Smart Lipo Upper/Lower Stomach and Love Handles - Austell, GA

I am a active 32yr female, who has worked out...

I am a active 32yr female, who has worked out since my teenage years. Recently it has been hard to maintain my sexy body lol. Last year I took pictures for Jet beauty,but was not selected. I worked out hard ate right and lost 15lbs in about a month and a half. (I will post pix of me a year ago in bathing suit. I looked really good, and my friends asked me why do I need to do this reconstructive surgery you look good already? I try explaing to them that I have fat in my lower stomach, and love handles that will not go anywhere unless I go to extreme measures. I think this would be good for me, and make me feel sexy again!! I will post my before pictures I took today.. two days before surgery.

Well it's the morning after, and to be honest I'm...

Well it's the morning after, and to be honest I'm alittle sore, but I feel and look great already!! The first thing I did was change my pads {alot of bleeding and fluids}, and then took a quick peek at my results before putting back on my garmet and I must say I see a HUGE change already. My back looks amazing and so does my tummy. I can't believe it barely any swolleness(yet lol). I live by myself, so I have to do everything alone until friends and family can stop by. I took a shower this morning by myself as well ;) I let my dogs out (all 3) and fed them. I've been snacking on cackers and drinking Ensure, Water, and Powerade so far. I took my pain meds like I was told as well. I'm gonna walk around the house every couple hours to keep the blood flowing. I'm really happy so far, and hopefully I'll be back to work by Tuesday!!! If anything else chances before by one week follow up I'll post!!!

It's the end of the 4th day since my Smart Lipo. I...

It's the end of the 4th day since my Smart Lipo. I am suppose to return back to work tomorrow, but I may need to take an extra day. I don't have any bruises and I'm not realy swollen, but my upper stomach is still very tender as my hips are. I feel like I did a million crunches without stopping. I'm starting to get cabin fever!!! I been drinking alot of water, crackers and tuna. I'm loving my new body. The hardest par is wearing this garmet allllllllllllllllll day and night, but my body has already formed to it so it's not that bad just irratating. I'm trying to wait until one week before I post updated pictures, but I might before. I want you guys to see what an excellent job my doctor has done. I'm already thinking about getting my inner thighs done lol.

Today is the morning of my 6th day PO. I posted...

Today is the morning of my 6th day PO. I posted some pictures,so you ladies can see my progress. Not even a full week yet, and I think I look good. I'm going back to work today after taking 5 days off. I'm still alittle sore around my hip area, but it's not unbearable. I live alone, so I've been doing everything by myself. I think it depends on your body. I haven't recieved some of the symptoms some of the other ladies said they have like inching, real bad swellen, brusing. I hope everything continues to progress well. I'll keep the progress and pictures coming. LOL it's hard taking your own back shot pictures though;)

So I went to work yesterday, and I must admit It...

So I went to work yesterday, and I must admit It probably was to soon lol. Im an Officer, so that gun belt was killing me smh. My supervisor was like are you sure your ok, and Im like im sore, but I'll be ok. I don't have that much sick time to spare, so I'll just have to tough it out. Im off Friday and Saturday, so that's good. My family wants to celebrate 5Th of May, and I think a good stiff one might do the trick!!! I am still numb around my hips and sore. I can't wait until this werid feeling goes away ugh!!! I'm loving my new shape, and the crazy thing is my weight has not really changed, but I feel I look smaller;) I'm gonna go to the gym this weekend. I can't wait until I can go swimming again. I lost alot of weight and toned up really well in the past just swimming laps. I have my first PO appointment May 9, so I'll let you know what Doc say......

It's been a full week PO, and my body still looks...

It's been a full week PO, and my body still looks great. I had NO bruising which was great. My incisions are heeling great. I got one under each breast, one lower stomach, one one each side of my hips and lower side stomach. The ones under my breast are starting to fade. The most uncomfortable thing is the garmet. I feel like I can't breath espically at night. I wear a garmet plus this wrap thing they gave me. I was told to wear both, so with all this I guess my waist has no choice but to go and stay in LOL. Today I'm going for drinks with my siblings. I haven't had a drink in along time. I'm hoping it will take my mind off the garmet. I didn't really have an appetite yesterday. My eating has been normal, and what I like the most is that when I do eat I don't get that full feeling and bloating feeling I did in the past. I have had some issues with bowel movements, and had to do a home clonic to help it come out. I plan on going back to the gym in the morning before I go to work. I'll update on my first day back in the gym and let you all know how it went ;)

Went walking. Took me 1hour and 17min to do 3...

Went walking. Took me 1hour and 17min to do 3.71miles smh!!! I felt like I was swelling up probably because of the garmet!!! I was sore trying to walk, but I tried it!! Think tomorrow I'll just go to the gym and get on he precor machine then sauna!!!

Today I had my first follow-up since my lipo, and...

Today I had my first follow-up since my lipo, and the doctor said I was healing and looking good. He told me I still had alot of swelling, so I was like this mean Im gonna get smaller then what I am? He said yep lol!!! I thought I was small now LOL!!! I go in Friday for my massage at his office, and I can't wait bc im still tender. I have had trouble sleeping at night and I think its do to the garmet. I can't wait until I dnt have wear this dang thing!!!

Friday marked my two week P.O and I went in for a...

Friday marked my two week P.O and I went in for a free session of Smoothshapes Celluulite treatment at my doctor office. I must admit the treatment felt great and relaxing. They use a valcum type machine to go back and forth over the areas you had done. It temporary reduces the appearance of cellulite, relieves minor muscle aches and pain, relief of muscle spasms and temporary improvement of local blood circulation. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the treatments because it is kinda costly for me, and I spent my last money on the procedure lol. For now I'll just be rubbing my sore areas myself. If anybody know a more cheaper method please tell me. Thanks I got my one month follow up June1st. Still looking good. I also went to a seminar he had on a procedure called CoolScuplting. You basically get the same results as lipo, but it does not involve any medication, needles, surgery, or downtime. I wanna get that for my inner thighs and arms. When I do I'll be sure to post pictures as well.

Well hello fellow Smart Lipo Guy/Gals.....Hope...

Well hello fellow Smart Lipo Guy/Gals.....Hope everyone's recovery is going well. I just left my one month check-up, and Dr. Okoro told me I was looking good, but still alittle swollen, so in the next couple of months my body will continue to shrink. I just love this news;) I will post one month pix either today or tomorrow.....#TeamSmartLipo

Had my three month check up on the 13th. Doctor...

Had my three month check up on the 13th. Doctor said I'm looking good but still swollen and advise me to continue wearing my body wrap at least 12hrs a day. I was also advised that heavy excercising will prolong the heeling process. I just been walking and swimming. I added to new pics hope you ladies like it;)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Okoro was great and so far I feel and look excellent and it's only the day after my Smart Lipo

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u look great Hun, any advice?
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hi, I had a consultation with Dr.okoro about a week ago and meet with him to get smartlipo on my lower abs and flanks. After receiving my quote of $4,900 i was a bit disappointment because i have a frame similar to your frame prior to surgery, and i had expected to pay about $3,000 as you did for your surgery. I was wondering if there was some sort of special when u had your surgery done because my budget was about $3,000 and now i am not sure what to do since i really wanted to my work done by Dr.Okoro.
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Hi Pheona, i stumbled across your profile quite a few times. Your results are absolutely amazing. But your tattoos are the bomb as well, did you also get them done in Georgia.
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Hey girl you looking great. I'm now 7 weeks post and still swollen. I look fab in the mornings and bloated in the evenings. My breast too have gotten larger. Which is a plus for me. I already had a fairly plump booty, but now I have a$$, a$$, a$$, a$$....I just came back from Miami for my Bday and I got so much compliments. The only trouble I had was hiding the garment, cause I wanted to live in my bathing suit. Your pics are still giving me inspiration since your further along than I am and progressing very well.
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Wow you are gorgeous! Congrats on the amazing results already from your pics alone so early on! Any further improvement on top of that will just be the cherry on top!
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Wow, your results have turned out great.....I'm sure you are thrilled & looking forward to the end result. Happy healing
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Hey girlie! How was your trip? The people are awaiting your pics boo! Haha
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Hey everyone sorry I haven't been updating. Thnx John;) SC Lipo I wouldn't do it again only bc Im not to patient with the recovery lol. Im going out to Miami tomorrow and when I get back I will post pix for you;) 3tweety1 yes I really didn't experience to many lumps. I still haven't lost any weight, but My boobs are huge now LOL and my butt has grown, so I guess it's working itself out. It's like I got a whole new body LOL!!
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Ohhhh that's great! Yes cuz all that stubborn fat is outta there and it's sticking to other places!!! Yeeesssss that's what we want boo! Please post pics
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hey hows everything going? is your belly smooth?
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hey hun how are you?
your results looks great. im having a bbl done monday w dr.okoro im very excited. he was amazing & made me feel GREAT.. im having smart lipo also. any tips?
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Hey, now that your coming up on 2 month post OP. Would you do it all over again? Also, how are your results coming along? Pleas update with pics. I'm getting nervous about my procedure in two weeks.
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Great result
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Today was a bad day for me. Feeling extra swollen around waist line!!!! I feel you I cant wait until im 100% heeled!!!
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I cant believe how amazing you look! i hope i look like u! i feel super fat :(
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I put it back on as soon as I got home lol. Im gonna continue to wear mine until the swollen is completely gone.
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@bombshell bri Im very emotional also i have been up and down I just want this numbness and swelling to go away, plus this garment does not go good with my wardrobe. @Pheona since that day you did not wear the garment to work did you decide to put it back on or continue not to wear it. Oh ladies I posted just a few pics on my profile still undecided about my results.
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Thanks :) I'm trying to stay positive!
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LOL I think I just stayed in bed for the first 5 days and thought to myself what in the heck did I just do, but it'll get better babe just take it easy;)
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Today is PO day #3 and I'm more swollen than ever! Definitely not in the best of moods either. My emotions are all over the place lol
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I didn't wear my garment for the first time to work yesterday and almost died lol!! Im used to it now its not that bad
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Surprisingly this garment isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It feels more like those spanx women wear under dresses. Im drinking plenty of fluids and walking around the block a couple times a day. My holes didn't bleed very much at all.
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I'm doing great. I'm still alittle swollen and sore, bur I think it's bc I have to wear my duty belt at work for 8+ hrs so its making my recovery slower. I'm still wearing my garment too. I was told the longer I wear it the better the results. I go in today for my one month check-up, so I'll post an update on what doc says. Yes he gave me both antibiotics and prescriptions.
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How are you? Are you still swollen after a month and do you still have to wear your garment? Also, did your doctor prescribe antibiotics before/after your surgery?
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Yes it's normal. I only lost like 5lbs and it's been over a month since mine. I think it's more like inches you lose then weight.
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