Im so exicted I could just scream...and I did alot...

Im so exicted I could just scream...and I did alot in my car on the way to work when I made my appt for my TT/lipo. Its in 26 days and counting! Anyone have any words of encouragement. Good experiences? I dont think I can read any more horrible experiences at this point.

SO i know this is a stupid question...but how do...

SO i know this is a stupid question...but how do you pee with the garment have to take it on and off everytime? I have hummingbird bladder...this will not go over well...LOL

I am reading everyones blogs and I dont have any...

I am reading everyones blogs and I dont have any information about myself on here it goes. I can say eventhough my tummy looks like hell I am a proud mother of a beautiful son. I live in Aurora,CO and have been here for about 18 years now. I guess the real reason why I am getting this procedure is to feel and have the confidence on the outside as much as I do on the inside. When I was about 11 years old I was diagnosed with dermoid tumors which were wrapped around my ovaries, so now I have a horrible looking c-section scar right on my pubic bone.When I had my son, well you can only imagine the funky kangaroo pouch i have and the millions of stretch marks, or as some of my friends call scars. Whatever! I know most women can empathize with me on this, there is nothing hot about a saggy, giggly tummy. I couldnt stand looking at my stomach any longer...considering how hard I have worked at the gym and to see no results. That is why I am finally getting a mommy makeover. Its been almost 9 years since I had my kid..and 50 pounds that I have shed. Everyone keeps asking me if I am scared, frightened, nervous but all I can think is how all my hard work and patience is going to finally pay off.Finally, I can wear a bikini again, or pasties..either way haha I couldnt be more excited! My first appointment is on the 24th of May and my surgery date is set for June 6th...almost there!

Has anyone had lipo done on the upper thighs? I...

Has anyone had lipo done on the upper thighs? I have read and spoke with one of the nurses and they have told me that occassionaly this will cause more cellulite. I already have cellulite on the side of my thighs, I dont want anymore. Any thoughts or stories, please tell? Getting a little nervous here and wondering if I should skip the lipo and just work my butt off at the gym?

Pre op appt tomorrow, almost there. Im so stoked,...

Pre op appt tomorrow, almost there. Im so stoked, got most my questions written down. This site has helped me sooo much I cant even tell you. I feel like Im going into this meeting with full confidence in knowing what the results will be, how I will feel and know htat I have a great support system on here as well. Thanks to all the amazing ladies :) I really appreciate your thoughts and helpful tips

So..I had a dream the other night that I got my...

So..I had a dream the other night that I got my surgery. It was an odd dream though, I was in this hospital with all these nurses and doctors running around although it didnt look like a hospital on the inside it was more like a diner. There were kids running all over the place and I was gettin nervous that they would hit my scars or my tummy. I also had surgery on my legs from my ankle to my knee and these huge scars, was really quite freaky. I wonder what it all means.
Anyways that it was funny that I dreamt about my TT...guess that is all that is on my mind these days :)

Went to see the doc today for my pre-op, went...

Went to see the doc today for my pre-op, went GREAT! He is the best man ever, and such a great ora about him. I cant thank him enough for walking me thru all this and making me feel comfortable. I saw a few docs before him and they were just the worst, so cold and made me feel like a number. Dr Vath has been nothing but great, and his nurses ROCK. Very personable. So Im still set for the 6th of June unless my blood work comes back f'd up :( pray for me. Anyhoo I decided to def go with the lipo eventhough I was a bit apprehensive towards it, being as it can cause more cellulite...damn being a woman sometimes hehehehe Oh well, Ill embrace my cellulite along with my new TUMMY>>WOOOOOOOOO

Going to post some before pics today of my gross...

Going to post some before pics today of my gross stummy...enjoy LMAO!

Ahhhh 6 days away...can time go by any slower :(...

Ahhhh 6 days away...can time go by any slower :( Being patient sucks.

Someone help..ok so I talked to my nurse last week...

Someone help..ok so I talked to my nurse last week about what to tkae pre-post surgery to help with recovery. She said there is nothing pre surgery that will make things easier, she did say after to take a multivitamin. Does anyone have any recommendations of what types of mutlivitamins ..what brands. I want to get the best. I plan on drinking tons of water to help with the swelling. I read alot of the Arnica and Bromelaine and they dont seem to be something i think i NEED...I want to make the right choices here for my very best recovery. HELP? Im freaking out now

IN a glass case of emotion. I dont know if its my...

IN a glass case of emotion. I dont know if its my period or the headache, but i woke up with a severe headache this morning and i took tylenol and it still wont go away..that was nearly 2 hours ago. Im freakin out now, I get like this when I get excited for something major to come and end up stressing myself out to no end. I then get sick...god I hope Im not getting sick before my surgery. Please someone pray for me, Im totally going to lose it! :(

Less than 3 days away and feeling much better...

Less than 3 days away and feeling much better today:) thank you to all the ladies that have helped me through this journey. I wish only healthy happy recoveries for you all! HUGS!!!!! :)

I have 1 more day to get through and Im there, by...

I have 1 more day to get through and Im there, by this time tomorrow I will be going under and returning with a flat tummy, I cant wait :) 24 hours and counting

Woohoo waiting in the front room now for them to...

Woohoo waiting in the front room now for them to call me nerves as of yet, and feelin pretty good about everything. I hope they call me soon,

Finally! My icky tummy is no longer. Had my...

Finally! My icky tummy is no longer. Had my surgery yesteray and was the worst ride home with no meds. MY PS was concerned with me being prone to nausea so he didnt want me to take anything until I got home. Gettin up to pee really sucks but my super duper lovely man is helping me a ton :) I couldnt doit without him or the support of my friends. I must admit yesterday I regreted this all, but I know patience is what im goin to have to endure. Oh we\ll, Ill keep everyone posted once I can take pics :) Thanks to all the ladies with their knowledge and ecourgement, has made this journey an easy one :)

3 days post op,Man these past couple days have...

3 days post op,Man these past couple days have been rough for me, because of the meds I have a major headache and it comes and goes. Did this happen to anyone else? I hope I can get one of my friends to bring me a heating pad for my back and my butt...i think that pain is worse than the tummy tuck. Still havnt seen my tummy yet..going to take a shower tonight when my man comes home and Ill finally see the flat tummy...well flat and swollen. hehe I still havnt had a BM and Im kind of scard too. was anyone nervous to take their binder off? I dont know why Im so afraid? Help, Im having a bit of anxiety here :(

I couldnt be more upset, Im not standing up...

I couldnt be more upset, Im not standing up straight, Im still hunched my back hurts my butt hurts. WHY is everyone up straight on the first day..I dont understand. I work so hard at the gym Im healthy been drinking lots of water, taking vitamins and its like the only progress Ive made is the fact that im not as in much pain as I was on the 2nd day. My emotions are takin over and I cant stop crying...

WOOOHOOOO had my first BM...while singing "...

WOOOHOOOO had my first BM...while singing " your the best..aroooound..nothings ever gonna bring you donw" LOL wow what a freakin relief. I think I needed that. Emotional feeling much better today. My back and butt still hurt from being hunched over but in due time in due time. I figured I need to just let my body run its course and stop rushing things. I have so much support at home and on this site that I coulndt ask for anything more. I think tonight I will take some pics. I took my binder off the day before yesterday and saw my belly for the first time, I cried. I couldnt believe what I saw, no moer jelly belly. My man told me I look amazing and all he could say was my god you have a perfect hour glass figure. I remember in the beginning of our relationship, you know when everything is new and he makes you blush, well that totally made me blush, I felt so beautiful and so sexy on the outside I want to prance around the house naked. LOL LOVE MY NEW BELLY!!!!!

Ok posting 4 day post op pics...still cant stand...

ok posting 4 day post op pics...still cant stand straight so they arent the best.

HOLY FREAKIN HELL...this has been a journey! With...

HOLY FREAKIN HELL...this has been a journey! With all the ups and downs and the emotional break downs, the pain in my ars back pain, to the not lovin laying on my back unles...bwahahaha, it has all paid off. I am almost upright, I feel freakin fantabuloso. I cant even tell you how happy I am today. Its like my body has changed, and my whole out look on life has changed. IM SO HAPPY! I saw my doc today for my 1 wk check up Im 8 days post op and my PS cant even believe how fast Im recovering, he was in AWWWWW! Everything is swollen like the state puff marshmellow man today, but that was to be expected. I got my lil hairy suetcher out(however the heck you spell that) hahaha ..didnt hurt at all. I literally have like 8 stretch marks left and I couldnt be happier. If someone would have asked me 7 days ago if I would get this done I would say "HELL TO THE NO" today I would do it a 100 times over. Thank you so much to all the ladies that gave me the courage to get through this and stop being such a cry baby batch! ehehe. YOU ALL ROCK. I will post some pics when the swelling goes down a bit, its hot as hecks outside so I think that is contributing to my swellage! blarrrgggh, whatevs. Im totally goin to try on bikinis this weekend, and I will not be surprised if I start weeping like a baby. I LOVE THE NEW ME ALREADY! aaaaaaaaaaaah :p

PS: Dr Vath is the most amazing Doc ever, I would recommend him HIGHLY. GREAT guy too, never felt so comfortable with my body infront of a man besides my very best boyfriend in the world!

Ok ..something happened to my pics on here...Ill...

Ok ..something happened to my pics on here...Ill update you guys, not sure what the hecks I did??! Will update

Woot 10 days post op and feeling better and better...

Woot 10 days post op and feeling better and better everyday. Takin care of myself, not to swollen either! Im gonna try to hit up the VS thihs weekend, taking my kid to Lego store. I hope I can get through the mall without any injuries LOL. Taking it easy today, went on a short walk with my dog, annd noticed swelling, not sure if thats due to the walk or the heat..could be both. My belly button is almost completely healed and my belly is still tight at the top. Not standing completely upright, but definetly getting better as the days go. ALMOST THERE!

Hey so ladies, when did everyone start gettin...

Hey so ladies, when did everyone start gettin freakay in the sack again? Im wondering, I guess I could ask my doc, but he is so young its kinda AWKWARD! any thoughts would be super helpful :)

Welp 16 days post op and still not completely...

Welp 16 days post op and still not completely feeling like Im standing straight, when is this all gonna go down?! I guess in due time. I do feel good though, I get the occassionaly sharp pain in the upper tummy and still feel tight, but everyday it is getting better. Me and the man finally "GOT...IT...ON" haha that is a bonus, funny how those things can make your mood sunddenly change, for the better, eh? I guess Im taking it day by day, I went and tried on bikinis last weekend, and decided that it was waaaaay too soon and the swelling was just too depressing to go any further. I did get some cute clothes though, and things seem to be fitting me really really well. I think this weekend Im goin to try on some jeans of mine and see what the skinny is there. Wish me luck! July is definetly bikini season, so my hopes are still intact for that. Good luck to all the ladies who are getting their new tummies :)

Woooo...3wks post op today and feeling great....

Woooo...3wks post op today and feeling great. Still a slight tug in the upper part of my tummy but other than thight I feel OWESOME. Going to remove my tape either today or tomorrow I still havnt decided if I shoudl give it a day or two past my 3wk mark. I like to think if I give it a few more days my scars will be lighter...but who knows?Welp I guess my patience will let me know by the end of the day. LOL I will post pics soon after I take the tape off and everything looks healed is a new day and Im feeling so... is a new day and Im feeling so GRRRREAT! Im now 22days post op and Im finally standing up straight. I feel like I can push my shoulders back without having that annoying tug. Im no longer a hunch back :) this makes me happy alone. I was instructed by my PS that I could take my tape off my incision by 3wks post op but I think Im goin to wait till mid week JUUUS to be safe ;) no hurt in waiting; although my patience is killin me on this. I keep reading about some issues people have had with incisions opening up and oozing and just dont wanna deal with that, so I figure just keep the tape on a little longer. Oye is anyone having the itching around there bellies like me? Man some days its soo bad that I scratch myself raw :( I applied some heavy cream last night and that seemed to help, anyone have any recommendations on what I could use besides lotions?

So my smart self forgot my frakin Cortizone at...

So my smart self forgot my frakin Cortizone at home today...I feel like i have fleas...I think Im going to scratch the hell out of myself by the end of the day :(

Oye, the bloat. Gawds I feel like Im 4 months...

Oye, the bloat. Gawds I feel like Im 4 months pregos. I took off my binder on saturday, around my 4 week mark and was great for a few Im regreting taking it off and want it back. I dont want to be codependent upon it though, I feel like my back will get weak along with my abs:( Maybe Ill start wearing tight tanks, perhaps that will help. Any recommendations?

FINAREEEE...Im having a semi skinny day, and I fit...

FINAREEEE...Im having a semi skinny day, and I fit into JEANS...thank you jebus!!! So Im totally rockin my skinny jeans today and feel sexy as shyt, my swelling has gone down tremendously within the past 2 days which makes me so happay! I still have a tug in the upper part of my abdomin but mainly it jus feels super tight.I go for my 5wk check up on tuesday and cant wait for the doc to give me the ok to start working out. I think Im gonna go walking on the treadmill today and do some very light weights, woohooo I cant wait. I havnt been to the gym in what feels like FOOORREEEVVVEEER, and its kinda depressing me and putting me in a cranky mood. I think this is the week I finally buy a damn kini, its on like donkey kong girls :)So maybe Ill be able to get some new pics up here soon, hope you all are happy with your new bods

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH can I just say how much I...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH can I just say how much I loveskies my new boday. heheeh So laid-E's I got my kini, FINALLY...and I look smokin hot in it. I definetely need to work on my legs and ass a bit in the gym, the bottoms I got kinda cut in my sides, which could also be some swelling, but I bought the damn thing friend was like its toootally your style and if you dont buy it,,,its your ars. SOOO, i couldnt resist.

Saturday I came home from the gym and damn near striped down to my sports bra and a mini skirt and pranced around the house, lets jus say my man was HAPPAY;p woooo...beat em off with a stick ladies, I feel so GREAT!!! I would do this a million times over again, THANK YOU DR VATH!!!

Week 5 and feeling spectacular, still swollen in...

Week 5 and feeling spectacular, still swollen in the front, but that didnt stop me from getting a cutsie kini. I cant stop looking at myself in the mirror, I think I have a disorder now LOL, Im addicted to my tummy ..ok not really ;p I think this is the best spend money EVER and Im sure most of you will concur. I have my follow up with my PS today at noon and Im hoping he will give me the thumbs up on healing.I still feel super tight in my upper abdomin but standing straight FINALLY! I do get back pain on occassion but mainly due to the swelling is more prevelent in the evening so I relive the hunchback life, blarrgggh. Is anyone using the bio oil on their scar, I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I swear my stretch marks are getting lighter, but maybe Im less swollen and it jus appears that way, I really neeed to document this stuff. Im going to ask my doc if he can recommend anyting else for scar treatment and Ill spread the word to all you ladies:)

Welp, congrats to all the ladies that had their TT's and happy lil thoughts to those that are getting theirs done, you will not regret it :)

37 days post op and feeling purdy good, Im tight...

37 days post op and feeling purdy good, Im tight for some reason today...more than most days? I went to see the doc for my 5 month and he said Im healing fantastically and he gave me the okie to vamp up my work out as I wish. Still cant do any ab stuff though, Im feeling still really tight at times, so I dont wanna hurt myself. I took some kini pics yesterday, and all i can say is..HELLO PASTY, dayum Im white LOL. Im considering going and getting some spray tan on my stark white butt, its frightening even me a little..LOL oh well, still diggin on my new bod anyways. far I have come, I went to the gym last... far I have come, I went to the gym last night and I swear I have never got so much attention in MY LIFE! Im finally full force at the gym, as my doctor said if it doesnt hurt and its not uncomfortable, DO IT! Hell, Im doin it, and I feel freakin OWESOME. I know i was crabbin before about my incision being too high, and maybe I was HIGH..haha cause its perfect. Most of my swelling has calmed down so I thnk that was the major problem that was causing it to appear higher, but all the kinis say otherwise hehehe.

So with the beautiful hot weather Im going to test out my new kini this weekend at the pool, and get my pasty bootay a tan LOL hope all you rovery ladies have a great weekend, HUGS ;)
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Hey!!! You look awesome! I am having a TT by Dr Vath on 8/1 and can't wait!! So excited to see you're exercising well at 6 weeks PO! That's great news for me! Thanks for your review!!!
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Thanks for posting pics of no drain TT. There's not a lot of them featured on here. You look fantastic!
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Sommie! Hope you are doing well. How is the gym time going?? I'm hoping to get back late this week. You cross my mind when I catch myself thinking how happy I am about all of this and how great I look and feel. Soooo glad we did this! I'll be posting updated pics tomorrow. Swelling is getting waaay better and I'm finally wearing non-workout gear outside. This is getting fun, don't you think?
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sexy mama how you doin from your pics it looks like your doin greatt your looking smoking hot:)i finally went back to the gym mon and it felt so good but i felt so outta shape its not even funny my legs wer all shakey after i got off of the treamill and when i did weights forget it lol the next day i was mad sore but i feel better now lol.
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You look sooooooooo hot in your new kini babygirl!!! Glad you are healing so well and feeling so good. xoxox
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Wow your looking awesome!! Imagine what you'll look like in 6 months!! :-)
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TEll em about it, this is jus motivation for me. Im full force at the gym now and I feel freakin awesome. I will be 6wks on monday and I feel like I have come so far jus in the past week. Im even doin some core exercises, nothing major but its a start and Im not having any pain. I swear I think I had the best doctor ever, Im tight and feel wonderful. I still have a bit of swelling, but that is to be expected atleast for the next few months. :) Well I hope your doin well homefry:P happy trails on your recovery
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Keep rocking that bikini:)  You look wonderful!

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Thanks Kimmer, I got a ways to get where I wanna be, but meh its all motivation
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You look great already!

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Ooohh! You look great! I'm using EpiDerm silicone strips and it seems to help with the scar. You can order them online.
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Hey girl! I am SO happy for you! Thanks for posting your story, is has helped me sooooo much! I am going in for my TT in 2 days! I couldn't be more nervous! How long exactly til you were able to wear a bikini?? I am hoping I can enjoy summer a little bit after my TT!
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Hey mama, super exciting...I bet your about to pee yourself eh? I couldnt sleep the days leading up to the surgery. Im glad that I can bring some hope on the other side of the line for you, Im so happy i did this I cant even tell you. Wish I had new boobies..ahahahah but meh cant have it all eh. So yeah I was actually tryin on kinis at 2 wks which was waaaaaaaaaay too early, but some of the girls on this site didnt bloat much at all and was in their skinny jeans by week 2 but I gues we are all different. I am actually at my 5 week mark and I am swelling less and less everyday. I got my kini this last weekend, Ill post a pic hopefully today :) This is all a test in patience, I would recommend not trying anything on till about week 5 so you dont get all depressed, when I was tryin to squeeze my bloated bootay in smaller outfits right away it was pissin me off.
So are you going to have drains with your surgery. I didnt have them, and I also am off my binder now, my doc said that by week 6 i would be doin light ab work, where as some women are in their binders at month 3. Its hot as hell in Colorado right now..and muggy, which is rare, so I thank jebus Im not wearing my binder anymore ...;p Keep in touch and try to relax, your surgery will be so fast you will be in and out before you know it. You will do great, and will be so happy that you did this. I would do it a million times over again.

Are you getting anything else done besides the TT?
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Hey, just read your profile. IT was awesome to read! I love your sense of humor and could relate to so much of what you talked about. I'm not at 4 weeks yet, so I loved hearing how you were at my stage. You are giving me big time motivation. I cant wait til swell hell is over. I know it's a long haul for that. Did you say you used a cream for itching. Cause I'm totally there right now. :-) Driving me nuts. You look AMAZING by the way. Seriously you do!! Enjoy that kini!! :-)
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oh thanks honey bunny, yeah the swelling is a batch and Im still swelling, today is much better than most but its a toss jus kinda decides when it wants to piss me off..LOL As for the itchy, I bought some Cortizone and Bio oil, highly recommend getting both. I only needed the itchy stuff for a few days and the itching was gone...THANK JEBUS! I swear i think that was the worse feeling ever. Thanks for all the comps, I will totally get a kini pic up here soon, Im super proud but still need to work on the bootay and thighs, but Ill get there...I hope your super happy with yoru new bod mama, its such a confidence booster :) HUGS
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I am soooo jealous you got in some gym time! How did it go?? My husband just left for a business trip and I don't think it's a coincidence that he took my key ring that has my gym pass on it, hahahaha. Apparently I am not to be trusted! And please tell me you had a non-swelly day that let you go get your kini shopping on! You deserve that kind of fun after all your hard work and super awesome recovery!!!
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Hi you doin mama, i hope your feelin better this week. YOu are right around the corner from feeling normal again, I just know it. Everyday is gettin way awesomer for me, I hit up the gym friday and saturday and SOOOO damn glad I did. I needed that motivation and the release of those endorphines. I was becoming a moody lil batch. OH OH OH i totally got that kini..omg Im totally goin to take pics most likely tamale...and Ill post them, show you my new bodskie. I cant wait to start hittin the gym hard and get my legs in shape, thats my nextg focus...NO MO cellulite...arrrgggh hope you have a great monday...bye ladyyyyyy
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LOL...your update is a riot.  You are so funny!  

Ok go slow in the gym girlie.  Start slow on the treadmill and take baby steps building back up.  I realize how hard this is going to be after being totally out of the gym for a while.  No race here so take your time. 


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OH thanks Kimmer, yoru such a dollface! Yeah I totally hit the gym friday and saturday, took friday slow and went light on the weights, did the stationary bike for 15, and did arms and not one prob with the tummy. Saturday did some stairs at a nice pace and did chest, still no issue with the belly, feel GREATSKIES today... :)
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That is wonderful!  Keep up the good work:)

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I love your new looks so cute.
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awwwie..thanks I finally got a bikini this weekend..and I feel so great, I LOVE LIFE :)
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You look wonderful:)  The puff, bloat and swelling will go away.  It takes time and I know this is frustrating.  I promise you it will end and you will feel normal again. 

Keep drinking the water and stay away from sodium.   Ice packs also helped me at that point.  At least it made everything feel better. 

If your doctor approves wean yourself off that binder.  Try going a couple of hours at a time to start.  Slow baby steps and you will not even notice the difference. 

A friend of mine who also had to wear the binder would go on two hours and then off two hours during the day.  She slept without it at night.  She did this for a week and was then totally off it.

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thanks mama...yeah I actually wasnt wearing it since sunday, and really pushed myself and did a ton of walking and went to an Amusement park which was probably not the best ideer, but it was my kids Bday ;P So i talked to my nurse yesterday and she said jus wear it when I feel like I need it, when Im feeling really swollen, they say that by 6 weeks they dont want me on it anymore. Monday is my 5 weeks, so Im just goin to do what your friend did and wear it off and on, and yeah I think the sodium got me over the weekend :( damn the bbq's heheheeh thanks for the input Kimmer....:)
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I just finished week two. Wearing a support forest undergarment (not the fancy type) and I have little swelling. :) im Sooooo happy with my state....lots of walking and resting....lots of protein and doing pretty dang good ....about 80% till normal (some soreness and stiffness yet)
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