TT for sure and possibly Breast Augmentation (still deciding)set for 4/8

Hello all. I'm 31. 5'3 149lbs! I'm currently a 34b...

Hello all. I'm 31. 5'3 149lbs! I'm currently a 34b. I have a consultation on 3/14 for breast argumentation for a 34c (to big?) but may just do the mommy make over. My boyfriend of 5 years have never seen me naked and I can't b intimate with lights on. I want to have more confidence with my body. I want my pre pregnant look back before I had two kids! After this surgery il b able to wear bathing suits again! What do u all think? I'm nervous and scared to have a TT. I've posted my before pics and will update until the date of surgery which il know next week!

I decided to do two consults. The doc here only...

I decided to do two consults. The doc here only has 8 years experience. I decided to also see the Dr Sexton in Columbia next Wednesday! With his prompt reply and staff I felt very comfortable. I've had two c sections so will the pain b the same?
I found a board certified PS. He costs a little more but I feel safer. I go in two days and I've had one c-sec, so I will try to let you know about the pain. I'm having a full TT and BA.
I want a full C as well... Hope all goes well....
Yeah its good to go through it with someone, I'll here to listen!

How did you all explain to your boss for extra...

How did you all explain to your boss for extra days off?

So I called and rescedule my consult here in...

so I called and rescedule my consult here in Augusta with a Doc since I'm to sick to see him tomorrow. I spoke with a different nurse and was rushed off the phone after she finally fit me in for next Monday. No by or nothing, just click. That didn't sit well with me and I'm only going to listen to what he has to say, but my heart is set for Dr Sexton in Columbia. That consult is next Wednesday 3/20.
With the TT I'm sure it will remove all of that nasty tatt except the top of the navel right? Has anyone researched tummy tuck Tatts to cover up the scar, there's some nice ones I saw.
Good luck , and I think a full C cup would look great on you
Sorry that she treated you like that-good idea to still check out the dr though

Well you guys I just got back from Columbia, SC. I...

well you guys I just got back from Columbia, SC. I had my consulation with Dr Sexton. He made me feel so comfortable, last night so many bad thoughts were running through my mind as if I should get this surgery done, after reading horrible stories on Plastic Sugery :( I wasn't going to even go for my consult. I woke up this morning and was like I"m going. He made me feel comfortable. I'm at low risk, I don't smoke, not over weight. He will be able to get all of my stretch marks thats covered with the tatt including the ones on the side. I'll have about a inch of tatt left. I didn't think he could go that far up. I don't need any lipo done. I'm just ready to get my self confidence back, my pre baby look back and wear bikinis. I go back next week 3/27 for the exam. It hasn't hit me yet and I'm patient but I know I'm going to break down and cry before the surgery. I don't want to be put to sleep. I need to stop reading the crazy stories. He has never had anything bad happen to any of his patience out of his 20 years in practice. The only thing is with some smokers, they went back to smoking after two weeks and the scar took longer to heal. I saw his pics and soooo amazing, his work is wonderful. I put down my dep of $250 today. Next week, I'll put down the remaining 5600 for the TT and if I do the Breast, I"ll pay a total of $9800. Breast I"ll be focusing on 325CC but I"ll know for sure next week. I'm scared yall, I'm scared to be put to sleep. My boyfriend is very supportive and told me to pray on it. I won't worry myself so I won't get stressed out b/c right now I am.
I feel you about being afraid. I'm not afraid to be put to sleep. I am afraid of infection, capsule contracture and necrosis! But, I am going to say my prayers and god willing, when my time comes, I won't have complications and you either.
maybe I"m just worrying for no reason..Its just sleep right? just with medicine. Thanks for your words @Honeydoo72 Whats capsule contractue?
I believe it is when the implant gets encapsulated by scar tissue causing the breast to feel hard and display a distorted shape.

Well lovely ladies and post op ladies..I decided...

well lovely ladies and post op ladies..I decided to do both on 4/8. Hopefully everything goes well next week for my EXAM and I'll be back on the sex side. NERVOUS! AND SCARED :)
Having a glass of wine to calm down.
Good luck! I am having both done as well on 4/11. Look forward to seeing your post-op pics.
Thanks ! Hoping you the very best as well. I will upload pics on tomorrow. So everyone an track my progress.
Good luck to you! Mine is on April 12. I'm very nervous too. Keep us posted :)
Gregory Sexton

I enjoyed the review I read about Dr. Sexton and his prompted reply to my email a day later. His staff is so nice on the phone. I sceduled my consult with Nancy and she spoke to me like she already knew me.

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