Finally Feelin' SEXY! 7 wks and pics show some dropping!!!

I'm a 33 yr old mother of 5...ages 14, 12, 6, 3...

I'm a 33 yr old mother of 5...ages 14, 12, 6, 3 & 1. Yep I'm one busy momma! I always cater to my kids and husband & I always put myself last, I think most us moms are guilty of this. So I'm doing this for ME. I've never been big chested, but I've never been this flat, it's so sad :(

I used to always be about a 34B since I was a teenager, but after each baby my poor boobs just kept losing volume. I NEVER even thought about getting implants. I always wished I had bigger breasts, I wished I had cleavage, but I never even considered implants. My desire kicked in towards the end of last year. Then came the beginning of this year & in January I said I'm getting me some tits dammit! I deserve them. I want to fit into my shirts, I'm tired of being insecure and not filling out my shirts. I have so many shirts in my closet that I haven't even worn because I have no boobies.

My friend said maybe this was my mid-life crisis, LOL. I don't know but this isn't like me. I will usually talk about something like this but not really follow through. I'm a Gemini so I'm blaming it on the other "girl" that's trying to bring out my wild side. I want to be sexy. I know I got 5 kids, but I can still be sexy and conservative, right? LOL.

I've never worn a bikini and I WANT to be able to wear one if I want without feeling insecure. So anyway.......

I had my pre-op on the 13th. I chose 360cc and told them how TERRIFIED I am. I don't like pain, you would wonder why on earth I had 5 kids (2 of them without ANY medication because they came too fast!) Of course they told me I'd be fine, I'll let you know if I'm fine afterwards...LOL.

I chose my PS because a friend of mine went to him to fix a broken bone in her face (from an ex-boyfriend) & she also had a tummy tuck. He did amazing on both her procedures. He also did her grandads face lift years ago and that man (80 years old) looks no older than 60! So I feel like I'm in good hands. I'm still TERRIFIED though!

Oh and my husband wants me to go BIG! He SAYS he's not a boob man, but since I said I'm getting them, he's been telling me to go big - sending me pics and stuff. Uh huh, the truth is coming out!! LOL. I called the office and asked them to up my implants to the 400 cc.

I don't want to be big at all. I just wanted to be least a full C. I stressed to the doc that I still want to look natural and I want my new boobs to fit my body. They told me that they will go into the operating room with 3 different sizes. The one I picked and one over and one under. They also told me that they will make sure I'm proportioned from my shoulders to my hips. So I trust they won't make me too big.

Did I tell y'all I'm TERRIFIED? I'm so nervous, my stomach keeps flipin' around every time I think about it, which is 24/7.

My surgery date is set for the 27th at 7am.

I called the PS office today because I was...

I called the PS office today because I was concerned about the implants I'm getting. I'm getting the Natrelle Style 45 high profile implants. After reading sooooo many stories on here (I think I'm obsessed!) I don't want my boobies lookin too fake. They're going to try to fit the 460cc's if not then the 400cc's. I REALLY hope these look as natural as possible on me. I'm 5'3" and 135lbs. Anyone else get or getting the Natrelle 45 at 400-460cc's?

I have exactly 1 week till I get my twins!! I'm...

I have exactly 1 week till I get my twins!! I'm hearing about this morning boob. Is it like being engorged when your milk comes in?

Added some before pics, including me using the...

Added some before pics, including me using the "rice test". This is close to what my size should end up being. Looking at my pics. I guess I don't look too bad for having had 5 kids!!!! I just need to tighten it up some ;) 6 MORE DAYS AND COUNTING!!

I'm not sure if I can't wait for Wednesday to...

I'm not sure if I can't wait for Wednesday to hurry up and come so I can get this over with or if I'm so scared it seems to be coming too fast! So many mixed emotions!

Well it's finally the count down. 14 more hours...

Well it's finally the count down. 14 more hours untily surgery! I'm so scared my head hurts and I don't know what to do with myself. I cried last night because I'm thinking, "what am I doing, what did I get myself into?". I know I'm doing this for me, but my emotions are taking over. I REALLY hope I don't run out the room before they put me to sleep!!!!!! LOL

I had no problem falling asleep last night, I was...

I had no problem falling asleep last night, I was so tired and drained from thinking about it. But now it's 3:45 am and I'm wide awake!!! I have to be at the hospital by 5:45am. I'm so dang thirsty! I thought I would sleep until my alarm woke me up. I'm trying to calm my nerves, man is it hard!!

Hey ladies! I had my surgery this morning and...

Hey ladies! I had my surgery this morning and everything went great. I cried when I changed into the gown because it was really about to happen. I don't remember falling asleep. When I woke up I just felt really sore and then the nausea kicked in. I think that's what made me miserable. The nausea finally went away and right now I just feel like I bench pressed 300 lbs. My whole upper body is super sore and I'm trying to eat little by little. I ended up getting 460cc's in both breasts. I can't wait to see them! I'll update more later and try to get some pics posted!

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I haven't felt...

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I haven't felt good until today. So I think today is POD 3 for me. Surgery day and yesterday was hard for me. I was super sore and nauseous at the same time. If you look at my pics you'll see those red marks that look so painful right under my breasts. Yeah that was hurting me so bad! I thought it was my incisions hurting but naw it was the bra digging into my skin. I stayed in the same position for the past 2 days because I didn't feel good. I feel so much better today!!! My girls aren't too big and they're definitely not too small. Coming from being flat to some boobies, I'm very happy! I have to wear a strap across the top of my breasts to help push them down. I don't have that "ball" look at the top which is what I was also scared of with going with high profile implants. I know I still have to wait for them to drop and I can't wait for that. I saw my PS today and he said they look great. I go back to see him next Wednesday for another follow up. They had me in a 34 surgical bra and switched me to a 36 because the other one was so tight, that's why it was digging into my poor skin. I took my shower and I feel sooooo much better. I probably forgot to tell y'all something, but I'll post more if I remember anything else :)

So when I went in for my appt on fri they switched...

So when I went in for my appt on fri they switched me from a size 34 surgical bra to a size 36. It felt so much better afterwards but yesterday it was feeling super tight! Now today I had to undo the bottom 2 hooks to give a little relief to my new bigger boobies. Hehehe, can't believe I can say that a bra is too small!!! I'm wondering if I need a size 38 instead. Obviously my breasts swoll up a bit more. I am so happy with my size, I hope that once they drop and soften up they don't get too much smaller. Can u ladies tell me how much of a difference you've seen once the swelling went down? I still can't believe I did this and I'm so freakin happy that I did!!!!

I added a couple more pics wearing the same sports...

I added a couple more pics wearing the same sports bra from my pre-op pics. The rice sizers were very close. I had just a tad more rice than the cc's I got, and I'm happy!!! I tried on some tank tops without a bra and BA-BAM!!! I look good!! Just gotta lose this bloating I have in my tummy :( I keep having a vibrating sensation in my boobs and it feels so funny and makes me nervous. The more I move around the more I feel it. I'm assuming its my muscles or nerves trying to wake up. I'm not sure, anyone else have this funny feeling? I'll ask my PS about it when I go in on Wednesday. I don't wanna look too much up on the net because I'll drive myself insane! Overall I'm super happy and so damn excited for the summer!!! Oh and I feel pretty good too. I'm tapering off the pain pills. Sleeping is still hard for me because sleeping propped up is tearing up my back! Other than that I feel better. Breathing is becoming easier. It doesn't hurt as much to breathe anymore. ?

Today is my 1 week Boobaversary!! I'm still so...

Today is my 1 week Boobaversary!! I'm still so happy I did this. I'm happy with my size. I'm just ready for the discomfort to go away. My left boob is more sore and I'm wondering if its because I'm right handed and my right side gets more range of motion. I'm still really tight too. I can tell they're settling a little too. I saw my PS today and he said they look good and I can stop wearing my strap all day and just wear it at night but I have to keep wearing my surgical bra. I go back in 2 weeks. I wish I could change and try on different bra's and dresses like I see so many of you ladies do. It's just so uncomfortable for me! I'm gonna try to take more pics soon :)

So I have tons of shirts that I've bought over the...

So I have tons of shirts that I've bought over the years and have never wore them due to the lack of boobage. Well in the pics above it looks like I still may not be able to wear them. I was thinking dang I got my boobs done and they're still so small. You really can't tell with my clothes on. So I decided to put this cami top on to see how they look and be happy that I now have some boobs to fill them out. boobs are spillin outta the top!!! Lol, I guess they're not that small after all!!! From the front it looks ok, but the side is not covered like it should be. The tops are a size medium, a large probably would have fit better. *sigh* I'm happy and sad, I've wanted to wear those tops for so long. I guess it time to go buy some new ones and give these away :)

I'm happy with my girls so far. Still a bit tender and its hard trying on tops. I still have a hard time pushing or pulling things, like the car door. Its really a challenge. You don't realize how much you use your chest muscles on an everyday basis. My baby (almost 2) keeps telling me "want you" and wants me to pick her up but I can't. It hurts my heart so all I can do is sit down and let her sit in my lap and cuddle her the best I can. My breasts are still pretty tight and tender to the touch. Can't wait until I can feel normal and snatch my baby up and squeeze her so tight!

So I didn't think I had any change in the looks of...

So I didn't think I had any change in the looks of my boobs since surgery. They've just been so tight and tender. I'm glad I took some naked pics after surgery because I can compare my progress. Since in clothes you can't really tell its good to have some naked shots even though I'm still shy about it ;) can you see the difference?! They're bigger now than after surgery and I'm thinking they're probably still swollen. BUT you can see they've dropped some and came in a little to the center. In the PO day 2 front shot you can see a little darker area right in the middle of my boobs. My husband was like, " huh, looks like the doc planted his di*k right there before he was done". LMAO!!! He is so dang crazy! Why DOES it look like that?! It was actually turning into a slight bruise but it went away quick. I'm so dang pale and veiny I hate it!!! I'm gonna have to tan these babies as soon as I can, lol. I'm still so bloated and its getting on my nerves AND I look pregnant. *sigh* the things we go through to make our bodies look better ;)

I have my 3 week PO appt this Wednesday. I can't...

I have my 3 week PO appt this Wednesday. I can't believe it's almost been a month. Being terrified of my surgery and the wait seems almost like a blur. I was told the swelling will go down, but when? Mine still seems bigger than when I first had them done. I sill have morning boob. Not too bad but it's there. My breast are still numb under the nipple area and the tops are super sensitive! The other day I wanted to wash both of the surgical bras I was given and thought that wearing just a tshirt until the load was done would be ok. WRONG!! The shirt touching my bare breast made them feel like they were on fire!!! I had to keep pulling my shirt off my chest. Can't wait until this super sensitive feeling is gone. Their still tight but when I push on them they feel softer than before. Whenever I go to get up under my left boob hurts like I'm pulling on the incision area or something. I don't get much pain just still discomfort.

Today is 3 weeks PO for me!!! Yay! Time really...

Today is 3 weeks PO for me!!! Yay! Time really flies :). I finally got my steri strips off today so I got to see what my scars look like for the first time. They are so thin and I know that once they heal you won't be able to really tell.
I posted a pic of my scars. I didn't post a pic of my boobs because there really wasn't much difference. They still look just like the 1 week 6 day pic. I took a pic for my records and maybe I'll put it together later on as I collect more pics as the weeks go by.

I FINALLY got the go ahead to start massaging. My boobs are still so tight and tender and tingly. My PS said that the massaging will help to loosen and soften them up and help them to drop faster. Oh man I can't WAIT until they're softer. I'm ready to squish them together to see what kinda cleavage I'm workin with, hehehe.

Still so tight and tingly. I just wanna go...

Still so tight and tingly. I just wanna go braless and wear just a tshirt. I've been tryin to massage and push them around some to loosen them up. How long does it take to start softening up once you start massaging?

It's been exactly 4 weeks today :). I don't know...

It's been exactly 4 weeks today :). I don't know if I'm seeing any change yet. They're still tight and seem wide apart :( I want cleavage. *sigh* I know I have to be patient and let them d&f. It still hurts to push them together but I can. I wasn't able to last week so I guess they're getting a little softer. How much longer...wahhhhhhh!

Today is exactly 4 weeks PO! I'm still a bit...

Today is exactly 4 weeks PO! I'm still a bit tight and they still seem so wide apart, boo, I want cleavage! I can push them together although its still tight and it's uncomfortable. Last week I wasn't able to do that so I guess that means they're tryin to get softer.

It's 5 weeks for me today! Yay! Each day is...

It's 5 weeks for me today! Yay! Each day is better and better. Still sore but not as stiff. I massage 3x's a day and just push them around gently. I really don't know if they're dropping. They still look the same to me. The only drastic difference I see is from my pic 2 days after surgery to the next week. Around week 2 or 3 I measured around my boobs and it was 38". The past couple weeks it's been measuring 37 1/2". So I guess the swelling went down about a 1/2". I honestly didn't realize that healing was this long, lol. I can tell that my pecs are still in heal mode because pushing and pulling is a little easier but I still definitely have more healing to do. I went shopping by myself yesterday for the first time and I had to close the lift gate to my truck and it was a hell of a struggle. I could feel my pecs contracting and still a bit sore. LOL I'm sure SOMEONE saw me and was probably laughing not knowing why I had a hard time closing it. I see my PS next week for my 6 week PO. I can't wait! I added a few new pics ;)

Ok so wait. I think I got a little confused. I...

Ok so wait. I think I got a little confused. I initially thought I was getting high profile implants. Then when I read my card after surgery it said full profile. So I was like oh ok I didnt get high profile. Maybe that's why I don't have that upper pole fullness I'm seeing on a lot of you ladies. Even right after surgery I didn't have that boxy look up top, not that I cared to have it. But then I just happened to look up the implants I got which is the natrelle 45. On the site it says full/high profile. So the same thing I guess. Huh, I wonder why some get that frankenboob and some don't. Just seems like those that had the frankenboob turns out with nicer breasts, LOL. I think I'm just obsessed and want mine perfect! I told my ps I want them as natural as possible so maybe that's why. I'm not complaining though I'm very happy with my new girls. I know all our bodies are different...was just wondering.

New pic

New pic

I'm 6 weeks tomorrow, yay! I've been waiting to...

I'm 6 weeks tomorrow, yay! I've been waiting to buy bras. I just wanna know what size I am. I know, I know it can still take some time before I'll really know my size. I bought both a 36C and 36D. I never really bought bras on the past, I just always had 34B bras that my boobs barely filled. Soooooo, which one looks better? How do I know HOW a bra is supposed to fit? LOL! I know there shouldn't be any gaps or it shouldn't be too tight. That's all I know, lol. I can tell that a lot of swelling went down, I hope they don't go down any more just continue to drop and fluff. 36C or 36D?

Yup I finally feel sexy enough to wear some...

Yup I finally feel sexy enough to wear some lingerie! I tried on something I got over 10 years ago that I never filled out. I'm lovin' it!! They're getting nice and squishy too ;)

Oh yeah I also noticed that havin some boobies...

Oh yeah I also noticed that havin some boobies makes my waist look so much slimmer!!! All I gotta do is tone and tighten and I'll be good to go ;)

Comparison pic added for week 2, 4 and 7. I...

Comparison pic added for week 2, 4 and 7. I couldn't see much change in the shape of my boobs but I can tel from the pic they're dropping!! If you look at my armpit area you can see that the length from the top of my armpit to the top of my boob has dropped! If it weren't for taking pics I swear I wouldn't notice any difference besides them getting softer.
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Love your updates and your look wonderful! Congratulations!

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You look so great!! Can't wait to get to 7 wks post op!!! Sexy mama in the lingere!! Will melt to plastic off my fiancé's discover card as soon as I can shop for sexier clothing!! Lo
  • Reply
Thanks!!!! I sent that pic to my husband while he was at work and he said oh hell yeah! LOL! Melt that plastic, you deserve it!!!!!'
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Your boobies are fabulous! What size did you end at so far? I am so happy I did this!!! Doesn't it feel wonderful?!! After the pain of the procedure of course ;)
  • Reply
Thank you!! I don't know what size I am yet, I THINK I'm around 36D but I still need to get sized. The bra I bought in 36D seemed to fit perfect. When I tried on a 34D my nipple were popping out, lol! And YES it feels GREAT to say, my boobs are too big for that! Hehehe that's one insecurity I don't have to worry about anymore. I notice that I keep my shoulders back more instead slumped and rounded like I used to. I feel more like a woman rather than a little girl. *sigh* it feels amazing!
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I agree I take pictures all the time. I been allowed to wear a regular bra for 2 days and after 6 weeks I can tell a big difference slowly but surely.
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Right! I've been allowed to wear regular bras too but I'm so comfortable in these sports bras I haven't worn any yet. I still need to go get sized even though the bras I bought seem like they work but I need someone else to tell me my size. And yes slowly but surely ;)
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I think the d cup! You look great!
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Thank you so much!
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            your breast are beautiful! 
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Thank ya, thank ya!
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Ok I've decided lol I think I like the ccup cause it makes them fuller on top, I think u can rock both though, depending on what you're wearing ;)
  • Reply
I was thinking the same thing!
  • Reply
I can't decide!! I love them both! Lol cute bras ;)
  • Reply
LOL thank you!!!! Me too ;)
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I LOVE your new pic. Love it! I hope I can do that with mine in due time...they look hot! I am solo relieved to hear other women still feeling not up to par even at a month PO. Don't get me wrong, I don't like that anyone still feels awful or sore still but o thought I was a minority in this feeling. It doesn't help that I have four kids but they have all been amazing and helpful, so has my husband. We truly have No idea how much we use our bodies, makes even more thankful to be healthy.
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Thank ya, thank ya!!!! It's not comfortable yet but I'm so happy they can squish together now. I'm just sad that I really don't have cleavage, but I'm sure with the right bra it can look like my last pic without ME squishing them. I didn't think the healing process was this long! Lol I really thought a couple weeks and I'll be good. Everyday gets better and better of course. We definitely don't realize how much our pec muscle come into play with EVERYTHING we do! I felt insecure with NO boobs and I tried on a summer dress I've never worn because of that and I felt funny like woah!! My boobs are hanging out & I don't know if I'll be comfortable! LMAO! The things we go through ;)
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I love your boobies! They look amazing and i love the roundness on the sides, i was hoping to get that but havent yet :( i have and love the same danskins bras :)
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Thank you so much!!! I like the roundness on the sides too, I just wish I had more cleavage! I'm starting to be able to squish them together more but like in a sports bra my boobs stay apart. Lol, I guess we'll see what they look like when they drop some more. I thought gettin 460cc was A LOT and they're not as big as I thought they would be. Yours look nice too! You got more than me ;)
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I thought I was the ONLY one feeling that way. I turned 4 weeks po yesterday. I'm still swollen its went down very little since the first week. I can't wear cute camis or tank tops because it kinda look lopsided. I have no movement either. I figured I would be further than I am now. I sat home for 3 weeks and 2 days I didn't do nothing. Some of us heal quicker than others. I believe my doctor did a great job. I'm just waiting on my body to do its part.
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Right! I didn't think healing would be this long. Oops! I thought a couple weeks maybe but man I can't wait until I don't have to be so cautious. We don't realize how much we really do, with work and kids just everyday things. Oh and stress, lol. Our bodies definitely need some time after this one ;)
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Are you doing massages that push them together? My Ps said my breast are naturally close so he didn't want to go big and I end up with a unibob. Lol. When I massage I have to massage outward because I don't want them closer.
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I only started massaging a week ago. They didn't really give me specific massages to do, I was just told to massage to soften them up. Today I actually started pushing them together hoping as they soften they'll go closer together. Mine are naturally wide apart so we're opposite ;). I'm avoiding massaging outward because mine are already out there, lmao.
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We yea that makes sense. I can't believe the nurse didn't show you what to do. I would look on you tube and see what other ladies are doing. I'm suppose to push in with my 4 fingers on my nipple 30 Times than push down and in 30 Times 3 Times a day. I also started massaging last week. I enjoy the massaging. Can't wait to drop and fluff.
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Right! I should have asked for specifics but i always get a mind blank and then I'm like um, wait she just said massage and i said ok and that was that. Crazy but I ended up looking up a few videos. So I know a little more now on what to do. I'm gonna try what you're doing too pushing on my nipples. I'm doing way more now that I looked it up. Whew!!! I've never touched my boobs this much in my LIFE!!!!
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