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Hello Everyone, after reading several reviews I've...

Hello Everyone, after reading several reviews I've decided to write my own. I also think this would be a good way to get rid of some of my anxiety about the surgery.

Well I've had large breasts since i hit puberty and they have just gotten bigger ever since. I am currently 21 years old. I don't know my exact size but i know my minimum is a 36 DDD. so I wanna say an H? I am 5 ft and around 130pds.

I just had my pre op today and i came out with my stomach in knots. My surgery is on the 3rd. and i can believe it is so close already! Even though i am extremely excited to get rid of all the back pains and the self esteem issues, I'm also terrified i will hate myself even more. Please tell me I haven't been the only one thinking this before have I?

Don't get me wrong,not all of my thoughts have been negative. Ive been super excited to to be able to wear regular clothes! and not look at something and say nope, my boobs will look weird in that. oh and I'm so ready for the staring and comments to stop. you all know what i mean. But the negative part about it has been about my weight, i know to some people I'm not over weight but I've always been a little chunky. with being so tiny, 130 is not the exact weight i should be. I'm just so nervous, i will look even more abnormal than i do now. Ive been kinda of freaking myself out, but i reassure myself that i will not regret this. I've read stories where women back out at the last minute and and regret it. so that is definitely not an option. Its weird cause in not really about the anesthesia , because I've had to be put under before.

One big thing thing I've decided to do during this whole process is to document it. I am studying photography so i decided to turn it into a personal project. Im really excited about how it will turn out. but emotionally its a lot harder to go through. I've already caught myself tearing up. ha

anyways sorry for ranting, I'm kind of using this to vent as well.

If anyone could please reassure me, that would be great. lol

and ill take any advice you have to offer thanks and ill update after i have the surgery!

oh and ill try to add photos next time!

You will be fine. And so happy you did it. I'm on day 8 post op and am so glad I did this. I can't say pain, ore like sore. Nothing a little pill can't help!
thanks so much! I'm starting to getting a little more confident. i just think about all the smaller bras ill wear! haha

Thank you for starting your journey with us!   You will feel like a new woman, and I assure you we have all had the same thoughts before surgery.  Hang on and your day will be here quickly.   

You will do great and we will all be here to support you.  So you keep babbling away because we love it!



here is how i look now. can't wait til the surgery, still extremely nervous though.
Also, I just have to say you have a very nice shape! You mat not be the weight you ant to be, but your stomach is flat and you like good! Plus, you are going to look so much smaller once the weight of your chest is gone. It is going to reveal your tiny tummy even more. Don't be sad and anxious! Be happy, a new improved you is just around the corner.
Wow all those spelling errors-thats what I get for using my phone to type. I meant "you may not be the weight you want to be..." :)
So excited for you! You are going to be so happy! Dont worry too much, before you know it you will be all done and hitting the mall to find some new bras ;)

more pictures

34 H
is it sad that i didn't remember what size i was? lol
this bra is going on 2 years. def ready to be retired.
All the best for tomorrow!
Thank you!
You are In my prayers .. You will be soooo happy with your results.. I am.. I have no pain whatsoever ..(for the breast) love my size now

tomorrow is the day!

So, the big day is tomorrow! I would first like to say thank you to everyone on this site! everyone has been so encouraging and has really laid a lot of my worries to rest. Im pretty sure it'll all sink in tomorrow.

funny story though, the surgery center called this morning just to remind me everything i had to do and then they said i had to bring in my whole payment tomorrow. that is around 2300. I was like WHATTTT? i talked to someone earlier and set up a payment plan. The woman doubled checked and apologized she said i was right. it was quite a scare since i had just woken up and i had to immediately think where the hell am i going to get this money?!

anyways, prayers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much again.

I will update once i am coherent again. lol
Best of luck to you! Looking forward to your updates.
Good luck! Will be thinking of you!! :)
thank you!

the deed is done

well i finally survived the surgery!
everything is going well, i do have pain, but nothing like a pill can fix. actually whenever I take the it only mutes the pain it doesn't really take it all away and then i get really tired. so i just take naps all day:/
but everyone at the surgery center was excellent. they all made me feel so comfortable. all of my friends and family have been wonderful too. The Dr said i am officially a small D! i can't wait til my post op this friday to see them! i am just resting and being waited on hand and foot. ha i did have to get drains but from they haven't been draining at all. i called the dr.'s office and he said that is normal. lets hope so.

quick question for you ladies though, my heart have kind of beating irregular, has that happened to anyone else? it happened to me yesterday too but it was when i had all of the meds in me.
but if you have any advice for me i would greatly appreciate it.
also what good food choices to make? my friend had the same surgery and she suggested low sodium diet.

Thanks again to everyone!

not so easy

Today has already been.awful. I didn't. Take the pain pills for a while so. It hurts worse right now. I don't fill so great when I stand up either I kind of feel lightheadedness .The wrap is so tight I can't wait. To get it off cause I feel like it makes it hard to.breathe. but I' scared to take it off too. I'm not too great around blood and wounds. Ugh well if you have any suggestions please let me know I will take any advice. To feel some kind of normal.
Hey! I just wanted to say I've just read all your posts and you are keeping me from getting too nervous. I'm in rome, ga and my surgery is next thursday, and for whatever reason knowing there's another 21 year old doing this in the same area at the same time makes me feel a lot better. I hope you start feeling better soon!
Wow! I'm so glad I could help. I promise you the surgery part isn't bad at long as ypu have total trust in your surgeon ypu will be absolutely.fine! Just remember to take all of your meds and you will be fine! If you have any kind questions please don't hesitate to contact. I have a friend who helps me cause she has Bern through it too and it def helps to get a second opinion. Just follow everything your Dr says and you will be fine. It may be strange to experience all these different things but just remember hundreds of women have had this done and they don't regret one bit. So, we will get to that point one day. We just have to have patience. Btw sorry for all the errors respondi.g from phones suck lol
also, in my packet i ready if my bowels don't move in 2 days i should take a laxative. good idea? or wait til after my appointment tomorrow?

post op

Just went to my post op today. they said everything looks good. I'm still very swollen though. he says i have to keep moving around and start lifting my arms.
i wil admit i did get a but lightheaded but i was expecting it. they did not take our my drains though. so hopefully i get those out on monday. they didn't take it off cause it was barely draining. now i have on my sports bra so i can change out the gauze. the worst part were the drains. i would lift my arm and i felt this burning and stinging feeling. one of my drains was clotted and i just took a look and i think it clotted back up again. but I'm afraid to strip it near my skin cause it just hurts so bad. the drains are probably worst part right now.
anyone have a suggestion to get a clot out??
So sorry - I did not have drains at all. It sounds hard to manage - sorry he did not take them out today! wish I had advise. If I were you I would get in bed and stay there till Monday with a few little walks around. I did get very lightheaded with the pain meds and muscle relaxants. It will do you good to just rest if you can till you get those drains out - helps with swelling also. Good luck!

out of the blue

so I just woke up from a nap and I had a fever of 101?! So weird. I called the doctor and he said its cause I haven't. Been walking enough and I need to deep breath and open lungs so I don't get pneumonia. :( hopefully this is only.the worst.
Oh, also about the doctor suggested I put a little lotion on before I strip the tube so it goes more smoothly. I had my husband do it. Hope that helps! Xxx
I was so worried about my lungs after surgery that I regularly took deep breaths. Got through that hurdle! Also, I felt feverish a few days after surgery, but it passed. My advise, relax, deep breaths, and take your pain meds. This will pass. I'm sending good healing thoughts your way!

i hate drains.

so i woke up in the middle of the night to find out one of the drains is bleeding where it is placed inside my skin. this means there is a clot right? its so hard to strip them cause i can barely reach it and my mom and grandma are to scared to hurt me so hey don't do a good enough job. ugh i wish i could just go to the doctor once a day so they could do it for me.
I'm so sorry you have those drains in still! Hang in there, things will get better soon and once you get those out things will start progressing for the better right away! Feel better :)
Thank you. I.hope so too! I had my cousin's mom come and help me drain them today and she said every looks good. I just hope the swelling goes down.soon.
Oh and I hope that your recovery is going well!


After my 1st post op
early days, but doing well.


so I've heard several of you all say, there are zingers?
please explain, because i think I'm starting to get some. ha

oh and if you have some kind of magical advice for drains, i will love you forever.
I had a family friend, who is a nurse, come over to help today. she said everything looks good, doesn't look like i have a clot. but there is not that much draining. like you know how it is labeled with 25, 30 etc. it never goes over 25. i hope that is normal for me. cause I'm definitely still swollen. ugh this is so frustrating. and it doesn't help that i am super impatient too. ha
I'm just super nervous. I want this healing process to go smoothly.
I'm sure you will get them out tomorrow. Less than 25 on the drain bags is not much. You will feel so much better.

the drains are off!!

thank god i got the drains off today! probably the worst pain ever but so glad they are off. hopefully now everything will go smoothly. oh and the best part i can shower!
i will post pics tonight!
thanks to everyone you've been so great!
My drains came out on the 5th day but I had no pain associated with their removal. Once the drains were out I started feeling better that day :)


slowly getting back to normal

sorry i haven't updated in a while and that I'm so bad with pictures. here are two with me in a bralette. everything has been going well. no need for pain killers anymore. i just sort of have a discomfort underneath me breast. my doctor said i don't have to put anything on my breasts which seemed kind of odd to me. i don't see him til jan 3rd so I'm just resting and healing til then.
I'm at home at christmas break til jan and I'm going insane now. I've been stuck at home alto. so i really want to try and do some exercises to keep me busy. anyone know what would be best for me to do? esp for the stomach area. i know any bouncing or running is no good.

oh yeah also I'm getting these weird red bump on the side of breasts that kind of look like a rash. normal or not? sorry I'm so bad with pictures ill try and add some of my incisions next time.

always looking for any kind of advice, thanks!

more pics

Pictures look great - not sure about the bumps -sorry. Glad you are resting and healing.
the bumps have gone away have there still a bit of redness. but it doesn't itch or anything so I'm pretty sure thats good. but thank you!

quick question

hello everyone, so just a quick update, i seemed to be healing fine, nothing really has changed. i can tell some of m swelling has gone down because now one my sports bra is getting a little big on me. but I'm still slightly bleeding under my left breast. nothing too dramatic, just a little dots, but am i suppose to be bleeding still? i don't know if its cause of the bra maybe rubbing it sometimes or what but its only in one spot no where else.

some help will be greatly appreciated:)
hope everyone is enjoying there holidays!
Do you think it's caused by irritation/rubbing? Or can you see some part if your incision line has opened up? If it's just a drop or two I'd just keep a watch on it but of course use your best judgment and speak to your medical folks if it doesn't look right.
I went to the doctor this morning and he said that it may just be a stitch trying to push its way out. But he said it didn't look infected thank goodness
I know i might be not of help, but your right nipple looks a little strange on the picture, like the areola goes inwards. I saw enough times that nipples go inwards due to the shock during the surgery, but i never saw this.


found this article! remember ladies, you are making this choice for yourself! if anyone says anything negative, screw them!
I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow and still have tiny spots on my pads in my bra. My doctor said it wasn't a problem. Good luck!

bloody mess

so if any of you remember i was having a stitch that was trying to push itself out. well on christmas day i felt a pulling of some sort under my left breast and just thought it was the surgical glue. so i just too that off and it felt a little better. well after i did that the drainage for worse and i started bleeding more and more. i finally went to the doctor yesterday and he got out the stitch. now there is this gross hole that just keeps on bleeding. he says that is normal because that is just the new skin trying to heal now. but I'm super nervous because its a good amount of blood and I'm not okay around blood at all. this all happened yesterday so i don't expect to heal in a day, but i have this pain in the area that i just want to go away. my right breast seems to be fine. just a little sore since i think its dropping more. its just frustrating this is happening because i start school on jan 6th and its in another city. i mean 21/2 hours away isn't bad, but i can't come up every weekend for a doctor's appointment. i don't know I'm just a bit worried, that i won't have access to my doctor when i really need him. I'm just praying everything will go smoothly after this.

if you have had any kind of experience with this, please reassure me that it'll will be okay.

oh and happy new year everyone!
Hi, what about some breathable tape over the hole to keep it closed?
well right now he just don't me to keep some gauze on it and to keep it clean and to use Neosporin if i wanted to. the gauze have been sticking to it a little so I'm hoping putting the neo on it it won't stick.
sorry he just want me to keep gauze on it.

its been a while.

so i know i have completely neglected this and i am so upset about it. Since going back to school in january, i have been going nonstop. i guess ill try and update as much as i can. in december i started to have some complications. i believe a stitch spit out in a bad way on the seam of my scar. it created and open wound. it was not comfortable or pretty. thankfully it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. it did slow down my healing process a bit. i was keeping gauze on it everyday and cleaning it with a saline solution everyday. btw always get non stick gauze. its wayyyyyy better on open wounds. regular gauze sticks. BAD. and it hurts to pull it off. anyways i had to wear a sports bra for a little while longer. also when i first got back to school, it was so difficult trying to do things for myself and asking help. I'm very independent in most parts of my life, so i hated being limited on what i could do. slowly i started to heal even though the scar didn't heal very pretty. it still bothers me a bit today. I'm wearing underwire so i imagine that it irritates it a bit. also i tried using me derma scar gel on it and it made my scar feel like the skin was pulling at the scar site. it was also, i don't recommend it. but other than that I am absolutely 100% happier. i am so much more comfortable. I feel normal and proportionate lol i will say i am guilty of becoming a little obsessed with crop tops now. ha my friends say i still have big boobs but they are small to me! ha right now i believe i am a 34 DD. its only been about 6 months, so I'm pretty sure ill still go down a little not too much though. i know it take at least a year. i still also get a little sting now and then. i think its the nerves. but other than that i feel wonderful! hope this helps all you ladies planning on getting one soon. i was nervous i would be too small or i would just look worse. but that is nothing to worry about. as long as you trust your doctor and feel comfortable with them, they will make you look like a million bucks!

if any questions I'm happy to answer them!
good to hear from you, how about some photos as you are a few weeks ahead of me
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