After Bein Married for Si Many Years I Went Ahead and Had a Ful Tt

Well my my tummy tuck was on june 12 please help...

Well my my tummy tuck was on june 12 please help me is this feet are super swollen so now I have a new belly button which looks funny and everything else looks weird tome it's just me b but pars lady's give me is it just me or has anyone else had these same results please be honest I'm just scared that my end results are going to be horrierble.

anyone live near cedar park texas

I came beeline they took out 9.5 but when I weight my self and I weight more know...feeling discourage

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Your welcome! I know how frustrating it can seem. But when I think back, I can't believe how fast the time went by and those rough days will clear from your memory. I am very happy I did this and now just hope that through menopause I can hold on to what I worked so hard for. Each day...look at yourself even take a selfie and you will see how much better you are doing. Don't lift though because you certainly don't want to undo that work by causing complications.
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Thank you lana..I will certainly truly try my be patient
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Sorry for the crazy misspelling I can't believe we can't go back and fix them
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Hi... Congratulations... you are looking "normal" to me. I had TT 8 years ago. Even though we are all different in our healing process, I don't see anything that's would make me think that you are not healing properly. I would contact my doctor regarding swollen feet. My belly button looked different but it healed well and I got used to the new look. The time for being scared is over and now you are on your way to a new fabulous look! Get plenty of rest, wear the compression garment religiously, and don't worry the swelling will go away in a few weeks. Best wishes....
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Hi! You are only about 2 WKS post-op. I think you look fine. It takes a while for your swelling to go down. I was 49 when I got my TT. I did not have lipo but am guessing from your pics that you did. It is normal for you to be "down" after surgery but just try to rest and not worry for 6 weeks. You are bruised, swollen, and have to go patiently wait for healing. I had to have me bb redone as it was just a slit my the time I healed. I still keep a bead in there to keep the shape. In fact, have found a way to make it look like a piercing so it is functional yet doesn't look like a marble. Hope this helps put your mind at ease. Rest :)
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Thank u so much for your help, it's been 3 weeks swelling of my legs are gone, off meds because of horrible constipation but finally im abel to go. I have been slowly walking ar least 10/15 minutes I have been doing more but today im alittel sore,so sadly I need to rethink my choices,how long did it take you to do normal house work? Im so overwhelmed
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Hey wishing.... don't be too hard on your self. You had major surgery (I know that we don't think of TT as major but it is.. we undergo a major cut! and part of the body is removed!) so you must give yourself time to heal. Like Lana said, give yourself at least 6 weeks of healing, longer if you can. As far as house work... don't do it! do nothing except the minor things, otherwise you are using your strength, energy and healing resources to do house work rather than devoting it to the healing process.... I hope that I have encouraged you to kick back and let your body take care of itself. Best wishes....
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Thank you jadalee6545, I will try also I have ti go back to work full time in 3 weeks I run an in home daycare luckly only 3 babys need diapering but my daughter will help w lifting I guess it will be loads of art,story time,outdoor . Play and movie days , thank you and I want to say my tt is healing well but still a some soreness and swelling but noton my legs..hope u are doing well
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Hi there! You will not want to do anything in housework until about the 6 weeks. You should not do anything until you discuss it with your surgeon. Glad to hear that your swelling is gone. Constipation is very common and I used a product recommended by the surgeon called Senekot. Walking and keeping your legs moving is good - like pointing your toes/flexing your heels. This is a time for you to rest and recover not push yourself. Everyone has different pain thresholds and you just need to not rush. For you it may be longer than others. I trust you have scheduled visits to your surgeon and that you can address your issues with them. You should still walk a bit stooped over which I found in the end bothered my lower back. All will be okay just takes time. All the best for a recovery that moving forward becomes easier each day!
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Lana thank you do much for your encouraging words..I am better than before im on my 4week ,drains are out and the medicin the doc recommend was that same one u said but it just dud nothing for me they'd why I had to stop asap the pain meds.. know in going at least once a day ,my appetite is getting a little better. I just so much looking foword to sleeping on mutt side,ive.NNever slept on my back.I have keept my legs elevated at night and I think that's worked, my 17yr old daughter is the designated driver when hubby is at work..I just WANT to get this over and done with,ive had 2csections but for some reason I feel I have to push myself more... I'm just going house crazy...
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