was tolerable not painful at all. But she made sure I was numb before she continued I cant count how many times I was poked by these small needles I guess I can say close to 100. She did the lower part of my abdominal, love handles and little area on the upper abdominal for $260.00. She thinks I would only need 1 more treatment. But I guess I can see how it turns out. After she was complete she put some cream to help with any pain and discomfort I might have had and made sure I was feeling good before I left. Well when I got home my stomach was getting bigger and bigger and I could see red marks and bruising already. The next day I wanted to cry my stomach was so swollen and black and blue. I was asking myself what did I get myself in to. I worried if my stomach was going to stay like that. She called me 2 days later to see how I was doing told her about my swelling and bruising and she reassured me it’s normal like when she told me about it before and after the treatment. I just panic : ). It’s been 4 days and I still have bruising and my stomach seems like its turning yellow. I guess since the bruising is going away. The swelling has gone down a lot. I’m still little swollen and my stomach still feel tender and soft. Don’t feel any knots like other people would say. Im actually feel good on how my 1st treatment went. Everything that happening to me is what was told to me in the beginning. She did tell me also that I might see little result in this treatment that is why I need my second treatment in the end of this month. She did tell me I still have to work out and not go crazy on eating all this junk food. I have been working out everyday and watching what I eat. It has not stopped me from doing my normal things I due everyday. I will definitely keep you guys posted on how my 1st treatment is going and how my 2nd treatment went and my results. I hope I will see good results.


So after getting mesotherapy years ago I decided to come on here and write a little something and also to let you know that mesotherapy doesn’t work at all. I didn’t lose weight or inches after my third treatment. I was very disappointed because I didn’t see any results and wasted my money. On September 23, 2009 I ended up getting liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen, hips and lower back. All I can say is I love the results. I was a size 5 before the surgery and now im a size 1. Im still swollen but still seeing good results. So don’t waste your money on mesotherapy it’s not worth it.
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I have had 3 treatments of mesotherapy. The first session wasn't painful but the second & third were. They were painful because the medicine is stronger the second & third time so it burns more & longer. I have lost a total of 10lbs between the 3 sessions but I am also on a diet pill. I paid $120 for the first session & $140 for the second & third. I decided not to go anymore because this last time was really painful & left me a bruise & a couple of knots in my stomach. I would rather try another method to lose weight but everyone's pain tolerance & body is different so everyone's result will differ from each other.
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We are just alike! I just had my 1st mesotherapy treatment on my inner and outer thighs 3 days ago and I was freaking out because I hate needles! I just make myself all worked up for nothing. It did not hurt at all and I wasn't numb! I mean some areas you could feel a little prick but that's it! The 2 days after I was freaking out because my legs were so swollen, I couldn't fit into any of my jeans! My legs were very bruised too, more on my right than left. It's the 3rd day today and I still have bruising, but I think it's going down. I'm still tender and swollen though which kinda sucks, but I know it takes time. I only have to have 3 treatments, but I'm so impatient that I want to see results asap! :) But keep me updated on your results!
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Its waste of money have gotten lipo last year and...

its waste of money have gotten lipo last year and turned out great but now i have loose skin. now im getting a tummy tuck for that.

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