Had the Procedure 2 Days Ago and the Pain is Getting Worse - Augusta, GA

Since it's been so soon since I've had the...

Since it's been so soon since I've had the procedure, I can't provide a recommendation as I need time to heal before assessing the results. I'll repost in a month or so.

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I am now 21 days post op and while I feel much...

I am now 21 days post op and while I feel much better, I am still very red, flaky, tight and itchy. However, I see improvements daily and can tell I'm going to be very pleased with the results when my skin calms.

To recap my experience:
Week one - began experiencing burning pain day 2. Took pain meds through this phase. Washed my face up to 8 times a day with cetaphil and kept it covered in Vaseline. Gently washing off the ooze felt very good. And even though I used 3 pillows to elevate when lying down, my head swelled.

Week two - still washing face a lot, using Vaseline, discomfort level dropped dramatically. Itchy and very red but swelling down.

Week three - started going out in public (with foundation on to cover the redness) day 11 post-op. Went back to work day 13 post op. Wearing foundation resulted in more itchiness and flaking of skin. I ditched the makeup by the end of the week and kept my face moistened with eucerine. Flaking subsided and I am getting used to people staring at my red face. Then, I put on full makeup to dine with my family this weekend, I looked great but the flaking and itching started again.

I am now beginning week four. I will use either a tinted moisturizer or eucerine and powder to help cover the redness. I am still very red and itchy and foundation makes it worse. So I take Benadryl for the itchiness and will try something else to tone down the redness. If these products fail to work I'll forget about trying to cover the redness.

To summarize my experience to date -
I did this because I am 54, had smoked for 39 years, quit over a year ago and hated the smoker lines around my mouth and overall skin texture. This procedure was phase 2 of my improvement project as I had a facelift last summer to take care of my neck and jowls.

If you are thinking about this procedure, just be prepared for the potential of a long healing period. I have a light complexion with freckles and knew I was going to be red for a while. The pain was more than expected as my face felt on fire for days and the oozing/crustiness was gross. (rule - if your doctor prescribes vicodine, you know it's going to hurt). I would not look at myself in the mirror as I knew it would freak me out so my husband was my eyes. I didn't look until day 10 post-op. I was able to go back to work 2 weeks after the procedure.

When my skin is able to take it, I'll start wearing foundation again to cover the red. It's a small price to pay for what looks to be excellent results. I would do this again.

I had the procedure 2 days ago and the pain is getting worse. The Dr. checked me out yesterday and said my face is looking good (no complications), but I feel very raw. When can I expect the pain to subside? I am taking pain meds but they don't help much.


Can you post a more recent pic please, without the makeup, to compare with the 1st pre-op photo? I'm considering Erbium, & btw, I think you looked lovely before any laser, & could have been even prettier with makeup.
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I had a deep 50 micron laser peel combined with fractional resurfacing around my mouth and eyes to eliminate crows feet and lines around my lips..I am hoping my marionette lines and eyelids get a slight lift also. I had the worst pain on day 4. Today is day 5 and I actually think the pain has subsided without pain meds. Worst part is the oozing but today think that too has subsided somewhat. I expect it will be another 10 days at least before this face sees the public. Very red as well and I am fair skinned also so it may be longer. I am posting my experience with photos as well because I found them to be so helpful when deciding upon this procedure.
wow! your skin looks great! what kind of laser they use?
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I am now 6 months post-op. The redness has gone...

I am now 6 months post-op. The redness has gone down but I do turn red when I'm hot, but that is something I can deal with. And it's very important that I stay slathered in sunscreen and wear a hat when outdoors for extended periods of time. I wear and SPF35 daily and an SPF70 if I'm going to be involved in outdoor activities. I've attached a recent photo.


Perk- Are you still happy?
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Dr. Chen has done work on me and I couldn't be happier. Love everything about him. The fact he is listed in the top 10 plastic surgeons year after year speaks for itself. I really have unconditional faith in him as a plastic surgeon. Everyone in his office cares. He even comes to your house after surgery to check on you and change bandages!!!!!! I didn't know anyone did that since Marcus Welby MD.
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OH MY GOD. you are 54?!? you don't look a day over 35 that is just crazy!!! you look amazing this makes me want to literally run to a doctor to get this done
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Evans Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have faith in this doctor. He is skilled (and board certified in plastic surgery), cares about his patients and his office staff is excellent. I would choose him again.

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