Breast Implants WAY Too Big!! Either Going for Removal or Revision.

I had a breast augmentation about 1 1/2 years ago....

I had a breast augmentation about 1 1/2 years ago. Since I had to augmentation I regretted it. I started at a 34B and went to a 34DD. My plastic surgeon and I discussed size, but I guess he had a different vision than me. I wanted to go up no more than 1 cup size, I went up 3!! I hate my boobs, I am embarrassed by them. I got pregnant right after my surgery and they blew up like balloons. I had so much trouble nursing and they were so ridiculously big that I didn't want to nurse. I am about 5'5 and 130lb and while nursing I was a 38H!! I have lost all my baby weight and I was hoping my breast would shrink. I had a appointment with my surgeon and he said I had no breast tissue left and I was all skin and implant :( (So much for trying to exercise my boobs away). I have a capsular contracture which needs revision and I am meeting with a different surgeon tomorrow is discus removal of my implants all together or maybe having small ones implanted. I did not enjoy having small breast, but I at least didn't hate them so much.

Met with plastic surgeon

I met with my plastic surgeon yesterday. We discussed removal and replacement of implants. Im leaning towards smaller implants. Currently I have 265CC implants and he suggested 180CC, textured implants. Right now I have smooth implants and since I don't have a lot of skin on my chest you can see my implants through my skin, the textured ones you won't be able to see. I believe I will be happy with 180CC, they should only fill me out and bring me up only a little more than my original cup size. I feel good about this Dr, I think he sees what I wanted originally with my augmentation.


I tried to put pics in my original post but for some reason they didnt upload!

The date is set!!

I met with my original surgeon yesterday. He suggested the best course of action is to remove my implants, close off the contracture and put new implants under the muscle. I was very firm on my decision to remove the implants completely. He is going to do the surgery at cost, and I only need to pay the surgical center fee. I am nervous about this because when I had my first surgery my Dr. removed some of my breast tissue because he thought I would think they were too big. He said that after the removal they will be smaller than I started with because of something he has to do with the contracture, but I dont care. I am so excited! I have actually grown envious of women with small breast! haha July 15th is the day! I can go back to feeling comfortable in my body. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight and I should feel really good about myself, but I wear sports bras and baggy shirts to cover my breasts. I cannot wait to feel like myself again! I believe that implants were just not for me. I felt better about my body image without them :)

Getting excited!

I can't wait for the big day! It is one month away! It's pool and beach season and I am so embarrassed to go out. Whenever I go to the pool I am so self conscious. I can't wait to be able to wear my old bikinis again!


This was my bikini pic before my implants. And next to me is my friend, I had to crop out her face I didnt think she wanted to be on here. I actually brought this pic with me to my consult and said I wanted her boobs and I got about 2 sizes larger than that!

Feeling depressed and anxious

I was invited to go to the pool today. I'm feeling really bummed. I feel like I look absolutely rediculous. I hate wearing a bathing suit. Most women with BA can't wait to wear a baithing suit. I have so much regret for what I have done to my body. My breast were so tiny before but they were better then I have now. They are too big for my frame. Plus I have so much side boob, it's like they are sitting in my armpits. I went to a pool party last week and wore a sports bra bc I was too embarrassed to wear a normal top. I told everyone that I couldn't find my top. I felt so stupid.


This is slightly embarrassing. My breast smell! LOL I guess because they are so large? It is so hot down here and I exercise a lot. Recently after leaving the gym I have been noticing this foul odor. Today I realised that it is my breast/ sport bras!! This happened last summer, but I was pregnant, I assumed it was my milk coming in. Have any of you other ladies with implants had this problem?

1 more day

Tomorrow is the big day! I am so excited! We have been on vacation visiting family for the last week. I wish I had had my explant earlier so I could enjoy the beach :( but at least I have the rest of the summer.
My PS said that he needs to put in drains for7-10 days. I am really upset about this, but I guess I don't have a choice if he thinks that's what's best. I have a wedding to go to on Friday and my daughter is turning 1 on Saturday. I haveno idea how I will hide them, he didn't mention anything about them until the pre-op appointment.

I had my implants removed yesteray

Yesterday I had my implants removed. Overall the procedure took about 3 hours and went very well. They were a little rushed to get me in because I was the last surgery of the day so that made me a little nervous but at least I didn't get stuck in recovery for a while while my husband and baby waited for me. They only held me for 1 hour. I am in more pain than I thought I would be but it is manageable. I have 2 drains and they are a little difficult to drain, I am not sure if I am doing it right, but I have a post op appointment today so I will ask then. I peeked in the bandage and I still have a little bit of boob! haha I was so nervous I would be just skin since my plastic surgeon removed some of it during the BA and he said I would lose more tissue since I had contractures on both breast. But overall I am very happy to have had this procedure.

3 Days Post op

I feel much better today, I really don't need any pain medication. The incisions hurt a little but the most painful spot is where the drains go in. The drains are annoying but I have been able to hide them in my shorts haha. I went to the mall today to buy a bra. The only reason I did this was because I have a wedding tonight and I can't wear a sports bra. I was so happy to see that I still wear a 34B! My breasts are shaped funny, but my PS says that they will go back to a normal shape in the next few weeks after the drains are taken out. I am having my drains taken out on Monday :)

feeling lighter

I meant to add to my post above that I feel like I have lost 10lbs. When I look at myself in the mirror I no longer feel overweight. I am even able to wear some of my old shirts that were too short with my implants in haha

One Week Post-op

Its been almost 1 week since my surgery. My breast feel good. I got my drains taken out this morning. The drains were more painful than the surgery recovery. It was difficult to sleep and get around with them, but taking them out was simple and I didn't feel a thing.
The swelling in the breast has gone down a lot and they are back to a smaller size and the loose skin is visible. My right breast is very deformed. My surgeon has told me to give it time to reshape and now since the drain is out it should shape up better. I hope so. My breast have drooped a little and I kind of wish I had opted for a lift during the explant, but too late now.
I am unhappy with the incision scars. I have not taken the tape off yet but I tried on one of my bikinis and all of the tape is visible, which will make my scars visible. :/
On a better note, I feel much better about myself. I am excited to go bra shopping. I should have kept my old ones! haha. I feel more confident when I go out in public and overall feel pretty good about myself. My boob only looks deformed when not in a bra. I went to a wedding and wasn't self conscious about my breasts all night, I was only worried about my drains falling out of my underwear! lol

2 weeks post op

Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. I feel great, I went back to the gym the other day. My chest was a little sore when I moved my arms and whatnot but I think the muscles were just tight because after I stretched they felt better.
I am very happy with the size of my breast. As i mentioned before I was very concerned with what they were going to look like. I had a contracture in both breast and was told that I would lose some breast tissue with that, also my PS took out some tissue when he put in the original implants. I am kicking myself for getting the implants in the first place bc my breast are larger than when i first got my implants! I had a daughter 1 year ago and was actually pregnant during my BA and did not know. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight plus some and my breast are larger than before. Go figure, right now I am at a full B. If I didnt have a BA I would probably be at a small C, which is where I wanted to be in the first place!
I am very unhappy with my healing. My right breast is still very deformed. From what I am reading the scar tissue is attached to the muscle. I will not know for sure what is going on until my next post op with my surgeon. I wish I did not go with my PS who did my BA. My husband really wanted me to go with him bc he was giving us a discount because of the complications and the dissatisfaction. I feel like my deformed breast may have been prevented or at least fixed during the removal.
I will take some 2 week photos tomorrow and post them.

1 Month Post explant

Its been a little over one month since I had my implants removed. Physically I feel good. I went back to the gym at 2 weeks and feel like there is a ton of weight lifted off my chest haha. I enjoy wearing regular clothes again and I feel very confident about myself.
I have a few disappointments about my surgery though.
I have a lot of excess skin. I was told that this would be a possibility. When I lift my arms up there is so much skin, my boobs shrivel up. I currently wear a 34B because that is my breast size, but I think I am going to have to go to a C because of the extra skin. When I put my bra on the skin is popping out of the bra.
My breasts are sagging a little. I was sure that this was going to happen though. My breast were never very perky to begin with. I have one child now and I am going to start trying for a second. When I am finished having children I will consider a lift, but never implants again.
My right breast is still deformed. The scar tissue is stuck to the muscle. I have been messaging it regularly per my Dr's orders and it is looking better than before.
It is just so frustrating. I see all these other women who had their implants removed and there breast look wonderful. I only had my implants for 1 1/2 years and they destroyed my breasts. I know alot of it had to do with the growth during my pregnancy and then nursing. I keep feeling hopeful that they will fill back in and the skin will go down. I am still happy I had this procedure.
I have an appointment on the 6th and I will update with what my Dr. says about the scar tissue.
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I'm also afraid of this. I have one child before I had implants and breast fed for only 8 weeks. With my second child I breast fed for almost a year! I don't think you look bad I am just afraid I will not be happy with my results too. It seems like most of the healing occurs when we are not paying so much attention though, if you know what I mean. I liken it to watching paint dry. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
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My dr is confident that they will heal well and the excess skin will eventually go away but that it will take time. I remain hopeful!
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Wow! You look really good. You have healed so well! Thank you for sharing your's so helpful to those of us on the sidelines waiting our turn.
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I've been researching my explant options. My consultation is on Sept 30th. I've had several augmentations due to complications such as capsulation and a rupture. During my last surgery over 12 years ago the surgeon said I had no breast tissue left. My breasts are over 500cc's and hurt. The surgeon used her own discretion regarding my size. I can't wait to have small breasts again. Thank you for posting your journey. Your breasts look beautiful as well as your athletic body. I can't wait to be on the other side of this. Keep posting your progress.
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You look fantastic! Congratulations!
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You are smart and you look great!
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I had my drains removed yesterday after a week so I totally understand where you are coming from regarding how they feel and trying to manage them. Apart from my results, getting them out was the best part of this experience (and oddly enough the most painful). You look great! Congrats and happy healing!
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Congrats! So happy to hear you are healing and recovering!
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Thanks for the update, so nice to hear that things went well (and yay for having "a little bit of boob left"! ;) Hope the drains become easier to manage, let us know how it goes. I know I will need drains too. Take care of yourself, rest well and happy healing!
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So happy to hear all went well! When you said you peaked I started giggling and crying at the same time! Very very happy for you. With you having your daughters b-day and a wedding to go to I hope you will be able find some kind of rest for yourself.
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I'll be sending my prayers to you!!!
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Congratulations! I hope your healing is smooth and easy!
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Sooo exciting! I explanted six days ago and I have never felt flatter and happier in my life! Lol! Happy healing and positive vibes sent your way!
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I am explanting on August 15th and my surgeon said I will have drains for 7-10 days too and I must admit, that is freaking me out a bit too! Everything I have read says that you can pin them to your pant waistband or the inside of your shirt and just wear something loose to hide them. I have also read a tons of reviews saying they turned out to be no big deal, hopefully that is what we will both discover :) Good luck tomorrow!! Sending you happy, healing vibes!
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I wore a little fanny pak to hold my drains after my mastectomy,,worked out very well..didn't ever have to worry about them getting loose and tugging on my skin
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What a good idea, thanks, Evesue!
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Congratulations on setting a date! I'm excited for you! Haha I get a funky smell sometimes, too, because my big boobs make me sweat more than I should. I should own stock in baby powder. I'm getting mine drained on weds. Good luck to you!
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This is so funny. I used to have BO like McDonalds. Seriously smelled like stinky french fries. And I didn't eat there. Anyway, maybe it's a coincidence but I started eating clean, whole foods, and have never had that problem again. I would seriously look at what you are eating because what we do eat affects our skin and breath and all sorts of other lovely stuff.
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It could be something I eat. I already eat clean and no processed foods, but maybe my body has a strange reaction to something :/
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I agree with the_natural_me. It may be your diet. Are you drinking 2/3 and your weight ounces in water? You may not be drinking enough water to reduce the toxins seeping out of your pours either.
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I met with my Dr Monday about smaller implants and I told him I wanted at least a C and he said 400-450 seems good. I said I don't want mig boobs! I'm 480 right now and I hate them! I'm calling them tomorrow just to get a lift with no implants. I'm so ashamed to wear a top around my teenage boys because I'm so big on top. I also wear a shirt when I'm in the pool:(
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I'm always so embarrassed of my breast too. I think just a lift is a good idea. I never realized how fake implants looks until I had them. I'm debating about asking for a lift, but I'm tight on money. :( I was never perky but not saggy and I'm scared after the implants and pregnancy and nursing that they will sag
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I wear the bathing suits with the tube tops. Those are great because you don't actually see the implant. If you end up going to another pool party before you removal you can try that. They tube tops are similar to the before picture you showed us except it is thicker and covers more.
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Thanks for the advice! I bought a tube top tankini yesterday because I got to the pool at least once a week with friends, a friend of mine is having a pool party saturday and we are going to visit family early next month. My MIL has a nice pool and we will probably spend some time at the beach with family. The tube top looks ok, the tankini part kind of distracts you from the breast. :)
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Hi, be sure you do exactly what YOU want to do. I let my surgeon talk me into just "going smaller as I wouldn't like the results if they were totally flat". Over the last five years I went from 334 cc to 234 to 155 cc and even the smaller size was still "heavy", "unnatural feeling" but he said that was the smallest size they had of this brand. Other side was different sizes, so this really got complicated. We kept taking the "larger" one our and putting that on my smaller side and then putting a smaller one in the breast that had more tissue. Then I was just fed up and said "out with them" and I'm SO much happier to "just be me" no matter what size they finally end up being now. It's such a relief to know that I won't need other surgeries to "try again" one more time just to try to get it right for someone else's opinion. I'm glad I stuck with my wishes. Wishing you the best!
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